The Zone of Alienation mod is an adaptation of the renowned AMK mod. It is built on top of a specialized variant of AMK that uses a magazine system. From this premise, it has expanded to aim to include the following:

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Oh my god I just want to sit in the bar and load magazines all day what have you done.


What a brilliant mod. It's hard, it's beautiful looking, the gun play is fantastic, the world is immersive. FatalFunnel has put in so much work and done such an amazing job on this. Truly this is the best iteration of any STALKER game. I eagerly await the next patches.


Comrade_Shaun says

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why do i need to review crap? can't I just vote?

This mod likes my gun autism. I like it too. Loading mags has never been this fun.

Despite the bugs, the crashes, the huddled masses, ZoA is the most intense and atmospheric gaming experience I have ever found.

Amazing job, Fatal.

Ce mod représente selon moi l'expérience ultime en terme d'immersion et de gameplay, il gomme tout les défauts de la version vanilla et fait de Stalker SOC le meilleur jeu de sa catégorie !
Bonne chasse !

This mod provides you with a extreme difficulty-hardcore experience. It´s inmersive, challenging and very very fun.

My only complaints are the unfinished translation (there are bits of Russian here and there), the usual few bugs, and the lack of repair kits, however, these are just little issues when comparing it with the overall experience that you get. Facing a pack of dogs, 4 pseudogiants, 2 chimeras, 3 controllers at Agroprom AND somehow reaching the gate of the complex only to find out that you must fight the soldiers on your own(hello roof-sniping!) because the others stalkers are dead is simply priceless!!

If you are looking for an unfair but doable challenge this is your mod.

Amazing mod. Extremely hardcore and realistic. Made for the most veteran of stalkers. The way medkits and ammunition is implemented is very well done. I found even the first fight at the car park difficult, and I can't wait to get into the even harder places. Truly an amazing mod.

This mod is just a perfect example of what realism mods are supposed to be, the Magazine system works really well, while it does have a few troubles, it is still AMAZING. The weapons feel very good, handling, recoil, accuracy are all very well developed. This mod is just great. It sets out to do what Misery does, but it does it better. Don't forget the amazing audio and themes that come with it! A must play Shadow of Chernobyl Mod

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