The Zone of Alienation mod is an adaptation of the renowned AMK mod. It is built on top of a specialized variant of AMK that uses a magazine system. From this premise, it has expanded to aim to include the following:

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As some of you may already know, patch 5 is finally out. Although I may take about a week off from modding now, when I get back to work on this I have many things planned for the next patch. 1.06 will focus less on weapons and more on expanding the gameplay. Here are just some things I'm considering doing for it.

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Implementing night vision scopes for weapons, with some weapons having a special N variant created that prioritizes the NV scope, meaning weapons with this scope type will be found on NPCs. I aim to add gen I and gen II NV scopes for both Warsaw pact and NATO weapons. Night vision from almost all suits with the exceptions of the SEVA Suit, the SKAT 9M and SKAT 10 suits, exoskeletons, and probably the Beril5M will be eliminated entirely, meaning that night vision will be almost entirely eliminated from the early-mid game and will radically change the way this mod is played in that you will have to be more cautious and sleep during the night earlier on. The type of night vision players will encounter before getting suit night vision, will tend to cause tunnel vision due to it being only in scope form, thus lessening situational awareness.

I will also attempt to add artifact detectors, although it may not be in the form that I envision them being implemented, Nevertheless, if I do add it, it will make many artifacts invisible, and so you will need to procure a detector in order to obtain them. When this is fully implemented, different detectors will pick up different artifacts, and I may even write a new quest for one stalker at the bar who will ask you to get materials to build a detector, of course he doesn't do this for free, he wants an artifact you find with it.

Other things that I will probably add in this new patch are more improvements to the AI, as well as expanding the game's items. To elaborate on this in particular, I would like to start with expanding the medical system. The medkits in game constitute that of a full medical set, now I will create parts of medkits, or rather, the components of a medical set that spawn on NPCs far more commonly than the actual medkits themselves, and they can't be hotkeyed. The parts of medkits each do a fraction of it's healing or anti-bleeding properties.

Here is a list of medical components I have imagined so far:

Anti-Coagulant (this is something like quick clot for the army medkits)
Morphine (for the army version)
Some lighter painkiller for the regular version, haven't decided yet.
Anabolic steroids (for the army version as well, stimulates wound-healing)
Some sort of anti-radiation treatment in the scientific version.

Each of these components does a fraction of healing that a full medical set will do, and some have different purposes, and they will spawn on NPCs far more often than the full medkits.

I am also thinking of adding new types of food, things like cheese, dried fruit, bottled water, instant coffee or sachets of tea, different types of cans of food, even dog food, energy bars, as well as non-food items like cigarettes, aspirin, waterproof matches and hexamine for starting fires. All these sorts of things along with spoiled and irradiated versions.


How long would it take?

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Why not make night vision separate item from suits? Its not like you cant put a hat over your head if you wear inappropriate pants or shirt. NV should be separate, too. Maybe very expensive and hard to find. Though, spec-ops soldiers would be carrying them, logically... Maybe those primitive type nvg's. Also, I dont see meaning for matches. Since there is no cold hazard in soc. Although, I think it could be made. Clod areas would slowly decrease health and emit vision problems. Like radiation principal. I like the new medical system. But then damage should be tweaked especially for player. Hes bleeding out too fast. In combat, you wouldnt be able to even open inventor in time.

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Maybe fire could keep mutants away but attract other STALKERs, giving a relatively safer place to sleep.
>In combat, you wouldnt be able to even open inventor in time.

Generally, if you're alive long enough to know you've been shot then you'll be fine. Getting shot again, though, is part of the hazards of the zone.

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Crashes at certain dialogue points, like when I accept the first mission from Sidorovich or get the car park mission from Wolf. Pretty annoying because all the reviews and the features list sounds awesome but here I can't do anything besides wander around.

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Neat Idea about the medical aspect of the game. I have to say that you could really get in to the pharmacology/doctor aspect of the game and heal NPC's. The pharmacy system would be very neat due to the ability to treat illness if implemented..however you could take it to the far end of making some kind of addiction potential...Yet if you do that, you could go to the very far end and build a whole chemistry system so one could technically make various drugs like meth that can boost stamina/remove hunger/kill sleep at cost of health. You can even make some kind of underworld where NPCs will attack you for "a fix" like they do in real life.
I really have to say that I want to see the ability to make your own camp above all else. I'm not sure it would go to the very far end of making it totally custom...but having the power to cover windows, lock doors, ect in the city would be cool...Or maybe having it so you can buy one of the science bunkers in yantar and have it placed where ever you want it. This could be really neat since you could make it some sort of mega luxury item with a modern loft sort of design with a hospital, kitchen, lab, bedroom, and storage room.
My last really major wish to see put in this game is the ability to host a server and play with friends. I'm not thinking a huge massive universe, but maybe ten very close friends all playing on the same server, where they can all interact would be awesome. This game is perfect for that kind of set up, can you *please* invent and implment it?

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