a homeworld2 mod from china and still in progress.DON'T EXTRACT my mods thanks.("please don't use my ships in your mod") powered by Xsystem.

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i wish there are gameplay tutorial for 10. excelent...


Wow. Great mod and Fantastic ships! :D

Very nice mod , best ship models ever seen in a homeworld 2 mod.
New race game play are well made (aka Pixie and Pes).
But for me the best new race design the Pixie are way under powered you only get 250 RU's every 5 sec (and like only 4 main ships) , so to get the biggest ship it takes like 5 hours...and wen you upgrade your ship you lose your guns/shields ext (and ru's you spend on them).Pes are way too powerful and gain shitload of money really fast.the two other races are kind of well balanced except the big ships who one shots almost everything :p
The a.i in skirmish is insane, like they have 1 collector and makes loads of huge ships....and if you put a pixie as A.I they start with a different ship as yours(a carrier who makes shitloads of drones).
Multilayer does not work if you put an A.I(players who join the game get kicked with out of sync message)
the 2 game mode survival and defense are well done and fun to play but verry hard alone(specialy if you take Pixie)or just take the Pes and kill everything ^^

There is like a trading mode or somthing but its verry confusing(no idea what to do)

So verry nice mod , but need a lot of balancing

Beauifully designed ships, factions with different playstiles and tech-trees, all in all a well-rounded mod. Although I have to agree with some of the other reviewers about some of the OP ships needing to balanced and that sometimes it get ridiculos seeing the AI warp in wave after wave, after wave... of ships, even when it can't possibly have the RUs for that. I know this is necessary to compensate for the lack of intelligence of the AI, but still. Anyways with the right strategy even that can be beaten, and I am looking forward to the next release and its translation.

Simply incredible keep up the great work!

can't even load the mod, it only loads one of them and thats the main mod then when I try to play the game it crashes back to the desktop, great concept though very different


The mod is very novel and has a lot of good ideas, but is held back a bit by bugs, imbalances, and more than a few frustrating points. However, I can't fault the amount of work that was put into this: 'A+' for effort.

That said, a few balance patches would be nice.

The mod itself is great, and I love trade mode, but deathmatch is horrible due to CPU players scripts, I would be very happy to give 10/10 if there will be mode where CPU players are normal (building ships based on resources, not spawning them over and over). Except from deathmatch, other modes are just great, I've only won once on Defense mode, it's really hard.
Optimisation seems good to me, I've never had big FPS problems, even while fighting is really hard, and there is a lot of big ships, the game is still playable, there are no ships which make game run slowly (which is big problem in Complex mod). I've experienced no crashes or major bugs, the only thing is that when i upgraded the tactical ship (pixie heavy fraction) or hyperspaced it on defense mode i've lost the game if this ship was my last one, it's really annoying.
To sum up, really great mod, beautiful ships, and very good concept, hope that mod will be upgraded in the future. I higly recommend this mod to anyone tired of Deathmatch based,"normal" mods.

nice i loved.
Trading Mode: Please make this a better and bigger with more features, Please make this part extend like bigbang and awesome thanks :)

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