This is the official Westeros Project revival mod, the original owner gave me and a few others rights to The Westeros Project and I intend to see this mod continued for "What is dead may never die" .

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(Future Suggestion) War of 5 Kings (Mods : Winter Is Coming - A mod of Ice and Fire : Forum : ideas/suggestions : (Future Suggestion) War of 5 Kings) Post Reply
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Jul 4 2014, 1:39pm Anchor

If this mod takes place during the events of A Song of Ice and Fire, then it would be natural to add (in the near future) the War of 5 Kings. The factions could be the Crown Loyalists (Lannisters and The Iron Throne region) and the 4 Kings in rebellion (Stark, Stannis and Renley Baratheon, Greyjoy) You could choose a side, like in Skyrim.

For the rebels/4 kings. You could work for Renly Baratheon perhaps, as he had the biggest army in the book "A Clash of Kings". Please do give me your thoughts on this, and if anybody has any suggestions, please speak up.

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