This is the official Westeros Project revival mod, the original owner gave me and a few others rights to The Westeros Project and I intend to see this mod continued for "What is dead may never die" .

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Mar 8 2014, 1:31pm Anchor

So how can we help you?

Mar 8 2014, 4:55pm Anchor

Well that depends on your modding skill set. We also need writers, voice actors, and perhaps people who can sing or play medieval style music.

Mar 27 2014, 2:15pm Anchor

I voice act, and although I'm not too familiar with the story, I could get to know it. I can also chant (singing voice is decent, so no solo), and I write.

Mar 27 2014, 4:59pm Anchor

I can help write, and I'd absolutely love to see this project completed. I'm a massive fan of both Game of Thrones, and Skyrim. I'm also fairly proficient at game design, and while I'm not experienced with the Creation Kit I am eager to learn.

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Mar 30 2014, 8:11pm Anchor

@Ontarient and Maxios We definitely could use writers! The RealSPQRLegate is trying to organize the story so you should contact him. Keep in mind he has been busy with life so he may not get to you immediately. @Ontarient no problem we won't require to go solo. Would love to have both of you on the team thanks for the interest.

P.S. Legate's profile is here

Mar 31 2014, 5:13pm Anchor

Awesome, I'm really glad to hear that. I just sent Legate a message, and I'm looking forward to his reply.

May 14 2014, 11:18pm Anchor


I'd like to offer my services to help you with this mod as best I can. I'm a professional musician with lots of recording equipment, so I can do both voice acting and original music if you'd have me. I'm a Country musician by trade, but I'm classically trained and can adapt to just about any style, including medieval influenced music. I'm proficient in my voice, different types of guitar playing, bass, drums, mandolin, and a few others that may or may not be appropriate.

Additionally, I've done some mapping and messing around in the creation kit for quite a while. I actually made a height map for Middle Earth after MERP was cancelled, but I figured out that the only way anything would come of that was to make an entire mod myself in secret and then release it before I could be issued a cease and desist.

I'm fairly learned in the lore of ASOIAF as well (just finished ADWD for the 2nd time) so that may be of use too.


May 22 2014, 3:30pm Anchor

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply I was without internet for several days , We would indeed be interested in working with you :) , currently we are finishing up landscape so it may be a little while before you get to do something , however till then if you want to join the team here a link to our group page

Jun 12 2014, 5:21am Anchor

Hey guys.

Providing this mod is not dead, I'm willing to take a break from some of my own projects right now and lend a hand with this one as I am a hug ASoIaF fan. I'm quite experienced with level design and the creation kit. I can't dedicate my life to this, but I can do a little bit here and there. Please get back to me with whatever you would like me to do, and I'll do my best to do it!

Just one question though, I think there is a bug where if your worldspace is very large it starts to bug out. Is this false? or have you found a way around it?

Jun 22 2014, 6:24am Anchor

So I can voice act and write quest lines, as well as run lorechecks (I literally know everything there is available on Westerosi and Essos history, culture, geography, and religion). With each build I'm more than happy to playtest it extensively, bughunt, and make sure everything fits (and if not write a list of opportunities). My main question is where you guys are right now?

Jun 29 2014, 6:30pm Anchor

Apologies for not replying sooner all as I have been working on a sizable update. @Anikma Have no fear this mod isn't dead and we would love to have you on the team. As far as something for you to do I will try to get tasks up for the entire team as there are some that could be worked on while the map is being made. Speaking of the map I have in fact found what I hope a satisfying way around the size issue. If you are worried that we are going to cram all of Westeros into a Skyrim sized area do not as The Lands of Always Winter is by itself larger than Skyrim.

@UnrealDonnie By writing questlines do you mean scripting or story writing? We have a great need for both and you are welcome to do either for the mod. If you are a storyline writer talk to Legate as he is attempting to manage the writers.

Jul 1 2014, 12:53pm Anchor


I don't have designing skills or anything similar but I am happy to help in whatever way possible as this is just a brilliant idea, I'm quite familiar with Westeros lore and I am happy to learn more in order to help. As I say, I'm happy to do anything to help keep this brilliant idea rolling.

Jul 9 2014, 3:55am Anchor

@CJAus It sounds like you need to talk with Legate if you want to help. He is trying to manage the writers and if anyone needs advice on lore its him.

Jul 10 2014, 5:56pm Anchor

Hi all,

I found this a few days ago and it looks amazing, and I can offer you my help if you'll have me. I'm a writer, primarily for plays and TV scripts, though I have not done PC games before. I'm a big fan of the books and the show, and happy to help out in any way I can. As you suggested to others, I have PM'd Legate but thought I should also post here.

Sep 4 2014, 5:26am Anchor

I am a university Environment artist, I would love to be a part of this project, I am competant in the creation kit and can 3D model as well (3ds Max). My modeling skills are not in characters or armor, however I can create environment objects for interiors and exteriors and other objects like weapons. I can then implement them in the in game environment in the creation kit. I can texture these items myself. I'm not amazing by any means and I do have university commitments. However I would love to help during the free time I have.

On a side note I am also a voice actor should you need any help in that area.

Oct 19 2014, 5:33pm Anchor

@vikinggoblin I'll send you a pm.

Apr 21 2015, 4:11pm Anchor

Found this through the old mod webpage but am extremely intrested with it. I do some 3d modelling with blender (I am horrible with characters) and if you will have me I would gladly give you a hand with some of the modelling. As with some people above I am currently a student and the time I would be able to work on this during exam times would be very limited.

EDIT: Sorry are you still recruiting or have I come to late to the party? Sorry I just read the news post. If you aren't. NNNNNOOOOO. Oh well. I will keep my eyes peeled here and wait and see if any of the team responds.

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