The Wizards' Islands are an undetermined number of islands having own unique storylines, and related through a main story. They will be released in separate chapters, starting with the cold Island of Winter. The questing and plotline interactions bear more resemblance to Black Isle games than the crude generic dialogue of Morrowind, with custom dialogue for all NPCs. The Winter Island is larger than Solstheim, including dense forest, immense mountains, frozen lake, a pair of large towns with unique architecture & much more, including epic architecture, like cathedrals & castles, and over 100 interior cells, without counting dungeons (only town and misc.) Many dungeons, and the size of them can go up to 15 cells each, darker and harder than the ones in Morrowind. Some of them will take days to finish, and use customised tilesets to create gigantic ice caves and massive descents into the earth. The Winter Island holds a rich and vast history dating back 3 millenia..

A quick note

12 years ago News 0 comments

Website updated, nearly forgot ;) Oh, and join the 100,000 hits party!

An Update Of The Grandest Proportions

12 years ago News 0 comments

intelli: OK, I thought I'd get off my ass an post about our status. Main Story Plot: Not much to say about this one, it's big, epic and rather lovely...

Announcing Wizards' Islands Chapter 2!

12 years ago News 0 comments

It may seem a little early, but our idle landscape team have made good progress on the Isle of Storms, featuring desert and jungle landscaping this time...

New Site - 50 New Screenshots - Huge Update

12 years ago News 0 comments

The Wizards' Alliance team are proud to present their biggest update ever, wrapped up in a sugar sweet shell (or new site.) 50 New Screenshots in Weapons...

Release Delayed.... But Screenshots Aplenty!

11 years ago News 1 comment

WI has been sadly delayed until mid February, due to team releated events out of our control, and a little scope creep due to new modelling staff, meaning...

Release: 9 Minute Gameplay Trailer!

12 years ago News 1 comment

intelligentsia: Yes, you got it. 9 minutes of dungeons, death, destruction, mayhem and wandering around a snow topped landscape. No pretty new spell effects...

Release: Yummy Wizards' Islands Demo!

12 years ago News 1 comment

intelli: Here you go, a lovely peek at some in game action, 5 tracks cut from our 150 minute soundtrack, and a whole buch of yummy new splash screens...

STOP PRESS: New Armors, New Game System Updates

12 years ago News 0 comments

The Wizards' Islands team are proud to present a bunch of new armor sets: And also some news on our latest progress with the modifications to the game...

Version 1.1 Pending

9 years ago News 0 comments

v1.1 is still in development due to a big case of scope creep, as per usual. Asides from the expected fixes, expect some enhancements and fixes to visuals...

Wee 'lil Site Update

12 years ago News 1 comment

You got it, another truly monstrous update! News aplenty! Updated progress bars! New team members! Awe inspiring Chapter 2 development screenshots! Soon...

Wizards Islands - Released!

10 years ago News 3 comments

OK, I'm a little late posting this, but Scourge of the Frost Bringer for Morrowind has finally reached a version 1 release. Patches and expansions...

Wizards' Islands moves to Chapter 2, and new websites.

Wizards' Islands moves to Chapter 2, and new websites.

9 years ago News 0 comments

The Wizards' Islands is proud to announce the development of Chapter 2 - The Isle Of Storms (working title). We are now hosted by Gamespy at and...

Wizards' Islands Official Release Date!

12 years ago News 3 comments

Yes, that's right, the official date for Chapter 1 is set at January 1 2004. Nuff said really. Enjoy.... web update to follow.

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