Several new screenshots of one of the largest maps in the DP modification, as well as some additional information regarding the development.

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We admit, that keeping someone waiting is often a temptation, and I would add - it's cruel too. In any case we prepared some new screenshots for you - of the latest progress.

This time I published only part of what we planned to show you in May and June. This is partly due to the decision of introducing new NPCs, but you'll get acquainted to them a bit later. Thus, no spoiling. For now.

I think from now on you can easily guess the location - the planet yourselves. It should be noted, that we published this place earlier, however the level was renovated if I might put it this way. Olgo made quite a good ligthing here and there, as well as changing the layout of the building.

Most of the NPCs can be adressed to, and they might reveal some valuable info on what is happening, or how they estimate the situation. Sometimes this relates simply to some local stories or those of Galactic importance (e.g. fall of the Empire, Almanian uprising, etc.).

Some of them will give you additional quests, that can be ignored if you want to stick to the main plot. It's up to you.

Besides the screenshots, we must also make an important announcement.

Currently everything is going just as we planned, however we are in need of good mappers. People with other useful skills (like scripting, animation, skins creating and others) are welcome too. So if you are interested in helping us, please, send me a message here on


I spent SOOO much time playing JKA whether it was Lugormod or Movie Battles II, I dumped a lot of time into this game. Why do I say that =D? Well although I think it's a great game I'm confused at why you're modding it... Good luck with the mod I just would suggest modding the source engine or something that more people would be able to play.

-Good luck with the mod :D!

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I give constructive criticism and get voted down :P? lol...

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NumberWan Author

Hi. I didn't vote your response as I just arrived =) As for criticism - it is noted. There are a lot of reasons why we actually still modding JA. One of them is that we created a lot of material for our mod. Approx. 5 GB if not more. Not everything will make it into the final version, but even then it would be difficult to port all this to a new engine, change lots of shaders, set up new entities on each map, adding new scripts and of course converting all the models to new engine system (animation of instance).

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NumberWan Author

As for the Source Engine - I admire it a lot, and I had my thoughts of using it for some of my ideas, but it happens so, that DP won't be making to the new engine. We did that one, from JO to JA and it was already complicated. I have absolutely no idea of how to introduce new stuff to the source engine, like scripting the lightsaber system, the enemies AI and Force powers.

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Wow, nice work, guys!

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