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Posted by WilliamMacau on Dec 18th, 2011
Intermediate Management.

One of the biggest problems that most gamers face is the lack of native resolutions support for
LCD / LED / Plasma in many classic games. But this ins not the case with the tech3 engine, the
engine that powers Quake III Arena and many other awesome games.

This is a brief list of them:
Quake III Arena - the game that the engine was developed for
Call of Duty - The first game of the franchise
American McGee's Alice - Based in Alice in Wonderland and named after the developer
Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K² - Based in the Heavy Metal animated movies
Medal of Honor Allied Assault - The very first PC version of Spielberg's game franchise
Open Arena - An Open Source game that aims to be the "Free Quake III"
Return to Castle Wolfenstein - The first remake of the classic Wolfenstein 3D by id Software
Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix - The sequel to the violent and realistic Soldier of Fortune
Star Trek Elite Force I and II - Nice games of the classic series and movies
Star Wars: Jedi knight II - AWESOME Star Wars game made my LucasArts
Star Wars: Jedi Academy - Same as above
Urban Terror - Once was a mod for Quake III, grew up and become a standalone game
and... DOOM³ - Well, maybe not use tech3, but uses tech4 :) wich is a powerful upgraded
version of the Quake III Arena engine

Well. as I said in the beginning, the tech3 engine allows you to use unusual (specifically Widescreen)
resolutions that are native in modern LCD, LED and Plasma Monitors and TVs. But you may be wondering:
"Why are you talking so much of the engine and didn't explain anything???"
Mainly, because it doesn't allow you to set alternative resolutions directly from the setup menus.
(Except OpenArena, that allows you.)

In the time of development of those games, 1999 to 2003 or 2004, the standard in PC monitors was
the 4:3 aspect ratio, wich is the same of the CRT TVs. So, the developers didn't care so much about
the Widescreen, and made games that play mainly at 1024x768 or 1280x1024 and didn't include support
for resolutions such as 1280x720 or 1440x900 and FullHD, wich is 1920x1080 or even 1920x1200.

"So, how do we work this arround???"

Well, they didn't include support on the MENUS but in the ENGINE! , so by using simple scripts we can
make the games recognize our brand new shinin' stylin' 1000000x500000 screens :)

The very first things you need to know are your machine's specs:
The native resolution of your monitor - In my case, 1440x900
The refresh rate of the your monitor, in Hz - In my case, 60Hz is the best, says the manual
The Video Card / Chipset - Does it support high Widescreen resolutions? - In my case, yes
What is it's aspect ratio? In my case, it is 16:10

After collecting this pack of information, now we start writing the script.

The first part is to set the script to match the resolution:
set r_customwidth 1440 - This sets the horizontal resolution
set r_customheight 900 - This sets the vertical resolution
Then we set the engine to run under our planned resolution:
set r_mode -1 - This is it - the -1 tells the games to work under custom sets
And so, we order the engine to reboot and use our settings:
After this, we do some little tweaks to improve view experience:
First, we set the FRAME rate to match our REFRESH rate, to reduce the screen tearing effect:
set com_maxfps 60 - Remember, my 60 HERTZ are equal to 60 FRAMES per second
For second, set the field of view, the FOV, to enlarge your perception
set cg_fov 100 - I set my to 100, but this can be adjusted for you, higher values = wider view
Now we clear the console buffer:
Now we check if everything went fine, with the summary of our settings:
And for finnish, we include some comments with the echo command:

So, after all, you will get this for our example:

set r_customwidth 1440
set r_customheight 900
set r_mode -1
set com_maxfps 60
set cg_fov 100

You do all this with NOTEPAD and then save it with the .cfg extension
Put the lcd.cfg file to your game's base folder, where the .pk3 files are.
Then, run the game, in this case, Quake III Arena - and type at the console:
\exec lcd.cfg

And, will get something like this:

This is before, running at 1024x768, 60Hz but at 85FPS and 4:3 aspect ratio with lots of screen tearing.

And this after, running at 1440x900, 60Hz / FPS, 16:10 aspect ratio with very small tearing, more fluid.

And side by side:


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