Fight against the I.T.O forces on various zones, like Arab, Mexico, etc... - By Evan3k

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Weperlol says

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This mod is just meh... the maps are basic and blocky, this mod is ridiculously hard because there is a shitton of marines and barely any supplies for you...

also 10/10 voice acting -ign



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Well this were 3 really tough series, where combat is pretty hard, the story line is weird and the mapping is mostly bad, really narrow spaces weird textures, dark maps, but overall it had some fun in that combat and custom weapons like the AK47 in mission 2 and custom weapons in mission 3 worth to play this one.

Obviously this was from 2000, so we're talking about early days in mapping, so don't you expect anything perfect.


Urby says

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Call me crazy, but I almost enjoyed these. Almost.

Sure the mapping is pretty basic, some of the models are downright horrendous and there were a few sections where I felt just a little overwhelmed by the amount of enemies I had to fight alone.

I like the idea that there was a larger scale war going on while I was fighting my way through the underbelly of the enemy fortifications, but there just wasn't enough visible action overall.

Pretty difficult too, I don't think I got through a single mission with more than 30HP remaining and I had to cheat to pass the ambush at the end of mission 2. It was just impossible.



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