Absolutely new story modification for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

In this modification was made a try to combine all of the best elements of every original game of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Here you will find absolutely new plot, pretty large side quests, you will meet the characters which you already saw before in whole trilogy.

Main changes

  • new plot;
  • new locations;
  • some features that were recovered from SoC (stash system, old controller, snork, poltergeist, square minimap, interactive dialog system etc.);
  • thirst of main player (inscriped in the engine);
  • elements of mysticism and horror;
  • reworked system of artifacts;
  • integrated STCoP Weapon Pack 2.9;
  • Atmosfear 3;
  • Abosulte Nature 4.


In fall of 2014 year in the borders of Chernobyl Zone a Strongest Blowout in whole history thundered. After that big disaster the Zone has began to devour all more and more areas of the Earth, threatening the existence of life on the planet. In 2048, a time machine was inveted. And its creater gives birth to plan to save humanity. This plan consists in sending to the past a military specialist who is definitaly able to figure out the main reasons of this massive blowout and eliminate it.

Gaming process

Despite the fact that the main plot begins in the future, there are absolutely no elements of fiction, except for the original world of the Zone (which was founded by developers from GSC Game World). There's no starships, blasters, aliens, wars with space people or something similar. The main action takes place in 2014 and represents the continuation of the original trilogy.
The plot of modification is calm and half-freeplay'able, it does not lead a player on rails. When you complete the basic tasks, new levels open with additional taskts, some of which take players to unique locations.

Optional features

  • fully adopted HD Models Addon (author of original pack is Ninja_Nub[NOR]);
  • fully adopted SWTC (author of original pack is Vincent_Vega);
  • French, German, Italian and Spanish languages pack (big thanks to TKGP!).


Absolute Nature, Atmosfear, Shoker Weapon Mod, Path in the Mist, In Spite of the Death, Valley of the Whistles, Pripyat: Breaking Point, STCoP Weapon Pack, Cubic Mini Mod, Spatial Anomaly, Call of Chernobyl, SWTC, SGM, AMK etc. Big thanks to creaters of these modifications!

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Bugs and Crashes

News 12 comments

Bugs and crashes

Wind of Time 1.3

If you receive an incredible amount of memory crashes, just try to start a game by using this .bat file:


Put it in main folder of modification then run it as adminisrator.


  • Problem: crash when you're being transfered to past to Limansk.
  • How to solve: when you start a new game. after conversation with Yakovlev move to Main menu and click on 'Quit game'. After that again start a new game. If it didn't help you, may be before that you hand't run a game as adminisrator. If you hadn't, please do it :)

  • Problem: crashes with logs "not enough storage", "out of memory".
  • How to solve: this crashes mean that perhaps your system is not very well (but I can make a mistake). Modification requires a lot of your computer's resources. First of all, decrease 'Grass density', transfer 'Sun quality' and 'Sun rays' to minimum. Also you may switch 'Sun shadows', It ought to improve your own FPS. If nothing helps, please put Static lighting and make minimum of 'Textures quality'.

  • Problem: installed language pack but in game everything is in Russian.
  • How to solve: if you didn't download Language pack 1.1, please do it and install, then delete file 'xrussian.db' in folder 'localization'.

  • Problem: crash when you try to change options in Main menu.
  • How to solve: try to change your options until everything will be as it should be. It can happen seldom.

  • Problem: Red Forest bridge to Limansk is not going down.
  • How to solve: perhaps you saved game, when the bridge had been going down. Try to load your last save before you pushed a button of the bridge.

  • Problem: crash with log No available phrase to say, dialog[red_lesnik_meet] or when you start to speak to Forester.
  • How to solve: probably somehow you missed a dialog with Duty member Captain Fursenko on outpost in front of the bridge. If you did. please return to this Duty post and try to talk to this dude! After you may go to speak with Forester.

If you did not find a solution of your problem, please write about your problem here, below the article. I'll try to help you as soon as possible!

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Wind of Time 1.3 Standalone Version

Wind of Time 1.3 Standalone Version

Full Version 62 comments

Download version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Wind of Time 1.3 You don't have to download original Call of Pripyat game. Just download, unpack and play!

Wind of Time Patch 1

Wind of Time Patch 1

Patch 7 comments

Cumulative Patch from 15.06 for modification Wind of Time 1.3 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

Wind of Time 1.3 Multi-Language Patch 1.1

Wind of Time 1.3 Multi-Language Patch 1.1

Other 12 comments

Universal Multi-Language Patch for modification Wind of Time 1.3 Addes English, French, German, Italian or Spanish language. All the translations are...

Wind of Time 1.3 SWTC Addon

Wind of Time 1.3 SWTC Addon

Textures 1 comment

SWTC by Vincent_Vega Adaptation for Wind of Time 1.3.

Wind of Time 1.3 HD Models Addon

Wind of Time 1.3 HD Models Addon

Models Pack 2 comments

HD Models Addon by Ninja_Nub[NOR] Adaptation for Wind of Time 1.3

Comments  (0 - 10 of 751)

Anyone know any other good mod with new story? I have already completed the following mods: Lost Alpha, Secret Trails, OGSE, Wind of Time, Spatial Anomaly, Chernobyl Chronicles, Valley of Whispers and Way to Pripyat. I prefer mod based on Call of pripyat engine but i don't mind mod based on Shadow of Chernobyl engine.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Moddb.com. Here you go mate.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Sigerous Mod, Geonezis, and Misery are some of my favorites. The first two can get glitchy, but if your computer can handle it, they can be very challenging with lots of new content. All three are based on the COP engine.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Has anyone found a way to enter Pripyat yet? I can see on the map that there is a stash in Pripyat but the mod keeps telling me that i can't go there yet whenever i tried to go through Radar to pripyat. If anyone found a way please let me know.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I got so sick of no spawning mutants, bandits, or anything else to randomly take down that I started killing everyone. Ironically, the more you kill (even "good" people) the better your "reputation" score. I have taken out everyone that is not immortal and have a "good" rating.

I found out that the "the contents from the old box" is the last stash you can get off dead people. No more after that. Since it is the only stash without a location, I figure it is in the dungeon area or where the monolith camp is located. I'll post if I find it. Going in for my second dungeon run now.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I gotta say i love this mod.

Great story
Nice world re-designs.
INteresting characters.
Cool weapons and artifacts.
Hours upon hours of gameplay of story and sidequests you can sink into.
And an inhumanly good plot-twist (which broke my heart cause i came up on it all by myself) and wrap up. I have to say, even though the whole time travel thing just turned me off, i am inhumanly happy that it all was a ******-up imaginary memory, of the protagonist who is a clone of a currently deceased stalker.

Because of crashes and frustratingly bad translation (at least half of which is copied from Google translate) i give this piece a 9/10. An experience that is fresh, original and interesting from start to finish.

I hope i will see this team working on a project of their own.

I wish you all the luck in the world.


P.s if you actually want someone to translate the texts, contact me. I am fluent at both russian and english.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

2 new [OLD] informative vids up at THE BAR. Moddb.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

So, the mistake I made on my first run of this mod was going straight to the Radar, then releasing Max's prisoner. The quest glitched and Max's men never showed up, so I killed everyone, the prisoner stood there stupid, then I went into the underground for the final leg of the game. I now realize that Max was referring to a different underground in the Radar. So, there is much more to the map, and a few additional artifacts, that I missed before.

Just a question, Max got killed on the way back from the prisoner rescue on my second time through. Is this going to be a problem for me later?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Max is not among the freedom that took part in the mission. The freedom members must join you for the mission for it to progress.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Not sure what I did, but Max went on the prisoner mission the second time I played through. He actually got killed fighting check points on the way back from the mission.

I finished the whole game the first time without freeing the prisoner (glitched too bad) and without getting the antidote in the locked room. I am just that BAD!

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