What happen when you mix Christmas/Talking Demons/Silly Humor/Crazy Weapons and Stolen Presents? Your head will blow out. Welcome to x- MASS.

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"im used to linear paths" :DDDDDDDDDD


this awesome and fun mod :)


poshgaloo says

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Awesome mod! I love the humor and the joke at the end! Any Doom 3 player would find the end joke quite funny!

great mod but i wish it was longer

Im sorry but it just seems cheesy, funny but cheesy.

Decent mod, voice acting sure seemed to suck. Cheesy story, but still had some good gameplay. Definitely worth taking the time to download.

Is it just me or is this the only Doom 3 mod that is actually... with SNOW???

Fast action shooting was a satisfaction.
The story was... "predictable". (Lies, but a little bit dissapointing).
Fresh new content is always welcome.
If you want to have a funny hour, this is your mod.
(it only has 1 hour gameplay, Did i mentioned it before? 3 maps in total)


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