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Amnesia is the most popular game (in terms of activity) on Desura & ModDB at the moment. 75% off to celebrate! Offer ends in three days.

Posted by frictionalgames on Apr 16th, 2012

Amnesia is the most popular game (in terms of activity) on Desura & ModDB at the moment. 75% off to celebrate! Offer ends in three days.

Did you know that more than 100 custom stories has been released and that another 80 are in the works?
Did you know that you can now download the Mac version (external, none client) on Desura?


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Derranged Apr 16 2012, 7:23am buried:


I would probably rather buy it if it was on Steam for this much... I might think about it.

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ne_zavarj Apr 16 2012, 3:22pm buried:


Stop crying .

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Derranged Apr 16 2012, 3:31pm buried:


So you are going to go ahead and assume that I am crying? When I think it would have been better on Steam? Jeez.

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ne_zavarj Apr 16 2012, 3:48pm buried:


Then go to Steam and buy it in there .

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Derranged Apr 16 2012, 4:11pm buried:


It's $20, why don't you buy it for me? Then you can stop complaining about how I am saying that "I" would rather buy it through Steam. "I" would rather it through Steam because it comes fully Steam supported. Yeah, I know you could just add it as a non-steam game but oh well. So, calm down would you?

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IdentityCrisis Apr 16 2012, 10:30pm replied:

Here, this will help ;)

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Cybolic Apr 16 2012, 9:04am says:

Finally I can get Amnesia on Desura instead of having it as a separate install due to being so kind as to pre-order.
Say, is there a trick to finding mods through the Desura client?

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ifss Apr 16 2012, 9:48am replied:

If you're on Linux, there's currently no mod support via the client:

Best to just go straight to Amnesia's page on (I can't link to it here, as the domain is rewritten to, or

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Sverro2 Apr 18 2012, 1:46am replied:

Thanks, I nearly bought the game for Desura, just to install mods more easily. However I am one of these people running Linux :(

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ifss Apr 18 2012, 9:00am replied:

With the client going open source (Desurium), it could be a possibility for the future (I hope so, we're missing one of Desura's defining features) - though I think that they are concentrating on getting a release of Desurium out first, before they add anything.

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joshino Apr 16 2012, 9:22am says:

Nice! Shame I already have it though :(

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Brokolino Apr 16 2012, 10:54am says:

I have a question: does the Desura version of Amnesia support different languages (Steam version does...)?
If so, it should be visible on the games profile page.

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frictionalgames Author
frictionalgames Apr 16 2012, 11:09am replied:

Yeah it supports the same languages. Will look into adding the language info to the page!

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TheUnabridgedGamer Apr 16 2012, 12:43pm says:

Good for all the people planning on buying Amnesia.

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Mkilbride Apr 16 2012, 1:25pm says:


As the top poster has said, if it was on Steam...

I don't like having multiple clients. Now adays I need Origin, Steam, Desura, and who knows what else in the future. There needs to be a singular DD platform. I don't want it to be GFWL, and I don't want it to be Origin.

And Steam already has the entire PC market captivated. Desura is cool, but I can't see myself buying from it.

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MrPopinjay Apr 19 2012, 10:52am replied:

Actually with Desura the client is 100% optional. Unlike steam it doesn't force you to run their DRM software and have an internet connection to play the games you have already paid for.

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LadyGwenna Apr 28 2012, 8:03pm replied:

I'm fairly new to the Indie community. Can I ask what is so special about Steam? I have it installed, but haven't yet used it, because I know a lot of people who don't like steam. They say there are too many bugs in it. I a long time Sims player, and I know there have been a lot of problems downloading the Sims 3 expansions through Steam.

On the other hand, I'm pretty new to Desura. But, I love Desura's games. The quality alone, is reason enough to buy their games. I've been playing Amnesia and, and totally love the eerie atmosphere of being alone in a falling down Asylum. Playing it in the dark, using headphones, completely pulls me into the game, and I feel as though I am the one trying to escape from thaat creepy place, while trying to hold on to my sanity! for me, this is reason enough to buy the game from Desura. What's wrong with buying games from more than one host site, anyway? Does it mess up the game, or do the games cause not work well when bought and downloaded from different sources? So far, I haven't had any problems with any of my games. And, Desura's prices, to me, sems very reasonable. I

I'm going to go ahead and buy the full version of Amnesia. I've really been playing the free trial version, and loving it. I find that $20.00 is a very reasonable price for such a well made, high quality game. There are many groups on the Internet selling games for much higher prices, and their products aren't nearly as good as here on Desura. PC Gaming is my number one passtime. I never could get hooked on TV. I loathe the commercials! So, all I can say, at this point, is; "Way to go Desura! Keep the great games coming!"

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Darth_vader1234 Oct 17 2012, 4:54pm replied:

steam is aweosme

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HellsHigh Apr 16 2012, 2:28pm says:

That is a damn steal. Don't think, buy!

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LadyGwenna Apr 28 2012, 8:06pm replied:

Absolutely! I pay this much, and sometimes even more for Casual Games. Desura's games are far superior in quality.

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Kyle_K_ski Apr 16 2012, 2:39pm says:

Can anyone answer for me what kind of DRM it comes with? Hopefully none.

For older titles (but they have some new ones too), there ARE alternatives to Steam, and MUCH better ones in my opinion. I try to buy all of my titles from, as every single title they sell comes DRM-free, which is The Only Way they should come.

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thebum06 Apr 16 2012, 5:51pm says:

Desura does not require you to run the client to play the games.

Edit: Hmm, I guess the reply button doesn't work properly? This was supposed to be a reply.

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Kyle_K_ski Apr 16 2012, 9:49pm replied:

Thanks thebum06 for the info.

Does anyone know what kind, if any, of DRM it does/doesn't use? That's REALLY important to me. I went to the main site, and couldn't find any data in that regard.

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DARKLEWA Apr 17 2012, 2:06am replied:

I bough Amnesia in a Store as a DVD. I was surprised. It hadn't any kind of DRM. I testet it out by "copying" the DVD as an Iso File (with a legal and free Programm.) I'm still able to install & Play the Game from the Iso.

So as an DVD > no DRM. But i don't know if there is an exception for Online Distribution.

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thebum06 Apr 17 2012, 4:40am replied:

It shouldn't have any DRM. The boxed version has a simple offline CD-key check, but the digital versions shouldn't even have that I think.

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DARKLEWA Apr 17 2012, 2:20pm replied:

Oh, yes. I forgot. It has an CD-key check. XD
But it worked also with the Iso.

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keldwud Apr 18 2012, 7:39pm says:

This game is normally $80???

With 75% off during the sale for a $20 price, this looks to be the most expensive retail game I've ever seen. I don't even think console games go above $60 brand new during the first week of release.

Even with sale starting on the sixteenth of April stating that it will end in three days, a $20 price tag on the eighteenth (2 days after the sale starts) seems somewhat confusing to me.

Too bad I couldn't take advantage of the sale.

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riviNOX Apr 18 2012, 10:25pm says:

Why is the price now $20? It was $5? Sale ended early?

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riviNOX Apr 18 2012, 10:32pm replied:

I was going to purchase it... Just saying.

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nokate Apr 19 2012, 11:30am says:

As far as I know, 16 + 3 equals 19. And you guys said the sale will be for three days! This is the 3rd day, but surprise! No god damn sale anymore.... Seriously, I don't think I'm the only disappointed one! Please, be fair and don't lie to us, guys!

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caveman8284 Apr 19 2012, 4:20pm replied:

Midnight on the 16th + 72 hours = midnight on the 19th, which was about 13 hours ago. The sale may have ended early (assuming it went on sale midnight of the 16th) but even if it didn't we'd be late to the party.

I'm disappointed too (especially since the first I've seen of this was an ad sent to me five minutes ago, AFTER the sale ended) but they didn't lie as far as I can tell

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ifss Apr 19 2012, 6:11pm replied:

Desura's time is UTC +10 hours (they're in Melbourne, Australia), so their days end ~7-9 hours before Europe, and 15-19 hours before the USA.

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CommaCauseE May 28 2012, 10:51am says:

they really need to change this if it isn't on sale anymore -__- already got it for $5 from amazon though :P

or maybe they just keep the articles on here...this is like my second time on here so I'm confused haha anyways...

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UberKiddoGamer Sep 5 2012, 7:24am says:

Desura doesn't have many interesting games... I'm using Desura only because of the mods.

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Darth_vader1234 Oct 17 2012, 4:50pm says:

get steam, steam is the best for games :) although erie is awesome

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Roblockster Nov 2 2012, 5:04am says:

Desura uses mods and you don't have to sign in? I like Steam in general (I bought the valve collection), but that's pretty cool.

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Guest Feb 21 2013, 4:10pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

raptor0689 Jul 1 2013, 4:52am says:

I have to admit R600 for amnesia is quite high , cause steam is selling it for R200. It is a good game and all but i wouldnt pay R600 for it

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raptor0689 Jul 1 2013, 4:54am says:

Also how do you get mods for half life 2 ive got the game on Steam and i want to get mods on Desura, but it kepps on saying i dont have it installed??? Plz help!

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karppi123 Aug 2 2013, 6:56pm says:

Where i found serial number?

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