This is a total conversion mod for Skyrim that turns the land of Skyrim into the land of Westeros from the famous George R. R. Martin book series A Song of Ice and Fire.The conversion will include the real map of Westeros ,custom weapons and armor, new characters and a new story.

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9 comments by TheRealSPQRLegate on Feb 4th, 2015

Dear Community,
I will be giving you this update as Jedjtl is currently repairing his
computer. We initially started this page in hopes of gaining the help
and support of fellow modders and for a while it seemed to be working.
However, Jedjtl contacted all team members a while ago and has not
received a reply for a very long time. Even before this Skyrim’s aging
engine has proved difficult to work with on such a large scale. Despite
this Jedjtl has made some amazing breakthroughs working past various
issues. It has also proved difficult to coordinate with team members as
it seems most did not have the time or patience to get better organized
when Jedjtl asked for them to sign up for Dark Creations or to wait when
Jedjtl was having issues getting the map working. A couple team members
also did stuff without listening to instructions requiring Jedjtl to go
back and fix their mistakes. It has gotten to point where Jedjtl and I
think that it may be simpler to just work without a team or least a
smaller one with members in it for the long haul.
We also started the page we because we thought it would be interesting
for our community to watch the mod grow from start to finish. However,
lately it has mostly been used to hound our team to work faster. For
starters we are in fact modders who take time from our lives to work on
something we are not paid for and never will be paid for. We do this
because we are passionate about what we do. All by himself Jedjtl has
made amazing progress in about a year when it took Bethesda, a team of
200, 4 years to make Skyrim. We know that the impatience is at least
partly from a desire to play what we have been working and it is
somewhat understandable as we also wish to see it done. Perhaps you
should consider that the reason why it takes so long for large mods
maybe that everyone complains about the waiting and the team gets
All of this may make you wonder about the future of the mod. Let me put
some of our more loyal followers at ease. We are still committed to the
mod! However, Jedjtl and I have been discussing a switch from Skyrim’s
ck to Cryengine, especially after the reveal of Kingdom Come
Deliverance. Warhorse Studios has declared its intent to make its tools
available to the community and we feel that everything will go a lot
smoother in Cryengine as it is far more user friendly and up to date.
However, this is not final as we are waiting for the release of
aforementioned tools before making a final decision, so the mod may
still be made in Skyrim’s engine.
In conclusion I would like to thank some of you for your patience and
others I would ask that you acquire some or start helping.

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Oct 3, 2014 Demo 1 comment

This is the basic map of Dorne , The Stormlands and The Reach , to get it ingame at the title screen of Skyrim press the ~ key to open the console and...

The Westerlands

The Westerlands

Jul 4, 2014 Demo 8 comments

This is the finished basic map of the Westerlands that needs , landscaping to test it out put the folders in the skyrim Data folder and to get ingame...

The North

The North

Jul 4, 2014 Demo 10 comments

This is the North basic map before landscaping is done on it , to install drop the folder in your skyrim Data directory and to get ingame start skyrim...

Test map 6

Test map 6

Mar 31, 2014 Demo 6 comments

This is the 6th test map, to get ingame press the ~ key to open the console and type cow LandsofAlwaysWinterv6 0,0 and press enter.

Test Map 2 version 4

Test Map 2 version 4

Mar 4, 2014 Demo 20 comments

This is the 4th test map I have made but only the second I have uploaded I plan on adding more soon hopefully :D

Test map 1

Test map 1

Dec 13, 2013 Demo 1 comment

This is the first test map I plan on adding more soon hopefully :D

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Chazshepherd Jun 13 2014, 9:00pm says:

Hey, I saw the Ned Stark with the custom face textures on the old site for this mod. I would love to make a companion mod for your Ned and post it on multiple sites, as a promoter for this mod. I think this could bring more modders to help you guys and more fans. I would post links to here in the mod. I have a group of experienced modders that I have made multiple mods with, we would love to make a Ned Stark companion with your textures.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ElfFriend Jun 14 2014, 3:55pm replied:

I'm technically not part of the team anymore as I don't have the time to work on this project so my opinion doesn't really matter that much but I would suggest that you and the modders you know come work on WiC. Also I believe it might be best to get the lands of always winter done before their mod begins to get a lot of publicity. It would suck if this mod met the same faith as MERP.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Chazshepherd Jun 14 2014, 5:15pm replied:

George RR Martin is fine with mods like this being created, unlike WB. Look at extremely successful clash of kings mod for warband.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ElfFriend Jun 14 2014, 11:43pm replied:

WB owns HBO so I'd still recommend caution...

+2 votes     reply to comment
Chazshepherd Jun 15 2014, 12:41am replied:

I talked with the creator of the clash of kings mod and he talked to martins company or whatever and they said they don't care about mods using game of thrones

+2 votes     reply to comment
TheRealSPQRLegate Creator
TheRealSPQRLegate Jun 15 2014, 3:36pm replied:

Odd I remember reading that GRRM didn't like fan fiction in any form. Did he change his mind? Perhaps we changed his mind after all modders have done more justice to the series than some official storytellers have.

+2 votes   reply to comment
ElfFriend Jun 16 2014, 4:56pm replied:

Perhaps someone should try contacting him without revealing too much about WiC?

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheRealSPQRLegate Creator
TheRealSPQRLegate Jun 16 2014, 8:43pm replied:

I don't know how that would be accomplished. Perhaps it would be best not to risk it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheChickenLover Jun 17 2014, 3:41pm replied:

Well if we get sued we all hide our IP adresses delete our Email accounts and call (505)842-4205 and ask for the Hoover Max Extract Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, to disappear.

+4 votes     reply to comment
ElfFriend Jun 18 2014, 3:35pm replied:

Well you would just get a C&D like what happened to MERP and then you would be faced with the option of completely stopping production or going underground. Unfortunately going underground isn't easy and it will seriously harm your ability to recruit people. Therefore it's safe to say that a project the scale of MERP or WiC could never be completed in an underground environment within a reasonable amount of time.

That being said I do see the sarcasm in your post and it did make me laugh. However since I know a bit about this (was a fan of MERP during it's death) I thought I'd share what I know.

+2 votes     reply to comment
TheRealSPQRLegate Creator
TheRealSPQRLegate Jun 17 2014, 7:28pm replied:

Lol sounds like a plan to me!

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheChickenLover Jun 11 2014, 11:55pm says:

TheRealSPQRLegate quickly check your profile I sent you a message.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheRealSPQRLegate Creator
TheRealSPQRLegate Jun 13 2014, 4:02pm replied:

Sorry I'm not seeing any new messages. You might have to try sending it again.

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheChickenLover Jun 13 2014, 5:02pm replied:

Hey mate can you just give me a quick summary about what has been done on the mod so that I can see what I can help with, and where do I upload the things I created?
Oh and just one more thing I downloaded Blender for the modeling and texturising, what do you guys use for this?

+1 vote     reply to comment
ElfFriend Jun 13 2014, 6:18pm replied:

Blender is great for modeling (I use it myself) although for texturing you would need something like photoshop or gimp. Preferably photoshop as it is a lot better and you could use with it. (don't ask me about how it works as I only learned about it a few days ago and haven't spent much time with it)

You would then need to export everything correctly. (dds for textures and nif for models) .dds is pretty easy to create with photoshop (and I would guess gimp) but nif will require blender 2.49b (Bethesda WHY!! Also keep in mind that you could create the model in the latest and greatest blender version then export it as an object file or something like that to blender 2.49b) and a nif plugin.

This is a good tutorial for exporting static objects although they don't cover a lot of stuff very well. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I know a fair amount about Skyrim modding and if I myself don't know the answer I can always ask people that have been doing this for years. (Hurray for internet friends!)

You would also need to add collisions which I still don't understand fully and the way they work feels so illogical that I'm beginning to think Bethesda is intentionally trying to sabotage us. It's reasonably easy if you use a preexisting model from Skyrim but when you want to make a custom collision mesh things get a tad tricky. Anyways don't worry about collisions just yet and don't think that I know everything about them either so I may be missing the most obvious and easy way of creating them. That being said I wish Skyrim collisions were just a word in a material's name like with CryEngine. I hope this isn't discouraging :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheChickenLover Jun 14 2014, 1:53am replied:

Thanks for all the help Elffriend,
I will download and use Photoshop for the texturing.
I read on skyrimnexus that you need Blender 2.49b and nifskope to export your creations to Skyrim but the post was created in early 2012 so you never know, maybe there is something that can convert the nif files of Blender 2.7.
If I create lets say Castle Black on Blender import it to Skyrim and create the whole setup in the creation kit with all the characters and stuff, where do I upload it to you guys?

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheRealSPQRLegate Creator
TheRealSPQRLegate Jun 14 2014, 3:49am replied:

I would message Jedjtl as he is the team leader. I just try to organize the writers so I wouldn't know about the other stuff.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Chazshepherd Jun 10 2014, 7:24pm says:

Will this be made by 2015?

+2 votes     reply to comment
TheRealSPQRLegate Creator
TheRealSPQRLegate Jun 10 2014, 8:00pm replied:

We shall see. Once the heightmaps are done, and they almost are, we should see progress increase.

+2 votes   reply to comment
TheYoungWolf Jun 8 2014, 5:16pm says:

Do you guys need any help with modelling/texturing? I' d be happy to help if so. I'd also like to know how organised this project is, And how many people are working on it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheRealSPQRLegate Creator
TheRealSPQRLegate Jun 8 2014, 5:59pm replied:

I would suggest messaging Jedjtl.

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