This is the official Westeros Project revival mod, the original owner gave me and a few others rights to The Westeros Project and I intend to see this mod continued for "What is dead may never die" .

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Jul 21 2013, 12:28pm Anchor

Hello all ,if you are interested in joining the development for Winter Is Coming please post here .As of right now though we really need someone who is good with height-maps and the creation kit.

Jul 21 2013, 5:04pm Anchor

This mod need all the help possible! Is a masterpiece, is ambitious and is awesome, so please! Whoever has some good skills in modding DESERVE a place in Winter is Coming! :D
Waiting for the best! ;)

Jul 21 2013, 7:06pm Anchor

Kualan showed interest in a Game of Thrones Skyrim mod however with the nexus being DDoS it might be difficult to contact him that way, but he has a moddb account so I'll try PMing him so hopefully he just logs in regularly :D
Also do you happen to have ALL the files that the old team was working on since judging by the pictures they had quite a fair bit done and their character modeling was fantastic. I'm nowhere near that skill level, but I'll do my best to help :)

Jul 21 2013, 8:04pm Anchor

I have all the files and i'll try uploading them soon so people can help test and hopefully be able to help with the map issues.

Jul 22 2013, 6:12am Anchor

I conctacted Kualan one or 2 days ago, but he told me that is not interested unfortunately..

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Jul 22 2013, 10:22am Anchor

Yeah when I contacted him a month ago he said the same thing lol but then he posted on here in June I think saying that he was interested ,I guess he changed his mind again :(.

Jul 22 2013, 6:30pm Anchor

Let's see if the mind will change again :D

Jul 22 2013, 7:16pm Anchor

I tried contacting him and he told me the same thing:( it would be great if we could get him to join us though...

Jul 22 2013, 8:27pm Anchor

If you would like my reasons, they are the following;

- My mod is a hobby that I pick up and work on when I feel like it, often having months where I don't touch it at all (the gap between v3 and v4, for example). Working as part of a team means committing to producing regular content, which I can't promise. So it would be unfair to join a team which relies on regularity.
- I wish to continue working on my own mod, as I believe there is still lots I can do there. Committing to another large-scale similarly-themed mod is a little impractical.
- In all honesty, I'm not entirely confident that it can be done with anything short of a 20-man team working full-time for 12 to 24 months. Look at the recent Falskaar, that took 2000 hours for someone who was able to commit to it full-time because his father supported him financially, and that is just the size of three vanilla Skyrim holds. How many people are both a) Good enough modders and b) Not have to worry about real-life committments like work or school to devote themselves to a project that is several times larger than the entire vanilla Skyrim?
That sounds very downbeat I know, and you probably think I'm a bit of a jerk for bringing it up. But I just want to make sure you're aware of the realities before you potentially end up wasting a lot of your time.
I admire your courage guys, truly, and encourage you to follow your instincts on this. But unfortunately, I just don't have that same gut feeling.
- As alluded to above, I have IRL concerns to be dealing with at the moment as well. I recently finished university, so am now focused solely on starting a career (if only Bethesda were interested, right?)

Jul 22 2013, 9:54pm Anchor

MERP was making amazing progress in the weeks before the C&D, so I am rather confident that Winter Is Coming will only gain more support the more we make. Part of the reason why I think that the first portion that we should release would be beyond the wall is because it is a fairly easy portion to make there isn't really a whole lot that needs to be made for that portion and once that bit is released we could use it to gain supporters; which would be VERY important for completing the next portion which would most likely be the north. by the time we would reach King's landing we would likely have about 40+ people helping with various parts of the mod and a very good following of fans. Also Game of Thrones is only getting more fans with the releases of the seasons. I didn't care about Game of Thrones during the first season and only showed modern interest just before the 3rd season. Finally I watched all three seasons a few weeks ago in about the span of 3-5 days :) Additionally this would work the other way too. People will become Game of Thrones fans once they have played Winter Is Coming. As it looks like right now though there is NO way that a team of about 3 people could make the entire mod, but more will join after the release of beyond the wall so 3 people won't need to make the entire mod :D

Aug 2 2013, 2:35am Anchor

Hey guys. Huge gamer and game of thrones fan here. I'm super interested in what you all got going on. I feel I could add quite a bit of stuff to your table. For one I have read all the books and can keep everything super accurate. I used to code programs in high school so I'm sure I could get used to this modding thing with some effort. I work at home so I could contribute often. Most of all I am totally into taking the open world of skyrim and building the world of westeros with it. And all that jazz. So seriously let me know. I'd love to maybe be apart of this project.

Aug 2 2013, 6:44pm Anchor

Hi XninjediX! :) Jed here is the boss... So He will tell you if your help is well accepter or not! :D

Good luck man! :)

Aug 2 2013, 7:23pm Anchor

if it was up to me I would try to get as many people on board as possible :)

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Aug 3 2013, 3:59pm Anchor

Sorry it took so long to reply I had a very busy weekend . Yes of course XninjediX can join :) also Lux and Elf when i'm not here to approve people you can :)

Aug 4 2013, 3:28pm Anchor

Good to know :D (y)
Welcome onboard ;)

Aug 4 2013, 5:27pm Anchor

Sweet! So um not too sound like too much of a newb but do I just need the nexus tools? Aren't there original files from the westeros project you guys have? Any other info would be much appreciated. And again, thanks.

Aug 4 2013, 11:28pm Anchor

Umm I don't know what you mean by nexus tools but the original mod files which we are experimenting with are up for download on here or skyrim nexus.

Aug 15 2013, 1:11pm Anchor

Hello Guys.

I've just watched all of the GoT series and decided to try to make a mod. And here it is - I found a team already working on it - such a luck.
I've just read all your thread here and the thead about the revival of the mod in theWesterosProject forum. I appreciate the idea to start with the Beyond-the-wall area as it seems to be easier to implement and looks more Skyrimic :)

I am not an experienced modmaker, but i've made a simple map for Team Fortress and got familiar with CK. (just watched about 2 hours of tutorial video)
I write programs on Python and C. Seems my scripting expierence would be useful for making quests.
I could try to recruit experienced moders. I'm sure there are plenty of people that are both modders and fans of GoT.
My friend is a professional musician. I think he could help us if we need original music.

Aug 15 2013, 1:43pm Anchor

We would be glad to have you. Today i'll most likely be making a group on here to make it easier to communicate with all the team members.

Here is the link to the new group
all interested in developing the mod please join the group.

Dec 5 2013, 4:17am Anchor

Is this project still running?

Dec 6 2013, 12:40pm Anchor

It is indeed I have been working vigorously on the heightmap and have had good results so far :)

Dec 10 2013, 3:31am Anchor

Well if it is still running and you need some extra workers, i am often in need of some preocupation and am quite decent with map design, although i am rather new to Creation Kit and have only used it to create custom dungeons and castles, and am looking into heightmapping currently and once i am more proficient will offer you my help, if so required.

Dec 10 2013, 6:53pm Anchor

That would be great we would be honored to have you :) here is a link to our official group page

Mar 5 2014, 12:02pm Anchor

Are you still searching for modders?
I don t have much experience but I would like to help.

Mar 5 2014, 3:13pm Anchor

Yes indeed we are. Do not worry about your experience as we will take what we can get. However, if you want to learn more, if you haven't already I suggest looking at some tutorials on youtube, especially Nightasy's, as they have helped me learn a great deal.

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