The Zone of Alienation mod is an adaptation of the renowned AMK mod. It is built on top of a specialized variant of AMK that uses a magazine system. From this premise, it has expanded to aim to include the following:

  • Realistic ballistics.
  • An expanded arsenal of weapons.
  • Improved AI.
  • An expanded and embellished storyline, from the original Shadow of Chernobyl, while preserving the original core plot.
  • New levels.
  • New characters.
  • New quests.
  • An artifact detection system, and new artifacts, with old artifacts having altered properties
  • A realistic implementation of night vision, weight, sleep, and possibly weather even affecting the actor.
  • Many visual improvements over the standard SoC, and AMK.
  • Vastly increased difficulty.
  • Optional freeplay with the ability to traverse every level of the game, and join any faction.
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Recently I had help with fixing one of the major crashes that has been plaguing the mod, which is related to one of the artifact detector scripts and NPCs interacting with it in an unstable manner.


Aside from that, today I finished uploading all of the images that detail the changes I have made to every artifact in the game, and also the new artifacts that I have added. Next up is to write a unique description for each of them, and to place new spawn positions and anomalies on the game maps, (This will also require heavy all.spawn editing.)

Other changes being worked on at the moment are changes to actor satiety and food. The player will get hungry more often, though I'm constantly adjusting the satiety rate so that it isn't MISERY-tier. Ultimately I would also like to work on a system for making food spoil after several days, or contaminated when the player takes it into anomalies, which is far more sensible than simply increasing its price or making it rare. The end result of this hopefully, will mean that the player will have to stockpile food in the advent of an emergency, such as for example a blowout, and certain areas in the game will be difficult to procure food in.

Another thing on my table, which I have not fully started work on, is to merge in some new weapon models and add a few new weapons into the game, but I've left much of that work on hold until recently.

After these are done I can finally get to work on overhauling the armor damage system, which will be prototypical at first, and if that is successful, anatomical armor will be implemented. And of course a few other, minor changes.

Ultimately though, the next update could possibly be the last for this current build. I have plans to move onto bigger and better things with ZoA, which I see as being much different than how it is now in the future. Consider many of these features as a proof of concept for things I'd love to add to a more ambitious project.


MIRROR. release allspawn.7z

ZoA 1.07.2 Released

ZoA 1.07.2 Released

News 8 comments

The new base version has finally released! Expand this post for links and more information.

ZoA Online Changelog

ZoA Online Changelog

News 13 comments

FatalFunnel and I are now hosting our development changelog in a public Google document (open this post for more, ModDB doesn't allow links in the summary...

I am completely reworking the ammunition system.

I am completely reworking the ammunition system.

News 1 comment

A while back I noted that I would work on changing boxed ammo into spawn item, and that it would add more space in the current ammo configs. One of the...

ZOA is 2 years old.

ZOA is 2 years old.

News 4 comments

It has been officially 2 years since I released this mod, on October 31st, 2011, and it has gradually improved since then. Along the way I have had plenty...

Crash fix for af_podmena

Crash fix for af_podmena

Patch 1 comment

This fixes the item drop crash related to af_podmena in bind_artefact.script by disabling that portion of the script. As a result, artifacts no longer...

all.spawn fix, July 25th, 2014

all.spawn fix, July 25th, 2014

Patch 7 comments

Fixed a problem with the hotfix all.spawn being antiquated and lacking the level changers in the release version. The all.spawn used is now the release...

Zone of Alienation 1.07.2

Zone of Alienation 1.07.2

Full Version 32 comments

Zone of Alienation 1.07.2 (base version); this is a torrent file, see description for more information and DDL link (if you prefer).

Alternate Arm Textures

Alternate Arm Textures

Players Skin 15 comments

This is an archive of various different arm textures for each faction. Download it if you want to change how your arms look.

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Just a little feedback. I like the ammo boxes and new ammo types, this was something I wished for in a comment long time ago. Only played half of cordon, noticed a few things: the makarov can load one 9x19 bullet as if it were a mag, might be more like this, will post if I find more. It seems Sidorovich first line starts playing each time I load my game. I see that color change still happens when you aim with mouse2; performance is way better on my low-end for some reason, than it was in earlier versions. Would it be possible to change unloading magazines as if it were a weapon? : mouse 2 on mag>unload? maybe would avoid that bug where it magically shoots one bullet at your feet which u loose when unloading mags. The bullet, not your feet :)

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FatalFunnel Creator

As far as I know the Sidorovich thing goes away once you do a certain mission.

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I'm sorry. I picked this mod up again and, although I am still relatively enthusiastic for a new update, answer me this:

In what universe is a 20-gauge buckshot spread more efficient at 150 meters than a 7.52x54mmR headshot to a kevlar clad, no-helmet wearing soldier?

Adding to that, since when did the 7.62x39mm round become so useless at short to medium ranges, barring overpenetration?

Does anyone here have a fix to some of these unrealistic weapon ballistics?

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So, I just spent the previous 3 hours putting every weapon, ammo and attachment combination into one big spreadsheet, and I figured out that the damage outputs are absolute bullhonkey.

I would understand if there was some sort of RPG like upgrading going on, but these things are all messed up.

As it currently stands, the (AVERAGE) level of progression based on weapon category, ammo type and average category damage would be:

AK47 (7.62x39) DAM 0.82
AK74 (5.45x39) DAM 0.98
FAL (7.62x51)DAM 1.08
M4 (5.56x45) DAM 1.10
SVD (7.62x54R) DAM 1.20
Groza (9x39) DAM 1.24
L115A3 (.338 Lapua) DAM 2.85
Gauss (Gauss) DAM 6.40
Mossberg (12 gauge) DAM 6.68 C. ~ 2.90 slug
M79 (.50 Cal) DAM 40.88

Naturally, I can forgive the 7.62x39, as it's the starter area weapon range.

However, 7.62x51mm NATO MARKSMAN rounds? Hell no! That **** takes half your body with it when it tears it's *** through your system. Plus it has a low mag capacity.

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FatalFunnel Creator

Thanks for pointing all of this out to me, but you are solely reading the weapon hit_power value and this is simply misleading because of how stalker factors weapon damage which is weapon hit_power x ammo k_hit.

As of now weapon balance is screwed due to body armor changes, I am still working on rectifying this by changing the damages.ltx files so that armor scaling works properly.

Weapon damage alone is not how I balanced weapons, I used weapon/ammo multiplied values, so you need to factor weapon hit_power against ammunition hit power in the ammunition .ltx files, and ammunition hit_power can vary depending on ammunition type.

If/When I get back to working on the mod AP ammo will have its damage increased again to give it a purpose over standard ammunition and .357 will be added in place of .45's current damage value. .45 will be moved down between that and 9mm's damage.

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Also, I'm happy you are back, some of us got worried you jumped off a bridge after other Stalker modders dropped.


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I'm aware, I also calculated ^THOSE^ using hit_power and k_hit.

There's no such thing as an armour system in SoC.

You can lower the hitbox damage, but...

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Handguns would be:

Makarov/Tokarev (9x18/7.62x25) DAM 0.67
Beretta M9 (9x19) DAM 0.85
Five Seven (5.7x28) DAM 0.86
M1911 (11.43x23) DAM 1.45

Which, in my opinion, seems alright.
Except that the desert eagle uses .45 with the same stats as the 1911.
Which is stupid.

Also, speaking of missing ammo types, why do the german rifles and such use 5.56 or 7.62 ammo instead of their 7.92 counter parts which, mind you, are already in the game? You even have the code for these rounds available!
I mean, I know half of this was carbon copied out of LURK and the likes, but at least use the same ammo types if you got them anyway?

Also your mp445 still uses SW40 rounds, which you didn't add to the ammo list.

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And why is there such a difference between the 5.56x45, 7.62x51 NATO weapons, while all of the 9x39, 7.62x54, 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 weapons have exactly the same stats? I understand you might have better things to do, but now it's just more obvious this is all copy pasta'd

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have you an eta for next version?

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Oh my god I just want to sit in the bar and load magazines all day what have you done.

Nov 11 2012 by Your_Bff_Thomas

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