Zombocalypse is a zombie themed MMOFPS with RPG elements, being developed
in the Source Engine. The world will be a sandbox, allowing players to: trade,
kill, create factions, construct hideouts, explore the world. In Zombocalypse,
you will encounter a variety of foes, ranging from: zombies, mutants, and
your fellow man; along with a selection of weapons to take them down with.
Each player in the world is useful and dangerous, with such classes as: sniper,
engineer, medic; no one will feel out of place. Inside of the world, you can
choose to be a loner, a teamster, or a leader; choice is yours.

Development Information

Zombocalypse is currently in alpha development stage and has yet to be
tested fully of possible networking and structure capabilities. In a date
TBD but soon, a test client will be released publicly for a "public alpha".

The purpose of this test, is so that I can fine tune the networking
so that future tests will not be ridden with unseen connection issues.
This test will last from one through two days, and will hopefully push
the server limits to test the functionality and stability.

Along with the networking test, we will also be analyzing database
stability and try to optimize it along the way.

Q: Why are you running an alpha test so soon?
A: We want to make sure that the engine and server are prepared for the
future and will be running flawlessly.

Q: Where will I be able to get the client for testing?
A: The client will be released the day before test day.

Q: Where can I get frequent updates, ask questions and discuss the mod?
A: You can chat with other followers on our forums at www.notdelite.com or,
go directly to our ZB board @ Notdelite.com

Q: Is the mod dead?
A: No, if you take the time to visit www.notdelite.com you will see that as long as our community is standing, the mod will still be developed and worked on. The delay between updates is due to me not wanting to /bump the mod page.

Q: How will the world be connected?
I will be designing the world into zones. The main reason being that I do not want to redo the network code for the Source Engine and that there is no real reason that we need one giant landmass versus zones for players to navigate and explore.

Q: Will we really be able to build our own camps and such?
A: Yes, the world will be designed around allowing players to create their own camps, start their own skirmishes and if they want, destroy world cities and take them for their own.

Q: Will there be player vs player?
A: Yes, there will be. All players are open targets and should be wary as such.

Q: What kind of squad and team mechanics should we expect?
A: Players will be able to form squads inside of the game and team up to explore new areas and regions. At any time, you can coordinate a meet up and begin your journey with your fellow friends.

Q: How big will the world be?
A: At this time, I cannot comment on how big the world will be, but I can say that as long as there is an interest, the world will grow.

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