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wolfman-MC2X is an extended MC2 gaming and mission design environment. It is built on the extended and freshly compiled MechCommander 2 system files based on the source code released by Microsoft and covered under the shared license agreement. Several additional tools and viewer are provided to allow easy mission design.

wolfman-MC2X includes:

- wolfman's extended MC2X Mission Editor

- wolfman's extended MC2X Gaming Core

- wolfman's extended MC2X Viewer (Encyclopedia)

- Poison's "MechSwapper" tool to exchange units in existing missions

- Jussi's "MC2 Warrior Brain Tool" to easily allocate or create warrior brain files

- the re-distributable of important library files

- MC2xClean (to easily eliminate all *.lst,*txm, and thumb.db files and arm folders)

- the maps "Metropolitan" , "RedRock Outpost", "Paradise Defense", "City Assault", "Stormbreaker's Mudhole" and "Operation Delta"

- MC2X SkyViewer Folder

- MC2X TerrainOverlay Viewer Folder

- MC2X RandomMaps Viewer Folder

- MC2X AmbientTune Folder

- MC2X TerrainDetail Viewer Folder

- MC2X OverlayMask ViewerFolder

- MC2X OverlayMaskShape Viewer Folder

- MC2X Water Viewer Folder

-MC2X WaterDetail Viewer Folder

Thank you and credits to (in alphabetic order):

Aetrion, Battlemaster, Karl, Magic, Marceror, Paul, Rollin, Starman01, Raven IIC, VossieWulf

The features and the inventory available in MC2X are to some extent the collection of the work of the people mentioned above. They deserve the credit for their outstanding work and my greatest thanks for being able to feature their results in MC2X.

After almost 14 years of collecting inventory and features and improving I stopped to continue an anyhow incomplete list of who deserves credit for which features or object.

Magic has by far provided the most inventory and MC2-insights over several years.


The first revision of MC2X was release in 2006 and continously improved and extended since then.

wolfman-MC2X is neither a total conversion nor a revolutionary approach to change MC2; it is intended to be an evolutionary improvement over time. This is a stand-alone installation; do not mix with any other MC2 installations or expansion packs.

wolfman-MC2X is based on the released MC2 source code; the source code release did not contain multiplayer gaming functionality nor embedded video capability.

Therefore wolfman-MC2X does not support multiplayer gaming nor in game videos.

Because of the missing video capability of the released source code, wolfman-MC2X does not contain the CARVER V campaign and is not fully compatible to missions or campaigns designed under and for wolfman-x !

wolfman-MC2X is not compatible to any other MC2 mod or campaigns/missions designed under other development environments. Never mix with files from other authors.


- wolfman-MC2X and its tools require:

- win XP SP3 or better (Win Vista, Win7 Ultimate (32bit and 64 bit), win 8.1Pro (64bit) work just fine)

- DirectX 9 or better

- DOT NET Framework 4.0 or better

- Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) (Visual Studio 2005)

* The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) installs runtime components of

Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ installed. These runtime files are part of the wolfman-MC2X installer package and will be offered for selection towards the end of the installation; select to install if you have not done before.

* Install wolfman-MC2X into a clean directory!

* Edit the mc2s.ini file to link WarriorBrainTool to your specific file folders

* System will select best possible resolution automatically and go full-screen-mode.

* Implemented Resolutions:

1280by720, 1280by800, 1280by1024, 1366by768, 1440by900, 1600by900,1600by1200, 1680by1050, 1856by1392, 1920by1080, 1920by1200, 2048by1536

All selection that fit on your screen can be selected manually as well and used in window-mode

* You may create desktop shortcuts for the following folders










* Set these Viewer folders to thumbnail presentation mode

Uninstall Impact:

- Use the wolfman-MC2X Uninstaller

- The uninstaller deletes all files that came with the installation.

- Any mission data files that came from independent installations or any savegame files are not impacted.


Visit wolfman's forum for support at:

Please send me an e-mail and let me know, if you feel that I did not give the deserved credit to somebody.


Let me know if you find something that should not be included in the wolfman-MC2X package.

I will review and make or eliminate objects from the package.

Read as well:

MC2X WarriorBrains.pdf

MC2X Advanced Scripting Options.pdf

MC2X MechSwapper Documentation.pdf

MC2X Terrain Overlay.pdf

MC2X Terrain Overlay X.pdf

wolfman-MC2X is for non-commercial enterprise only!

This is for fun and keeping a great game of tactical command alive.

Every use is under your sole responsibility and at your own risk.

Read Microsoft's Shared Source Limited Permissive License for use of MechCommander® 2 carefully. If you do not agree, don't use wolfman-MC2X in any ways.

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MC2X Game Options

Beside the Difficulty Level and the Unit Color there are 14 selectable options to change the gameplay.

Originally there were only 2 Options:

Select to provide all units the in the game with unlimited ammunition. Unrealistic.

Select to change mouseclick usage during mission. Best when DESELCTED.

The new options are:

Select to game without restrictions inside the gaming system limitations.
Enjoy all unit types,max pilots,max dropweight,plenty of CBills and resourcepoints,
no time limits and all support options.
Cheating: thus campaign mision results will not be saved in this mode.

SANDBOX MODE PLUS (can only be selected when SANDBOX MODE is selected):
Cheating: Campaign mission results will be saved despite cheating.

Select to allow the in-mision unit capture of enemy units that are unarmed, powered down, or unwilling to fight. If captured by an infanty-type unit, the captured unit will join your forcegroup and be piloted by the former infantrist. If captured by any other unit type, the captured unit will switch sides and become friendly (defector).

DISABLED UNIT CAPTURE (can only be selected if ACTIVE UNIT CAPTURE is selected):
Select to allow the in-mission capture of disabled units.

Select to activate a button to recharge repair units. Simplifies logistics during mission but is unrealistic.

Select to be able to quicksave your mission at any time and reload this status later.
Unrealistic but not cheating.

Select that player units scan the rea within a specific radius and:
- automatically capture capturable enemy objects
-automatically get repair at repairbays within range when idle.
Unrealistic: repairing and capturing should be a task under commanders control.

Select to simply see everything on the map; all enemy units are revealed.
Furtheremore fog is eliminated.
Cheating: Campaign mission results will be saved despite cheating.

Select to make you invulnerable during mission.
Cheating: thus campaign mision results will not be saved in this mode.

Select to loop invulnerability reminder during mission.

Select to automatically convert unused resourcepoints at the end of a mission into CBills

Select to automatically convert unused dropweight into CBills after deployment.

Default settings are

and all other (DESELECTED).

Some options allow bigtime cheating.
Select your options carefully and consider that cheating in my view is for those who are desperate.
Good MechCommanders don't need cheating.

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Full Version 67 comments

NEW RELEASE (R03): CARVER V NOW INTEGRATED INTO NEW MC2X (R40)! MC2X-CVE-G is a “Campaign-Gaming-Only” version of MC2X(R40) featuring the 24 mission...

wolfman MC2X URE G

wolfman MC2X URE G

Full Version 19 comments

wolfman-MC2X-URE-G is a “ Campaign-Gaming-Only” version of wolfman-MC2X(R37) featuring the 22 mission campaign “UpRise” (R01).



Full Version 6 comments

wolfman-MC2X-TME-G is a “ Campaign-Gaming-Only” version of wolfman-MC2X(R35) featuring the 20 mission campaign “TangoMaster” (R05).



Full Version 26 comments

wolfman-MC2X-WRC-G ==> “ Campaign-Gaming-Only” Edition. Campaign (R2) based on MC2X (R34).

MC2X(R40) +++ NEW RELEASE +++

MC2X(R40) +++ NEW RELEASE +++

Full Version 5 comments

wolfman-MC2X is an extended MC2 gaming and mission design environment. It is built on the extended and freshly compiled MechCommander 2 system files based...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 66)

How to open .fst files? I wanna do some mechswapping for the Carver V campaign, but I don't know how to get at the mission files (been a long time since I last did any modding for MC2)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Hi Wolfman! Great work! Playing through the Carver V campaign at the moment and I am loving it!

My question is, how do I start the other campaign? The one were we start with the 3 dropships and 16 mech warriors? Is that the TangoMaster (RO5) campaign?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

This is Warlords of the Rim Colonies (WRC)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi Wolfman. I got it working superbly. Here's what I did.

1. Disable Hardware rasterizer and harware mouse update. Stops the menu glitching and can now see the mouse.

2. Set to windowed mode, select 1280by720 resolution. Allows game textures to work properly; fixes heavy terrain pixilaization and textures not showing correctly.

3. Force my pc to run the exe through my geforce card, did this via my geforce control panel, bypassing my intel hd onboard card. Fixes the hardcore texture and sprite mesh glitching.

Now works perfectly, I can even use alt+enter to go fullscreen and everything looks right!

Running Laptop on Win 7, widescreen 1366by768. (I don't think the rest of my specs are relevant).

Thanks for making this great mod, is it just me or is it alot harder as well as the ai being smarter?

Best regards,

Grylus aka Wolfknight

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
wolfman-x Creator

Cool. Great you found and posted the solution for the issue you experienced.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

=) I must say you did an incredible job with the AI, I couldn't believe it when I saw how smart the enemy was, using jump jets like true mechwarriors and actually switching targets to my weakest or most damaged mechs. Also the damage dealt to my mechs are properly felt, unlike the original MC2 which was a laughable joke on regular, now I'm so deep in enemy LRMs I just can't stop playing. Oh yes and thanks for compiling the original mission sound logs into the game, quite smart how you implemented them. This is what truly sets your MC2 Carver V campaign above the rest of the mods, IMO in any case.

I do have some question for you though; firstly, is it possible to somehow get all the original skins for the mechs back into the game? It was something that I truly fell in love with in the first place, not saying that you didn't do an awesome job with all the new additions though, call it nostolgia if you will.

Secondly, how exactly do I get your other custom campaigns to work? Is it necessary for me to download the complete stand alone game packs or can I somehow download your other campaigns into the Carver V mission version?

And lastly, I never played this game multiplayer! I never had any pals to play this gem of a game with, do you host co op or competitive (pvp) games at all? Would love to join some time.

Thanks for taking the time to read my messages, appreciate it.

All the best and thanks again for all your hard work on this classic game.

PS. Are you following the new Battletech 2017 game being developed by the original creators of the whole franchise? I personally am very excited. Can't wait.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

Thanks for your feedback and interest.

Most mechs are new (most by magic) and all mechs are somehow revised (weapon nodes, movements, textures. This is now the new set and I will not change it back. Beside this most old chassis are not replaced but complemented by new versions.

After several years doing it differently I decided to integrate always one campaign into the current gaming environment at the time and thus have a standalaone game including one campaign (exactly like MC2 was).

Some campaign texts are strings inside the gaming system and the mission medals and promotions are coded campaignspecific inside the general gaming files as well. Thus it is not really good to have a base gaming system and load multiple campaigns into it.
It is never a clean and dedicated installation.

Look at it as: every campaign is just a new MC2X mechgame and needs a fresh install into an empty new installation folder. Otherwise crashes and confusion are much more likely.

Multiplayer code is incomplete in source code release thus there is no multiplayer posible with any MC2 mod. Therefore I do not game nor host it.

Lastly; I am a backer of the new Battletech game and will install it on steam and run it as soon as it is out. First previews look pretty interesting.

Hopefully towards the end of 2016 I try to release my campaign UPRISE as well. Had two month of inactivity but work on it now every day again.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Awesome, thanks for the reply. I understand completely. All the best.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
wolfman-x Creator

As I stated some time ago before I will delete all posts made anonymous or contain "questions" that contain obvious wrong statements or are intended to simply catch attention.

Unfortunately there always a few folks in any type of forum that try to micro-sabotage authors work without any real understanding nor interest. They always post anonymous and the post are pure negativity.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

My intention wasn't to sabotage your project, though I doubt you'll believe me. My post, aside from the bug I encountered was not negative at all and was not intended to be viewed as such either. As it happens I quite enjoy your work and have played it often in the past, oddly though, I never ran into the problems I described then.

If you're unwilling to accept that I'm telling the truth, then fair enough, there's not really much I can do to convince you otherwise. However, upon searching through the older posts I found someone else with a similar problem. Although at this point I'm sure you'll just claim I posted that one too in a childish effort to troll you -_- Regardless, all the best, and I hope in subsequent versions the problem is resolved.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
wolfman-x Creator

There is no problem in the packages.
In MC2X-CVE You can only buy Razorbacks and Bushwacker and can only deploy 140 tons dropweight in first mission. Only 3 out of 4 green pilots can be selected.
No problem; works perfect as intended.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

Ok; now it is no longer anonymous and a more real issue to me. I can only tell you that I tested it on my installation and can not confirm what you describe. It has not been reported before either. I always check my latest installation first when errors are claimed. Thanks for stepping out of the shadow.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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New MC2X Missions Design Package (R40) released. This includes all features ,updates and fixes up to January 20th,2018.

Jan 21 2018

New features in MC2X(R40) to deploy 5 marines during mission and capture enemy units.

Jan 12 2018

MechCommander 2X (wolfman-MC2X) (R38) released. Plenty of new inventory and features.

Dec 8 2017

This is the cruel villain and commander of the occupation army that calls himself "Alvarado" from my upcoming campa…

May 17 2017

Campaign uploaded for release on Friday.

May 17 2017

New campaign is finished and packaged for release. Could be released during the next week.

May 11 2017

I have to revise the release date for "UPRISE" and delay the release by around 2 month.

Mar 21 2017

Dropship Repairing Damaged Tank

Mar 16 2017

New release date for new campaign UPRISE is March 31st, 2017.

Mar 3 2017

Deployed Spheroid Dropships are now repair bays and hospitals. Thus they have higher tactical significance.

Jan 26 2017

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