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Since White Night is a total conversion, it seems many people have some issues installing and/or running it. Here's some quick tutorial.

Posted by Tanshaydar on Oct 30th, 2011
Basic Installers.

Hi all;
This tutorial covers the installation of White Night, but since it is a total conversion for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, it also applies every total conversion mod.

First of all, I don't have a Mac, so Mac information is completely theoretical.

What is a Total Conversion?
This wiki article pretty much explains the basics of a total conversion mod in general. Since total conversion mods are NOT custom stories, basic way of installing custom stories won't work. I mean, if you put White Night into your custom_stories folder, it won't show up because the structure is completely different.



Default installation folder of Amnesia is:
- for Steam:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\amnesia the dark descent

- for Retail:

C:\Program Files\Amnesia - The Dark Descent\redist

When you open this folders, you will see your Amnesia.exe; and this is your root folder.
Now, open the file you downloaded, white_night.zip, open the white_night folder inside it; and copy everything you see there to your ROOT FOLDER; where your Amnesia.exe is.

After extraction, your Amnesia folder should look like this:
- for Steam
- for Retail


- Please not that, if your Amnesia installation is installed in a language other than English, you might need to set your main game to English. You can solve this issue by doing these:
"Change startlanguage=YourLanguage to startlanguage=english in main_settings.cfg, just that."
(Cretdits: Maegirom)

- If Steam doesn't work for White_Night.bat; try to exit Steam completely, then double click on White_Night.bat. This will open Steam again and this time White Night will work.

- 'I had the same "Amnesia.exe cause an EXCEPTION_ACCES_VIOLATION in module Amnesia.exe at 0023:004A67A8" error, reinstalled in English language and still wasn't able to run it. Then i deleted the Amnesia folder in C:/users/"your account name"/my documents, the one that have my profile and saves (Of course i made a backup of the folder), and finally got it running. Hope it helps others with this issue."'
(Cretdits: Hitoshura_Mahboi)


There is a Frictional Games Support entry which covers the basic process thoroughly and it explains better than me: Support.frictionalgames.com

This one is a bit tricky. If you installed Amnesia as an application:
- Right click amnesia.app and choose Show Package Contents
or, if you are using Steam (credits to: Zumper):
- Add the files in "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/amnesia the dark descent/"
- Go on Steam, and then Set Launch Options
- Add wn_config/main_init.cfg
- Click on OK, and then start the game and your done!

This will open your root folder. Do the same extraction with Windows. However, keep in mind that .bat files doesn't work on Mac. So here's how you run White Night:

- Open the terminal and then you can type (assuming you installed Amnesia in Applications):

open /Applications/Amnesia.app --args wn_config/main_init.cfg

- You can also use Applescript and create bat like launcher:
Go to Applications/Utilities and start the AppleScript Editor then type:

do shell script "open /Applications/Amnesia.app --args wn_config/main_init.cfg"

and save as... Application and then it is good to go.


Installation is same as Windows, but this time you have to have proper rights for your Amnesia folder. Also, keep in mind that .bat files doesn't work on Linux either.

After installed, open a terminal and navigate it to your Amnesia installation folder, where your Amnesia.bin or Amnesia.bin64 exists, then run the Amnesia with adding wn_config/main_init.cfg to your command line.


You can use Desura to install White Night, or any other total conversion mod for Amnesia, on your Windows or Linux machines. It works perfectly.

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Machadoartist Mar 17 2012, 1:59am says:

I really need help with this. -.-

I own the Steam version of Amnesia, and I've copied all of the files of White Night into my root folder via WinRar. Everything seems to be in order, but when I click on the White_Night batch file to launch the game, Steam briefly pops up before I get the error message

Could not load main init file: wn_config/main_init.crg

This is on a Windows computer, please help.

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar Mar 18 2012, 5:02pm replied:

Are you sure all files in right places? Check the images in the tutorial to validate it. Then check the troubleshooting.
Exit Steam completely and try the .bat file again.
If that doesn't work either, try to add wn_config/main_init.cfg from the start up options in properties.

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Kyadem Mar 24 2012, 9:32pm says:

Hey there,

As mentioned by BloatedMonkey on the last page, he had a problem with the dialogue not triggering at times when it should. I am now having the same problem. I have a Mac, so I can't extract files to certain folders as one can with Windows. I watched the video and did what it instructed after I learned that the dialogue didn't work. It asked to replace folders and I knew that I didn't want to do that.

Just for reference, I had manually installed it before, as I do with most mods. Everything worked except for the dialogue. I'm wondering if you have any work arounds, as all of the files were in the right places. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this mod many times, and it always works, except for the dialogue. Any suggestions, other than 'make sure you did the installation correctly', would be greatly appreciated.


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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar Mar 25 2012, 6:30am replied:

White Night doesn't consist overwriting original game files. It either asks for merging the folders, or adding new ones. There is obviously something wrong with your installation/system, which I have no idea what it might be.

I use Linux and Windows, not Mac. It works perfectly good on both Lin and Win, and since most Mac users managed to get it working perfectly, I don't think a workaround is necessary for the mod, but for the Mac systems. Sorry.

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andste Apr 1 2012, 8:51am says:

this did NOT answer my question. My question is. How do I install hpl Editor if I have Amnesia installed on Desura?

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar Apr 4 2012, 6:48am replied:

Why would you need HPL editor to run White Night?

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yayoinc Apr 12 2012, 12:56am says:

hello. this seems very simple but i cant seem to wrap my head around where to find the "set launch options..." i purchased my version through macgamestore if that matters. I open the launcher and try to go to preferences but i cannot. could use some insight please! thank you so much btw for all the info you have given us so far as well!

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yayoinc Apr 12 2012, 1:03am says:

im using a mac also btw

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yayoinc Apr 12 2012, 6:23pm says:

nvm guess you started explaining about the retail version then start talking about steam which was confusing. anyways thanks for the mod! one last question if u would so kindly respond. im sure you know there are multiple full conversion cs's out there. Well, if one would install more than one full conversion how does the terminal know which one to open? does it list them out and u just pick one? would greatly appreciate a response thank u!

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar Apr 13 2012, 8:26pm replied:

Sorry I didn't see your post before. I guess you managed to install and run it.
To run different Full Conversions, you need to prepare different run scripts because every one of them uses different configuration files.

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yayoinc Apr 13 2012, 10:18pm says:

thank you very much. Sincerely. I know this has been out for awhile and i have just started to get into it. A bit confusing at times but i managed to figure it out. Thanks very much for the reply. Means a lot that you help when someone needs it :)
Thanks again for the mod and good luck!

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Zombiehacker595 Apr 18 2012, 2:22am says:

? when i do this it trys to overwrite like 10 amnesia folders and i sure as **** am not doing that

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar May 2 2012, 11:04am replied:

And I'm sure there is something wrong with your installation as White Night has nothing to overwrite in vanilla game.

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Zombiehacker595 May 7 2012, 3:31am replied:

yea sorry i should have actually read what it said worked fine great mod :)

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foo_jam2002 Jun 15 2012, 9:25am says:

The files of this mod or total conversion anyway replace the files of the original Amnesia, i am not a noob guys, something is wrong here. When i start from the bat file it needs a serial number to proceed!

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar Jun 23 2012, 4:43pm replied:

It doesn't replace anything. I made this total conversion so I should know, right?
Just copy installkey to your White_night folder under Documents/Amnesia

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foo_jam2002 Aug 20 2012, 2:56pm replied:

I made it work, thanks. I was wrong about replacing files, it's merging actually.

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subjectempire Jun 26 2012, 2:07pm says:

Hello! I have a quick question for the group. I'm using a 2011 mac with Lion installed and I have the most recent version of Amnesia installed on Steam. I've checked and I have all of the files installed for White Night in the correct folder for Amnesia, and I've placed the correct launch code in the proper place in Steam -- however, the mod will not launch. Amnesia always launches instead. I've had the same trouble with other full conversion mods and I can't figure out where I'm going wrong. Anyone have any ideas or had the same issue?

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Samsam424 Jun 27 2012, 1:09am says:

Alright. My friend has a pirated version of Amnesia. I played it on his computer and liked it so I bought it on Steam. I saw this mod and showed him. We both want it but his copy is pirated. It works on my copy just fine and we tried a couple of things to get his working but we are really noobs. He has the Justine update, So IDK why this dosen't work on his. Is there a way to get this to work a pirated version? I would really like to play with him at the same time but he is broke. I don't want to hear the crap that "pirates are bad and I'm reporting you" I know that. That's why I bought my copy. Can it work on a pirated copy or not? If so, then how? Thanks for anyone who is not a douche, I would really appreciate it.

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar Jul 4 2012, 6:51am replied:

It won't work on a pirated version, thanks.

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Imperor Jul 24 2012, 6:01pm says:

Still no idea how it works, can somebody make a a vid on a mac and doing this? Please? And I don't have Steam, I just downloaded it. Hope I can play Amnesia Hill soon! ^^

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Drenful Jul 28 2012, 3:23pm says:

I'm confused, after putting the files in the correct place I've tried typing in the Applescript editor as you've explained to but it doesn't fix anything. The custom story won't appear in the game and the .bat file still won't run. This is on a Mac computer, so please help.

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MeVShock Aug 3 2012, 12:21am says:

Is there a way to make the mod show in my Steam library? It seems that it won't take any .bat files, only .exe ones.

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MetsMania15 Aug 28 2012, 8:29pm says:

could someone upload a video tutorial of how to do this on a mac because i'm extremely confused with the text. i have the app store version.

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reptar0806 Sep 27 2012, 4:25pm says:

wait...what if you're not using steam on a mac, you only explained how to launch it if you're using steam and not a regular app. The frictional games link didn't help at all cus I didn't use the App store, I downloaded it from Frictional's site.

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darkshadow334 Oct 1 2012, 2:20am says:

fatal errorFATAL ERROR: Could not load world file 'maps/white_night/00_intro.map' i made a session in the mod.when i loaded the mod it was fancy and asked me to make a patient i do have the most up to date justine and the default one i have its steam mac so when i try to start it i get that error i took everything that i could from the white night folder and put it in the amniesa the dark decent one but the ones i didn't take when i tried to move them in the amniea one it gave me a option to don't replace stop replace and the files that are still in white night are textures static_objects particles maps main_menu light lang fonts entitles billboards and i noticed in the maps folder there is a intro map folder like it says in the error how do i fix this?

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ColdHuntress Oct 13 2012, 9:52am says:

i need overwrith some foulds of the game no? yes but later how i come back to the normal game?

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ColdHuntress Oct 13 2012, 9:56am says:

And pls get a traduction to this mod for portuguese, english and Russian

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Guest Dec 23 2012, 11:05am says:

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squeedilyplays Jan 3 2013, 4:29pm says:

My friend gave me a torrented copy of Amnesia a last year and I've been playing custom stories fine but I wasn't sure if I'm able to play full conversion mods, if so how exactly do I go about this? Also, I'm using a Macintosh. Current OSX is Lion.

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Guest Feb 26 2013, 12:30pm says:

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Guest Apr 13 2013, 2:22pm says:

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Guest Apr 29 2013, 10:07am says:

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shutdp May 29 2013, 2:43pm says:

This tutorial doesn't help me.. I hate full conversion mods because I can't uninstall them without uninstalling the game, and Amnesia isn't installed on my PC, it's just a copy of the folder from another computer and it works fine (I also got Justine), so I copied the amnesia folder in another directory, copied the mod into it, deleted the savegames folder (back up of course) but I still get that ******* crash "EXCEPTION_ACCES_VIOLATION in module Amnesia.exe at 0023:004A67A8"
That's why I hate full conversions, they always give troubles to me..

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar Jun 11 2013, 1:55pm replied:

You need to change your main game to English. Also, White Night doesn't mess with original game files. You only need to delete 4 folders shown in the picture.

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shutdp Jun 11 2013, 5:48pm replied:

I did that, but it doesn't work D:

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kayelou Jun 2 2013, 10:32pm says:

Please help
Does White Night need justine patch
Please help it wont work for me when i double click the bat file it opens a black window and after a second it closes really quick help please i really want to play this awesome mod.. Thx

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar Jun 11 2013, 1:55pm replied:

Yes, you need an original game and Justine patch.

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TheLoneBadWolf Jun 16 2013, 6:37pm says:

A bit of help is needed..
1. Where is the Justine patch suppose to be downloaded? In the custom_stories folder or in the root folder?
2. When Justine is download, is there suppose to be a small button? I have seen things about it, but mine is not showing..
3. I have followed all of your tutorial steps, but when I launch the game it is just the regular game. Help?

I bought the game on Amazon.com - my computer is not that old (Dell Inspiron 15z) - Language for game is English - system is Windows 8

I would prefer not to download Steam or Desura.

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megatom44 Jul 3 2013, 5:01am says:

is this will replace the original game?
(sorry noob)

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ianstl Jul 4 2013, 12:54am says:

Hey guys, I have the Steam version of Amnesia and downloaded White Night through Desura on my last laptop and played it fine. On my new one however, I can play Amnesia, but when I downloaded the mod through Desura it didn't work. I got the init file error thing. I tried adding the line to the launch settings (which didn't help) and I tried a manual install to the Amnesia Steam directory folder, and that doesn't work either. I get application launch error 5:0000065434. Should I try completely reinstalling Amnesia through Steam? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Guest Sep 15 2013, 12:04pm says:

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cannonball12 Dec 4 2013, 4:20pm says:

cannonball12 ,i downloaded dark descent from desura but game will not launch,can anyone help

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Guest Feb 7 2014, 4:20pm says:

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Guest Jun 9 2014, 12:37pm says:

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Guest Jun 9 2014, 1:22pm says:

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Guest Jun 22 2014, 6:52pm says:

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Guest Sep 9 2014, 4:06pm says:

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Guest Nov 28 2014, 6:46pm says:

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RogueGames Dec 28 2014, 12:25pm says:

Can anyone help me, I have installed everything correctly I assure you but when I click the .BAT File to Launch the Mod It just opens the CMD thing for a Split scond and then exits it and Nothing Happens! I am running Windows 8 if that makes a difference

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