The XTended mod features all new, original content created in the original spirit of X3: Reunion. Adding ships, weapons, sectors, missions, effects, and everything in between, we aim to be an unofficial expansion to the game, bringing old fans back in for another tour of duty while drawing new fans in. Adding multiple new ship classes to fill in tactical gaps in the already established order of battle, be ready for fleet battles to reach a whole new level with ships like Drone Frigates, Mine Layers, Mobile Shipyards, and the massive M0 super Battleships. Its not all combat though, we've added tons of new content and sectors for the explorer to discover, and new stations and freighter class ships should keep the peaceful merchant happy as well. Here's a rough feature list for our upcoming 0.7 release: 90 new sectors including: - The Solar System - New Xenon, Kha'ak, Pirate, and Yaki Sectors - New Goner Sectors - New Unknown Sectors - And countless new places to explore! 83...

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