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Debug/Cheat/Test mode? (Games : World in Conflict : Mods : WIC: Modern Warfare Mod : Forum : General Mod Discussion : Debug/Cheat/Test mode?) Locked
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Mar 4 2011 Anchor

<- Newbie. I've seen a few developer test videos (Especially concerning the Apache) where the developer seemed to be in control of both friendly and enemy units for the purposes of demonstrating a feature. Is there a debug mode one can use in local play ONLY which would allow one to test all the various factions' and roles' weaponry and shoot things with them that won't shoot back? Also, for the sake of testing (And blowing everything within sight up out of boredom), unlimited access to tactical aid would be awesome.

Again, this is only for local area network games with just one player.

Is there anything similar already in WIC MWM2? Or is it likely such a thing will be implemented? Thanks in advance.


Mar 8 2011 Anchor

You have a good point how can we do this, if so I would like to set up scenarios of seeing how many TBM's 2 PAC-3 units can take on.

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Jun 3 2011 Anchor

YES!! THANK YOU FOR ASKING!!! I also want to see how many TBM's 2 PAC-3 units can take. Hope you can give us an answer soon. Will check later!

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Jun 4 2011 Anchor

Yes, this is done using anhCheats.

anhCheats is already part of the MW Mod, so there is nothing to install on your computer, if you have MW Mod loaded, anhCheats is already enabled.

You do however need to learn how to use in-game console and anhCheats itself. Information about how to do so can be returned using a google search as follows:

Hope this helps.

You have a good point how can we do this, if so I would like to set up scenarios of seeing how many TBM's 2 PAC-3 units can take on.

In Beta 8, which is the version you guys are playing right now, two Patriot batteries should be able to take on about 6 TBMs under *good* conditions. In normal game conditions, I would degrade that to as bad as zero, and as good as 2 to 4.

In upcoming RC 1 version, 1 Patriot battery should be able to process 6 to 8 TBMs by itself before being overwhelmed. 2 batteries should be able to handle 16 of them. Under normal gaming conditions, we're probably looking at 6 to 10 TBMs for RC1 version.

Also lastly, when testing targets vs. SAMs with anhCheats:

- Always make sure that the defender (SAM) units are FRIENDLY side team (not red unit), and the target drones (i.e. TBM, CM, helicopter, etc) to be tested on is RED / ENEMY units.

If you make the SAM red/enemy units and target drones FRIENDLY units, then engagement will not occur. This was an intended behavior when we programmed it, to allow devs to test radar emissions in RC 1 version without constantly losing their test drones.

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Jun 18 2011 Anchor

How exactly do I USE anhcheats? How do I start it with candidate 1? and what are the commands for controlling both enemy and friendly units? Somewhere along the line I got mixed up.

blahdy Data-Linked AA-12
Jun 18 2011 Anchor

You need to first enable conssole (create shortcut of wic.exe to your desktop and add '-console' to end of target line).

Once in game, press ~ key twice to bring up console window.

Now type in the following:
py import anhCheats

Now you can do a few things... Let's create a unit:

py anhCheats.CreateUnit('US_MIM104_Patriot')

The above command will spawn Patriot SAM on location where your mouse pointer is (if your mouse pointer is located out in ocean or some odd place, then game will spawn it on the most feasible terrain available closest to your mouse pointer).

You can also use GUI version of anhCheats at this point by pressing Control-Q keys. It will bring up an anhCheats menu at upper left corner of your screen, which you can use with mouse right click and left click to navigate and select.

Some common unit names are:


Jun 19 2011 Anchor

Import failed :(

Jun 21 2011 Anchor

blahdy wrote: You need to first enable conssole (create shortcut of wic.exe to your desktop and add '-console' to end of target line).


For STEAM its "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\world in conflict\wic.exe" -console

O well smooth sailing from here.

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Jun 22 2011 Anchor

can you please post exact command/place for the ahh cheats import? :(

Aug 23 2011 Anchor

Hi guys.

I successfully installed RC1 mwmod 2.

it works great, but i cannot use ahncheat.

I directly followed your guide, blahdy. I can open the console. But when i type py import ahnCheats it's just failed. console show me a message "py failed"

Please, help me.

Aug 25 2011 Anchor

it's : py import anhCheats the other one is py import anhViewer (you press ctrl+C after that)

Oh yeah made a mistake after entering py import anhViewer you should press ctrl+alt+C (alternate) then a text comes up : D

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