The WoP X-Mas mod was created to bring a bit of Christmas spirit into the World of Padman. It includes the new freezetag mode, and changes some textures, the powerups, healthstations, ammo packs etc. into Christmas versions. Big Balloon Boxes are now candles, Spray your Color cartridges are presents, all spray-logos have been changed into christmas versions and some Christmas tunes used under the creative commons license are added too. And as if all that wasn't enough yet you can now customize your model by picking one of eight silly hats! You can never have too many silly hats. Never!

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2009 X-Mas mod for WoP released.

2009 X-Mas mod for WoP released.

Dec 1, 2009 1 comment

The World of Padman got an updated version of the X-Mas mod for excessive Christmas gaming.

Ho ho ho! World of Padman X-Mas Mod released

Ho ho ho! World of Padman X-Mas Mod released

Dec 1, 2008 3 comments

Since the new World of Padman Release didn't make it this year we decided to offer some consolation in form of a little Christmas modification for your...

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Released Dec 2008
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