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Tanshaydar Manifestation of Delusions
May 15 2011 Anchor

Ask anything under this topic and I'll update this post to create a desired F.A.Q. list.

1. When will White Night be released?
I hope you will tolerate that my statement would be 'When it's done' cliché. I'm hoping to release the mod before Q4 2011. Nevertheless, polishing levels and adding details while perfecting story telling is quite hard and release date might be delayed.

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May 15 2011 Anchor

When will you release the mod? I'm very impatient. I'm afraid it will be TBD like duke nukem forever. I can not wait 14 years more ok?

I was joking. I'm his tester. He work on this mod hard. Mod is scary and cool though.

Oct 25 2011 Anchor

Can you help me? Whenever I try to start white night, the normal Amnesia The Dark Descent opens.
I hope, that this is a known problem so you can help me.

Tanshaydar Manifestation of Delusions
Oct 25 2011 Anchor

Please provide me some information, like which OS you use, how did you install, etc...
First, make sure that White_Night.bat and Amnesia.exe are in same place when you installed White Night. When you double click on .bat file, normal Launcher will run, and when you run launch, White Night will run.

Jun 6 2013 Anchor

Please help me! Whenever I try to start white night, the normal Amnesia The Dark Descent opens. I followed the tutorial, and i run everything high got a gaming laptop!

Tanshaydar Manifestation of Delusions
Jun 8 2013 Anchor

Use Desura to install White Night. Install Desura, search for installed games, you'll have Amnesia there.

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