Kamusta It's me TheGunrun here and I'm proud to announce that Zero Hour Retarded is now officially on ModDB! For those who don't know what Zero Hour Retarded is it is a mod for Zero Hour which changes lots of stuff in the game and makes the game uber fun. Unlike most other mods this one is created by one person who also happens to be Filipino, ME! My main intent in creating this mod was to create the funnest gaming experience possible using zero hour. This mod features an innumerable amount of changes. These changes include a much further view of the battlefield, numerous music changes, $500 from all supply structures every 12 seconds, the implementation of your self as a unit, starting vehicles, new menu design, and many many more very sexy changes to the game. You can find a whole list of them here. Zero Hour Retarded is the collaboration of 3 years of modding work which began with "The Gunrun Mod Version 1.7 Beta." back in April 20th 2003 which was originally...

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May 29th, 2010

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