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Arx – End Of Sun is a fan made modification / total conversion that is based on the first person dungeon RPG : Arx Fatalis, developed by Arkane Studios.

Posted by Neurological on May 12th, 2010

Here we go with the first news for this project. Arx End of Sun is fan made total conversion for Doom 3, based on Arx Fatalis game dveloped by Arkane Studios.
Is a prequel to the original story and we aim to recreate the same feeling/atmosphere of the original game on the Id Tech 4 engine.

Arx - End of Sun

The mod has been in development by some time now, around 2 or 3 months. Our first objective for now is to recreate the basic gameplay mechanics you can see in Arx Fatalis.
This is what we have done so far:

1 - Inventory System

The inventory system works like many others RPG games. Basicly all items found in the maps are stored in the inventory interface. To use them you simply need to select one item and press the button Use or Drop if you want to drop them on the ground.

It isn't the same as Arx Fatalis, but we decided to go this way for some technical limits. The invetory interface appear in the screen in real time, so the game won't be paused, but is still quick to use. We were thinking to put some quick keys to use the common items like potions, but we have to see how it plays later.

Arx - End Of Sun - Concept Images

2 - Magic System

This is one of the strong point of Arx Fatalis. Basicly the magic system uses mouse movements to cast spells. Each symbol you draw will cast a different magic, however you will have to find the appropriate Runes to beign able to cast those spells.

We are pretty close to port this system to Doom 3. Now the mouse movememnts can recognize any type of shape, even circles.

The system basically recognizes compass directions built using directional vectors.

Arx - End Of Sun - Concept Images

3 - Journal

Like in many other RPGs the journal will be here too. Basicly that function is needed to store player information, like Skills, Statistics, Magic Runes and Quests. Is still work in progress, for now we have only the interface that can be toggled with a button.
Later on will be filled with all the info needed.

The Runes page will show all the runes you have found, and clicking on them it will show the right gesture to draw in Magic mode, just like Arx Fatalis.

Arx - End Of Sun - Concept Images

Those are the main features we are working on at the moment, we still haven't too much media to show about the game itself, apart some concept of the levels.

When we are done with those features we will move to implement stuff like a dialogue system for NPCs and HUB system for the maps.

Later we will need also more help, we are currently working on it only in two. So stay tuned.

Arx - End Of Sun - Concept ImagesNew Mainmenu

Last thing, if you want to follow the progress everytime we have something new, you can follow our blog, or the Arkane Studios forums, which we thank for open a section dedicated to the mod (yes, Arkane Studios gave us full permission to develop this mod, so we are not stealing any IP).

Arkane Studios Forums
Arx - End of Sun Blog

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wolfpack99997 May 13 2010 says:

This is definitely looking good already/ I havent played the original Arx but now I'm curious to look for it. Keep up the good work guys, definitely tracking this.

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h4ngman May 13 2010 says:

This is so awesome! I loved the original Arx Fatalis and I was disappointed that
there were no fan mods like a grafical overhaul or any sequels besides the only
gameplay wise related Dark Messiah. Im totally looking forward for oyu reviving
the feeling of this old gem

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fightermedic May 13 2010 says:

now that is one splendid project indeed!
keep up the good work fellows

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sporu Sep 24 2010 says:

when it will be done? i cant weit to play it for first time with this great look...

+1 vote     reply to comment
stuntti6000 Jul 5 2011 says:

anyone know when this coming? good to know i wanna play

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roarkethe Aug 16 2011 says:

Arx fatalis source code relesed !

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