The Wizards' Islands are an undetermined number of islands having own unique storylines, and related through a main story. They will be released in separate chapters, starting with the cold Island of Winter. The questing and plotline interactions bear more resemblance to Black Isle games than the crude generic dialogue of Morrowind, with custom dialogue for all NPCs. The Winter Island is larger than Solstheim, including dense forest, immense mountains, frozen lake, a pair of large towns with unique architecture & much more, including epic architecture, like cathedrals & castles, and over 100 interior cells, without counting dungeons (only town and misc.) Many dungeons, and the size of them can go up to 15 cells each, darker and harder than the ones in Morrowind. Some of them will take days to finish, and use customised tilesets to create gigantic ice caves and massive descents into the earth. The Winter Island holds a rich and vast history dating back 3 millenia..

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Wizards Islands - The Scourge of the Frost Bringer

Wizards Islands - The Scourge of the Frost Bringer

Mar 26, 2013 Full Version (583.19mb) 0 comments

This is the full version of the mod that was released not to long ago, due to the main website going down and fileplanet link dying, this is put up here...

Wizards Islands 1.05 & Bloodmoon patch

Wizards Islands 1.05 & Bloodmoon patch

Mar 3, 2013 Patch (8.40mb) 0 comments

Fixes several issues, see the description for more details. Requires Bloodmoon.

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Released Jun 2006
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