WolfenDoom : Coming of the Storm is an upcoming fan remake/port of the legendary wolfenstein 3D mod Coming of the Storm for GZDoom.

The story:

You are Captain William J. Blazkowicz ("BJ" to your friends), a well-trained US Army Ranger and the best covert agent the Allies have. During World War II, you managed to single-handedly foil numerous Nazi schemes, earning you the nickname "The One-Man Army."

The Nazis, always looking for an advantage in the war have once again stumbled over something devastatingly powerfull...

Many centuries ago, in what is now Austria, there was a dark cult known as the Faceless Brotherhood. They terrorized the country with their uses of "black magic" and their evil rituals. Their desire for power unrivaled.

The Faceless Brotherhood had long sought what was called the "Second Ragnarok," the day when all life would come to an end. The time had finally come for the Brotherhood to perform the ritual that would bring about the Second Ragnarok.

The Brotherhood had prepared everything for the ritual precisely. They were going to perform it in their underground temple. They formed a circle in front of some strange runes engraved on a cavern wall. The Archpriest of the Brotherhood chanted the first verses of the ritual, then the others began chanting as well. A glowing rift began to open in the wall, linking our world with the another. The room started to shake and tremble. Strange shadow-like thing began to appear from the opening rift.

The Archipriest was about to say the final verse that would loosen all bonds between the two dimensions, opening the portal completely and bringing about the Second Ragnarok...when an arrow suddenly struck him in the throat.

A group of knights had entered. The king had sent them to find and slay the Faceless Brotherhood so they would no longer terrorize the country. Clutching the arrow in his throat, the Archpriest fell dead to the floor

With Archpriest´s dead. the ritual had been interrupted. As a result, there came a great tremblingand the placebegan to cave in. The knightsmanaged to escape, but the cultists were all buried alive. No one ever saw or heard of the Faceless Brotherhood again.

Most people have dismissed these accounts as "tales", but apparently Hitler and other Nazis believe there is truth in them...

The Allies believe that a group of Nazi occultists are planning to win the war by opening the portal and bringing the second Ragnarok on the world. Intelligence reports a large excavation site near an old Austrian Castle. The castle is believed to be build over the ruins of what was once the Faceless Brotherhood´s underground temple. This castle has also been in use by the Nazis since before the war, and a number of Nazi "experiments" were rumored tohave taken place there.

Most of the Allies believe the idea of the second Ragnarokto be absurd, but after your ecounter with the Angel of Death, you´re not so ready to dismiss the rumours as pure fantasy. You have witnessed supernatural forces before.

You decided to go and investigate the castle. You are alone on this mission. If the rumors of the Second Ragnarok are true, then you may be the only one who can stop it from happening. Can you alone prevent the coming of the storm ?

Features :

  • All 18 original levels redrawn by hand into GZDoom map format
  • 8 weapons
  • GZDoom dynamic lighting
  • Multiplayer support (DM and Coop for up to 3 players)
  • 3 brand new maps for multiplayer

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Hello everyone !

I would like to present you this project I am working recently on.

WolfenDoom: Coming of the Storm is a fan WIP remake of the classic Wolfenstein 3D mod Coming of the Storm that was released in 2004 by WSJ. This mod became famous not only for a good level design, but also for various modifications of the Wolf3D engine, such as storm lighting,rain drops, ambient sound effects and directional sprites. Since COTS is a Wolf3D based mod with modified engine, it can only be played in MS-DOS emulators like Dosbox. That limits the game´s resolution, speed and playability. A lot of people also have hard times with Dosbox configuration and new ones also with the command prompt.

For these reason I have decided to remake this mod in GZDoom. GZDoom offers better resolution, mouse look, more comfortable keyboard settings and it doesn´t have an annoying command prompt.

This mod will include remakes of all original 18 levels plus 3 brand new created for multiplayer. Of course all 18 maps will be multiplayer compatible as well (for DM and Coop modes).

New Features:

  • 18 original maps + 3 new for MP
  • original COTS graphic and sound effects
  • 8 weapons - knife, pistol, smg, chaingun, rifle...
  • Dynamic lighting for certain objects - lamps, furnaces, torches...
  • Item score system from Mac port of Wolfenstein 3D
  • Multiplayer
  • Storm
  • Ambient sound effects

Screenshot Doom 20171010 183704

Screenshot Doom 20171010 183758

Screenshot Doom 20171010 183824

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Wolfendoom: Coming of the Storm DEMO

Wolfendoom: Coming of the Storm DEMO

Demo 2 comments

Includes : 5 levels for SP, 1 for DM. COOP is not supported in this version.


"Coming of the Storm" for WolfenDoom? Awesome!

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i like, good work

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Hu this looks interesting

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