ZombieMod is a server side modification for Counter-Strike Source. The aim of the game is to conquer the attacking zombies or kill all humans depending on what side of the field you currently are. The game may be played on any map, and users join a server like any other CS:S server without any pre-requisites. The plugin was designed so that it may be run on either Windows or Linux Source Dedicated Servers with a minimal instalation time. When enabled on default settings, the level is loaded very, very dark with fog all around. All players spawn normally and you cannot hurt anybody; Rifles and the MG are restricted. After a random amount of time (2-10 seconds), one player is changed into a Zombie complete with model, unable to use any weapon other than the knife, and is given 5,000 health. He is changed to the (T) team and everyone else to the (CT) team to allow for an operational scoreboard. They can also run alot faster than humans, are provided with night vision and have a 125? ?Field...

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ZombieMod 3.0

ZombieMod 3.0

Full Version 42 comments

ZombieMod 3.0 for CS:S OrangeBox. Includes everything you need to turn your vanilla CS:S srcds installation into a Zombie Killing machine!

Zombie Mod 1.2.8

Patch 13 comments

Zombie Mod 1.2.8 Hotfix for windows servers only

Zombiemod 1.2.6

Patch 1 comment

This update fixes the problems encountered from steam updates.

ZombieMod 1.2.4

Full Version

- Fixed windows binary to work after last srcds update. - Fixed ent_fire exploit.

ZombieMod 1.2.3

Full Version 4 comments

ZombieMod 1.2.3

ZombieMod 1.1.5

Full Version 2 comments

1.1.5 ===== - Fixed bug introduced in v1.1.4 where the first connected player could use weapons as a zombie. 1.1.4 ===== - Added round timer checking...

ZombieMod 1.1.2

Full Version 1 comment

1.1.2 ====== - Fixed crash bug introduced with 1.1.1 1.1.1 ====== - Added proper support for mp_restartgame. - Added an improved method of preventing...

ZombieMod 1.1.0

Full Version

This release adds a new feature to try and balance out the way rounds were ending. View the change log for the full list of changes.

ZombieMod 1.0.2

Full Version

Small update that fixes a few minor bugs. Read the changelog included in the zip file for full details.

ZombieMod 1.0.1

Full Version

This is all you need to get your ZombieMod server going. All clients will automatically download the files as they connect.

ZombieMod 0.9.8b

Full Version 1 comment

This is all you need to get your server going. All clients will download the files on first connect.

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ZombieMod 3.0
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ZombieMod 1.1.5 Full Version 4.54mb
Zombiemod 1.2.6 Patch 4.46mb
ZombieMod 1.2.3 Full Version 4.58mb
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