Wrath of the Norsemen is a modification of Medieval 2 Total War, set in the viking age. The aim is to create a mod that is both historical and enjoyable for anyone who has an interest in the early medieval era of history, or is just a little bit too fond of blood and big axes.

Campaign Dates:
WotN covers the period AD 785 - 1050.

Faction List:
Danmaurk (Danish Vikings)
Gautlandi (Gautland Vikings)
Vestfold (Norwegian Vikings)
Sweþiuð (Swedish Vikings)
Hálogaland (Norwegian Vikings)
Kursi (Curonian Balts)
Häme (Tavastian Finns)
Garðariki (Novgorod Rus')

The Franks

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Wrath of the Norsemen VIKINGS Official Stable BETA

kingdoms 2016 01 30 00 18 27 386

An explanation on the MUSIC:

"All the vanilla music has been replaced by VIKINGS-themed music, and other pagan music.

Not every faction will have unique music, but all factions will have new music!

An explanation:

Gautland and Gutland shares music, the four NORSE pagan tribes shares music, Danmörk and Swebiuö shares music, Kwenland and Hämö shares music, the slavic tribes and the RUS shares music and the Franks have their own unique music!

I have made sure that none of these groups share a single song with each other in the game. But the ones i paired share the same music.

You will now be able to immerse yourself way better than before in the world of Vikings and beyond!

All the different spots like tension, mobilize, battle, stratmap and so forth have been filled.

I have not added random music to random places, but rather added very carefully chosen music for each group. There will be a strong feeling that you are playing for example Danmörk or Swebiuö (Ragnarr Lothbrokks Vikings). The slavs and rus peoples are six different tribes, but you will have music for all of them when playing as anyone of them.

The baltic was a melting pot of trade after all. Where many cultures meet. The music may change from russian to baltic to slav and to viking if you play any of them.

Playing as Kwenland/Hämö? Then you will have a blend of sami and finnish music plus som added in songs for immersion.

The viking factions follow the pattern of the TV-series. Norse Vikings will have the songs of King Horik plus som extra song, Danmörk and the Swebiuö will have the songs of King/Jarl Ragnarr Lothbrokk and Gautland and Gutland will have the music of Jarl Borg plus som extra song added.

The different themes of the songs chosen, that aims to create a certain feeling for the specific people, follows this structure:

Norse Vikings (Norwegian vikings) : Music= Higher Viking Civilisation feeling.

Danmörk & Swebiuö (Danish and Swedish vikings) : Music= Toughest and Strongest Vikings Around feeling.

Gautland & Gutland (Swedish Vikings of Gotland and Gotaland) : Music= Old Pagan Barbarian Vikings feeling.

Kwenland & Hämö (Sami & Finns) : Music= Naturalistic & Peaceful feeling.

Slavs & RUS peoples (Kievan Rus/Novgorod & Baltic Tribes preceeding Poland & Lithuania): Music= Slavo-Baltic-Russian-Vikings feeling. Many different cultures in the same place.

Franks (Empire of Charlemagne) : Music= New Empire of ROME/Mightiest FORCE/Catolic Christian feeling.

I hope you will enjoy this submod.

Now, have i done something more than just added music?

Yes, i actually have.

The new stuff:


2. Fixes for mercenaries being Silver Surfers - i managed to miss out on the Veibmenn (Hunters/Sicily).

(Just add "mercenary_unit" in the attribute-line for the unit "Hunters" and faction "Sicily" in the export_descr_unit.txt-file to fix this small mistake by me.)

3. All mercs recruitable from the beginning on the campaign map.

4. Almost all missing descriptions for units added, not counting some mercenaries.

5. Fixed missing mercenary pictures and portraits, not counting those who didn't have portraits or pictures in the original mod-folders to begin with.

kingdoms 2016 01 29 23 58 13 934

kingdoms 2016 01 29 23 58 48 594

kingdoms 2016 01 29 23 58 29 837

6. Changed bodyguard unit for the Franks, Moerrafylki and Kvenland, from dismounted knights to Saxon Housecarls.

kingdoms 2016 01 30 00 13 12 500

kingdoms 2016 01 30 00 17 30 210 1

kingdoms 2016 01 30 00 17 40 254

kingdoms 2016 01 30 00 17 33 332

7. Rygjalandi mounted knights bodyguard changed to Riddarar bodyguard - unit nerfed.

kingdoms 2016 01 30 00 34 47 682

kingdoms 2016 01 30 00 36 13 088

kingdoms 2016 01 30 00 35 46 309

This is Wrath of the Norsemen 1.5, the original MOD - but with the above mentioned changes!

It seems my "VIKINGS SUB-MOD" caused the old CTD (crashes to desktop) BUG to re-appear after i changed too much in files like descr_strat and win_conditions etc.

I did download the old stable 1.5 version and add the above mentioned things. The difference being i haven't touched the files descr_strat or the like. This means that the game will still be very stable and without CTD:s.

The game will still have a hard economy and no added walking range per turn. It's the original 1.5, with some BUG-fixes -and new music.

No added regions, or removed rebels!

It's a superior 1.5 version, and it's better than my sub-mod cause it doesn't crash, i played 104 turns without a crash and i didn't crash by then - but stoped playing.

It's VERY stable.

However, it's not a finished version of Wrath of the Norsemen - as some stuff still needs to be fixed. Mainly these things:

1. Freyseyr-settlement is a "mountainous terrain" and neither the player nor the computer can move troops. They just stand where they start, and this makes realtime-battles impossible in this settlement -i had to automatically resolve it and lost.
-This is a map-bug that i can't solve for now.

2. Missing portraits for some units, as these were not in the game. -Not fixed, as i seem to have trouble getting them to show-up in game. It wasn't a problem with the already existing portraits as you just moved them to a new folder. But with new pictures it doesn't seem to work. I must read on to this.

Other fixes being made:

Better unit attributes to make a bigger difference between strong units and weak units,

the adding of three officers for most units,

stats-changes for some over powered units,

More to come as i will need to add all units in the EDB, add the missing portraits, still need to give everyone but the Vikings officers, stats-changes for all the other factions (not the Vikings) need to be made, remove the silver surfer captains and generals (some of them are sf, not all), the map bug will be looked into and some small fixes in other text-files.

Then we will release the first finished version of Wrath of the Norsemen. I can't promise the map-bug will be fixed as i am no mapper.

The CTD-BUG is fixed as i have re-made my mod by downloading the stable 1.5 version and adding the fixes and music to that one. This means no changes to the win_conditions or descr_strat has been made.

Mr_Nygren, co-developer of WotN.

Video of me playing this version of WotN, showing off the mercenaries and bodyguards in their new state:

Do the following steps before playing the mod:

1. Install Medieval 2 Total War and Kingdoms Expansion.

2. Before playing any MOD, be sure to right click on the main folder (Medieval 2 Total War), then on properties, security, edit and on users (your computers name/pc-user). Then check the full control and modify options and click ok. This will spare your mod from problems using windows 7 or windows Vista. Be sure to also check the "read-only"-option when you click on properties.

3. Run the "unpack_all"-file inside of Medieval 2 Total War/Tools/Unpacker-folder.

If you have the GOLD-version of the game you will need to download some files to your unpacker-folder first. See the guide under step number 5 for information about all of this including the GOLD-version.

4. Remove the geography_nw.txt and geography_ne.db-files found in your Medieval 2 Total War/Data-folder.

5. Open up the medieval2.preference.cfg found in your main Medieval 2 Total War folder, using Notepad++ - and edit the first row with:

[io]file_first = true

Follow this guide:


When done with that the following needs to be done:

1. Download the strings_bin_converter found here:


2. Put all the files inside of the Medieval 2 Total War/Data/Text-folder.

3. Edit the strings_bin_converter.py file and open as a txt file with notepad or something, comment out the "print 'Converting file '+filepath+'('+str(i)+' of '+str(len(arr))+')'" line with a "#" so that it looks like this:#print 'Converting file '+filepath+'('+str(i)+' of '+str(len(arr))+')'

4. Download Python 2.5.4 and install it, found here:


5. Run the convert_all-file inside of the Medieval 2 Total War/Data/Text-folder.

After this you should have all the text files needed to play any mod without CTD:s.

Credits to these guys for their wonderful MOD "Wrath of the Norsemen":

* Modelling and Skinning
Captian Morgan
Raven D.

* Mapping
Dansk viking

* Scripting and Coding
Heathen Storm
Captain Morgan
Serious Spamurai

Concept Art:

* Audio and Sounds:

* Artwork
Captain Morgan
Raven D.

* Writers
Captain Morgan

* Historians
Svensk Viking
Captain Morgan
yxc qwert!
Dansk viking
Manuel Komnenos
Tsar Stefan Dusan IV

Credits for this new version:

* New MUSIC, -and BUG-fixes


Wrath of the Norsemen: Three new previews!

Wrath of the Norsemen: Three new previews!

News 1 comment

Since its last update here, the WotN team have released three more previews.

Wrath of the Norsemen: Christmas Preview

Wrath of the Norsemen: Christmas Preview

News 0 comments

Merry Christmas and welcome to yet another preview of the Wrath of the Norsemen. Our present to you today will be the announcement and early sneak peak...

WotN Baltic Release: 2nd Preview

WotN Baltic Release: 2nd Preview

News 0 comments

A new preview has been released by Wrath of the Norsemen.

Wrath of the Norsemen:  Preview/Interview with the Silver Shield

Wrath of the Norsemen: Preview/Interview with the Silver Shield

News 0 comments

Check it out guys. A day late, but good none the less.

Wrath of the Norsemen VIKINGS Official Stable BETA

Wrath of the Norsemen VIKINGS Official Stable BETA

Full Version 0 comments

A NEW OFFICIAL version of the MOD "Wrath of the Norsemen". I haven't made the original mod, credit must go to the respective mod creators for that. I...

Wrath of the Norsemen VIKINGS  SUBMOD! OBSOLETE

Wrath of the Norsemen VIKINGS SUBMOD! OBSOLETE

Full Version 2 comments

A NEW inofficial version of the MOD "Wrath of the Norsemen". I haven't made the original mod, credit must go to the respective mod creators for that...

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help, i cannot create a custom battle when trying to choose a settlement. The game just crashes

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as this is a SUB-MOD of a BETA it isn't entirerly free of the betas bugs. And when it comes to settlements i am afraid you can't have higher settlements than large towns? I am not even sure you can have those!

The Vikings didn't have huge cities with stone walls. They had villages and large towns! Wooden pallisades or wooden walls was the best kind of fortress they would of had in 785, the date this game starts.

The Franks should have had stone walls and huge cities i agree. But they seem to have gotten the same as the Vikings. I have only added new music, -and edited the strat_map and some other files.

I am fixing the bugs right now and am going to upload a patch/hotfix when most of the bugs are fixed. The re-occuring CTD:s (crashes to desktop) have been taken care of mostly.

Please read this thread at Total War-forums for more information:


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thank you for the information, i did theorize that you would try to have it historically accurate, but that was after i posted this lol.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I liked the change, it is actually pretty good! The only thing that was missing was fortress and cities Vikings as he had at the time

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Yes, i agree that at least the Franks should of had fortresses with huge stone walls. Thanks =)

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This mod has a new downloadable version. "Wrath of the Norsemen VIKINGS SUBMOD"!

It is working for Kingdoms.

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The mod is already out, download is here Twcenter.net
you extract the WotN folder to Medieval II Total War\mods\ then run WotNbeta.bat to play it

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I downloaded from TWC, but I cant manage to install correctly... any ideas?

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