WWI Source: Fight in the rain soaked trenches or charge over No Man’s Land to battle in the War to End All Wars. Use authentic weaponry to conquer the enemy, call in artillery strikes to take out enemies en masse, or use chemical warfare to disable your opponents! WWI Source is the first and only World War I game to be developed for Steam. All the current WWI mod teams (‘The Trenches 2’, ‘Fields of Horror’, ‘WWI Source’) have united to develop the best World War I game to the Steam community, using the latest Source engine. Please visit the official website for more information on WWI Source and the team.

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no servers :/

The gameplay is fun and reminds me of DoD:S, but the lack of players playing kind of makes the game lose its appeal after a while. Other than that, it's a great attempt at putting a FPS in the WW1 era.

Its decent in its current state right now. I don't really like the support class loadout simply cuz I dont have a pistol as my secondary. Its not like you can hip fire the support gun. I find myself always dying as mg when i rush to set up with my team on the battle field.

Thats my only problem, the rest is fine :)

What we got actually is really neat.
But it seriously need to go deeper and be more historically realistic, it's quite a shame to be able to play the British side only on the French Territories...


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