One of the oldest and most played mod for Zero Hour is back! Zero Hour Reborn is a mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour that adds a lot of new content including new generals, units, upgrades and more. Are you ready for this?

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This is the current lineup planned for V7 Help us fill it up by suggesting your favorite units/buildings/gen powers from V5/V6 or something new.

Posted by Zeke_Dlyoung on Apr 5th, 2010

This is the current lineup planned for V7

Help us fill it up by suggesting your favorite units/buildings/gen powers from V5/V6 or something new.

Before posting be sure to check the "Rules for Idea Posting" link

Don't forget to check the "No-Go Ideas" list first before posting.

Post all of you ideas here or in the "Ideas and Suggestions" forum.

This thread will also serve as a checklist as soon as all the units in here our done V7 will be released.

Last Edited: 4/24/10
- new additions are marked with a [NEW] icon


Gen Powers:
- Screaming Eagles (lvl 1, turns airborne rangers into veterans)
- Hornet Strike (lvl 5, calls in 10 F18s to bomb target area, replaces leaflet drop) [NEW]

- Oil Derrick

- Airborne Ranger (special ranger for paradrop gen power)
- Marine
- Officer

- Abrams MBT
- Paladin Howitzer

- Apache attack helicopter
- Blackhawk transport helicopter

- Rocket Assisted Shells (Abrams get attack power increase)

USA Commander In Chief

Gen Powers:
- Weapon Specialization (lvl 1, basic infantry will be built as veterans, new name for infantry training)
- Saturation Bombing
- Particle Annihilator (lvl 5, particle bomb, new name for atomizer) [NEW]

- Laser Turret
- EMP Missile Battery
- Tomahawk Missile Silo (fires tomahawk missiles, can no longer shoot air) [NEW]
- Ion Cannon

- Crusader Howitzer

- Fuel Air Aurora (also known as the aurora alpha)

USA Advanced Weapons - General Ironside

- Fortress Firebase
- Advanced Patriot
- Tech Center

- Hunter VAL-MBT (can hover over water, and can be later upgraded with missile pods) [NEW]
- Bradley IFV
- M270 MRLS
- Mammoth Tank

- F-35 VTOL Strike Fighter (functions the same as the old harrier, just with better model and skin)

- Future Combat System (new name for advanced comm gear)

USA Energy Weapons - General Townes

- Energy Firebase

- Laser Ranger
- Photon Defender (definitely needs new name)
- Laser Burton

- Lancer Laser Tank [NEW]
- Photon Cannon Artillery

- Laser Apache

- Photon Cannons (upgrades Laser Apache with photon cannons, similar to rocket pods)

USA Airforce - General Granger

- Guardian Cannon (anti tank turret, replaces firebase, cannot be garrisoned) [NEW]

- Saber MBT (cheaper and lighter than the Abrams)

All China

Gen Powers:
- Defector

- Oil Derrick

- Siege Soldier
- Officer

China Infantry - General Fai

- Battle Fortress (mobile bunker) [NEW]

- Conscription (reduces infantry cost, minigunners build 3 at a time instead of 2, tankhunters builds 2 at a time instead of 1) [NEW]

China Tank - General Kwai

- Battle Bunker (only holds 2 infantry, but has a cannon) [NEW]

- Heavy Supply Truck

China Artillery - General Tao

Gen Powers:
- Napalm Artillery Strike (lvl 3)
- Nuclear Artillery Strike (lvl 5)
- Full Scale Artillery Strike (lvl 5)

- Artillery Cannon Defense (replaces bunker, cannot be garrisoned)

- Nuke Tank Hunters
- Nuke Siege Soldiers

- Black Eagle MBT
- Hellstorm Cannon
- Smerch
- S-400

- MIRV Warhead (per nuke silo upgrade, self explanatory)

China Tiger Empress - General Leang

- Spider Turret
- ECM Tower

- Armor Reaper (Armed with a anti tank rifle)
- Flame Thrower (shoots napalm missiles)
- Red Arrow (Anti-air infantry)

- Napalm Battle Master
- Raging Dragon Tank
- Spider Tank
- Supreme Overlord


Gen Powers:
- Baikanour Rocket Attack

- Oil Derrick

- Stinger Soldier (Tunnel Defenders no longer shoot air)
- Officer

- Mobile Supply Stash
- Supply Truck

- IL-76 (Gen Power Plane)

- Molotov Cocktail Upgrade (for rebels)

GLA Dictator - Saddam Hussein

Gen Powers:
- Airfield Unlock

- Airfield

- Republican Guard

- T72 (needs new name)
- GCT 155mm (replaces rocket buggy)(needs new name)

- Vulture (anti ground bomber) [NEW]
- Buzzard (anti air interceptor, armed with 2 50 cal machine guns) [NEW]

- Radar Jammer (Allows Radar Vans to shroud it's surrounding area)
- Thermo-Nuclear Warheads (upgrades scuds with nukes)

GLA Terror Leader - Osama Bin Laden

Gen Powers:
- Black Market Nuke (lvl 5, plane dropped nuke bomb) [NEW]
- Terror Ambush lvl1 - lvl3 (lvl 3, same as rebel ambush but with terrorists) [NEW]
- Terror Plane (lvl 5, calls in a suicide GLA cargo plane filled with explosives) [NEW]

GLA Junkyard - General Deathstrike

- Chop Shop (builds scrap tanks)

- King Scorpion
- Rocket Quad
- Quad "Tank"
- Salvager
- Scrap Abrams
- Scrap Dragon Tank
- Scrap Overlord
- Scrap Humvee

note: the scraps units listed here are the only scrap units that you can BUILD from the chop shop. Other scrap units are acquired by reviving dead enemy units with the Salvager

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timstro59 Apr 5 2010, 6:00pm says:


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renteria Apr 17 2010, 3:35am says:

Hmmm... [Large Post]

I have digged through the forums and decided that it may be better to put this here. Also you could create a forum page on MODDB if you want.

The three sub factions could use a simpler clarification for how exactly they are different from one another. My recommendation is to fallow the example lead be EA in CNC 4 and have the them follow the simple premise of Offence, Defense, and Support. But bring them together in a way that is practical and useful in both multi-player and lore. My Recommendations.

USA (Lets try to be a bit different)

1. Mechanized Infantry (Offence)/ General Ironside

-Basically a mix between more conventional elements of the US military and Shock and Awe. The Abrams should be replaced by the Bradly as the MBT (even though it isn't a tank) and emphasis should be made on units that deal splash damage or have a high DPS. Recommendation's include but are not limited to AC-10 Warthog, the Humvee, and better equipped infantry such as Land Warriors, and Javelin Troopers

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renteria Apr 17 2010, 3:38am says:

2. Robotics General (Defense)/ Commander in Cheif

-Survivability is the name of the game as newly developed weapon systems earn their place on the battlefield by outlasting their opponents with merciless combat proven weaponry.

==The Buffalo Engineering Vehicle, a MRAP variant designed around providing logistical support for front line forces. It combines ballistic and blast protection with technology to detect the presence of dangerous ordnance and render it ineffective. Personnel operate the Buffalo’s 30-foot robotic arm and iron claw from within the armored hull via a mounted camera and sensory equipment, disposing of mines and IEDs safely. It can repair other units and structures and detect stealthy units
==MRAP (armored vehicle), a family of armored fighting vehicles designed to survive IED attacks and ambushes. The idea was to replace HMMWV type vehicles with a more robust, survivable vehicle when on patrol "outside the wire." Armed with a remote controlled minigun.
==MQ-9 Reaper, an unmanned aerial vehicle which the United States Air Force describes as a medium-altitude, long-endurance UAV system. It can serve in a reconnaissance and forward observation role, and can also carry a 3,800 lb.
==Centurion C-RAM, Each system uses consisted of a modified Phalanx 1B CIWS, powered by an attached generator and mounted on a trailer for mobility. Armed with a 20 mm Gatling gun.
==Fire Scout, an unmanned autonomous helicopter developed for use by the United States armed forces. Can be armed with laser-guided 70 millimeter (2.75 inch) folding-fin rockets.

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renteria Apr 17 2010, 3:41am says:

==Black Knight Unmanned ground vehicle( a prototype Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle, similar in size and appearance to a tank. It is armed with a turret-mounted 30mm gun and a coaxial machine gun. Although the armored vehicle can be controlled from a command center, the Black Knight does feature some autonomous functions in the turret and can also plan a route without hitting obstacles by itself).

. Research and Development General (Support)/General Towns

-I think this should be a fusion of all three generals from Zero Hour in the way that you have Granger's Air force, Town's Lasers, and Alexander's uber destructive tech in one package limited by the same weaknesses. All units either have, low dps, require power, or are expensive. Infantry should be limited for the sake of balance.

GLA (What Works)

1. Toxin General (Support)/Saddam Hussein

-Ill explaine later but it is obvious what I am going to say on this one.

2. Demolitions General (Defense)/General Deathstrike


3. Stealth General (Offense)/General (Name)

Hit and run tactics along the ideals of Nod should be the driving force of this faction with enough tunnel networks and submersible (burrow-able) units to make Kane proud.

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renteria Apr 17 2010, 3:44am says:

China (And the most reasonable titles)

1. Intelligence General (Support)/ General Leang

-I think you have the right idea, but tech should be focused around electronics and the manipulation of information. For example imagine if you could bluff building defenses where their were none, or attach a parasitic bug on an enemy unit so you could see what it saw.

2. Armor Division General (Offense)/General Kwai

-Typical China Tank General, except units must relay on others in a changing battlefield. Hard Counters are the focus as the Gatling Tank, Hellstorm Cannon, and upgraded Battlemasters prove effective, but is hindered by the lack of speed and scouting ability. Overlord Tanks and Nuke Cannons are powerful but suffer the same weaknesses of the early game units. Key tech includes depleted uranium, reactor cores, and enhancing secondary that improve the primary function of the tank in exchange for tactical availability. For example Gatling Tanks can shoot at both air and surface targets, just not at the same time (You have to switch).

3. Homegaurd General (Defense) General (Name)

-The Homegaurd should be a mix of infantry and conventional vehicles. Dragon Tank, Troop Crawler, Helix, Mig, Bunkers, and several other basic units should be included as well as the traditional Battlemaster Tanks. Key strength lies in it's versatility and robust units. Specialty units should focus around the horde effect as well as fire based munitions such as tracers, napalm, and Sabot Rounds. Also Mines should be key to any game.

I like the forums you have and think you have a strong community supporting you but I have to many forums floating around as it is. If you have any complaints or questions about my suggestionsfeel free to call me out. I'll be around here somewhere

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renteria Apr 17 2010, 3:50am says:

Also the suggestions for the factions are to simply change the names, and not the purpose or role they have. I would like to see a clearer distinction within the minor factions through game play rather than just graphics.

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Gedio Apr 23 2010, 10:54pm replied:

--I like what you are thinking about.. let's see what Zeke thinks about this.--

+1 vote     reply to comment
Zeke_Dlyoung Author
Zeke_Dlyoung Apr 23 2010, 11:13pm replied:

Definitely an interesting read. You are right about making a clear distinction between the general's roles.

We'll see, what we can do

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FluffyTyrant Apr 17 2010, 5:23pm says:

i thought id stop in and say as an alternative to "infantry training" you can call the upgrade "weapon specialization" or something like tht. just thought i woud throw tht out there.

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Zeke_Dlyoung Author
Zeke_Dlyoung Apr 23 2010, 11:13pm replied:


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ganang_innocentz Sep 16 2010, 11:15pm says:

I am waiting that !

+1 vote     reply to comment
cyjhel98 Dec 10 2010, 6:55pm says:

hmm .. i suggest add more aircraft and helicopter because many of my friends and i the aircraft and helicopter is our favourite units in generals .. add ef-2000 typhoon, f15E, FA-37, f16, f14, FA-37, s-37 and many more .. add also a-10 jet .. and i suggest change the style of airfield .. make it bigger .. and the last add more tank units ..

+3 votes     reply to comment
mac98 Dec 10 2010, 7:07pm says:

me too my favourite units in the game is the aircraft i think the game would be more beautifull it you add more aircraft and tank units and to make the airfield bigger

+1 vote     reply to comment
cyjhel98 Dec 10 2010, 7:10pm says:

if you will add aircraft units add it in usa ..

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pownage Feb 4 2011, 3:50am says:

will the attack and hellfire drones still be included? Those were fun to use

+1 vote     reply to comment
generalkeith Jun 8 2011, 2:29am says:

ya good ideas

+1 vote     reply to comment
generalkeith Jun 8 2011, 2:30am says:

zeke when do u think v7 will be finished i cant wait

+2 votes     reply to comment
chinny18 Aug 11 2011, 5:03am says:

It's almost a year... But I hope I can help by giving out some ideas while its not yet released.

USA Units:

F35 Lightning II (better than Raptor)
Surveillance Drone (recon drone)

China Units:

Type 99 (replaces Battlemaster)

To be continued...

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chinny18 Aug 11 2011, 5:35am says:

New Factions (idea #1)



Mercenary General (foreign units)
Industrial General (mass production)
Army General (elite armies)
Partisan General (add cheap, effective tanks)



RPG Unit
Militia/Resistance Trooper (Partisan general; replace Conscript)
Unique Russian soldier (with leadership effect)

Tanks & Vehicles

T-72 (Partisan general; replaces T-90)
BMPT (Army general; replaces BMP)
T-95 (General point)
Uragan MLRS
PT-72 Twardy (Mercenary general)
Katyusha MLRS (Partisan general; replaces Uragan)
Reinforced Supply Truck


Mi-24 Hind
PAKFA (Army general; replaces Su-27)

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Crusader9112001 Sep 27 2011, 8:18am says:

Replace the F-35. Ever play the game Ace Combat Joint Assault for the PSP? There is an awesome craft on there called the X-02 Wyvern. I think it would be awesome to have something like that on here. Armament would consist of a cannon (obviously 20-30mm caliber) and give it the capability of multi-role (ability to shoot down craft as well as to make a ground attack), and give it the speed of something like an Aurora, only no 50% speed after attack bs.

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TheDark1105 Nov 15 2011, 5:40pm says:

I absolutely loved the artillery infantry that the Artillery General and and Infantry General got. My favorite part about the mod hands down. They MUST be in V7! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
brazilianmilitary Jun 11 2012, 4:16pm says:

When are you planning to release the V7? I really would like to download it. I can't wait to see the Abrams mbt in action in my game! That's because I still don't have the Zero Hour, just the original Generals. But I like to pick up units from several realistic mods to replace the standart game units. Eg. my crusader tank was replaced by the M1A2 abrams tank, my comanche is now an apache, I gave the rangers M-16 rifles (to replace that gray stick they use to fire at the enemies. nomally it would make them laugh), and the GLA rebels, Ak-47's. The game experience is now much better, I think the EA stuff is really weird and too much colorful. Nothing better than seeing the USA rangers using their original ACU uniforms (in my case, I gave'em the acu, marine eoodland and that desert uniform from their EA Generals original image) and not that blue uniform with that mad white helmet! :p
So, if it's possible, I would like to get the Abrams M1A4 MBT (from the following link, If you can, send me the w3d, textures and ini code. With all the respect to your hard work, I'm not a professional modder like you guys, so don't worry, I'd never use it in a mod and release to the people. It's just to mod my game. Thanks! And nice work!

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Noir123 Jun 16 2012, 3:17pm says:

When Do You Finish? But I Love This Mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
Noir123 Jun 16 2012, 3:19pm says:

Try Reborne 4.0 The Rise To Power

+1 vote     reply to comment
Noir123 Jun 17 2012, 9:32pm says:

We Need The Old Genrals With The New Like Reborne 4.0 The Rise To Power Put Can Play With The Old And The New Genral In The Chalenge

+1 vote     reply to comment
InsurgentCeLL Jun 29 2012, 4:55pm says:

The Cobra attack helicopter?
Maybe more navy? like an aircraft carrier?
How about the Buratino for China?

+1 vote     reply to comment
EGy Sep 5 2012, 8:27pm says:

you said you need T72 name for Gla saddam hussien tank it already have a name that prototype made in iraq called Lion Of Babylon

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Dec 15 2012, 3:21am says:

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Guest Jan 20 2013, 8:29am says:

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7moota2 Mar 8 2013, 6:35am says:

how to download the full game > ?

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Intoxicator Oct 28 2013, 7:26am replied:

Buy it

+1 vote     reply to comment
djchinaman Apr 27 2013, 1:24am says:

i like an idea on Asia Pacific War NoKor vs US And Russia

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Guest Sep 6 2013, 4:14pm says:

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Guest Nov 3 2013, 6:27pm says:

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Zeke_Dlyoung Author
Zeke_Dlyoung Nov 4 2013, 10:55pm replied:

Version 6.24 was released at Oct 5 2013

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Guest Jan 12 2015, 8:16pm says:

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Guest Mar 31 2015, 9:03am says:

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SDB-GAME-MAKER Apr 4 2015, 2:08pm says:

it been long time....... 2013 Nov 4 and 2015 APIR4 hmm

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Guest Jun 21 2015, 11:56am says:

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Guest Jun 21 2015, 12:06pm says:

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