My name is Daniel Clarke, Private Eye. I came to New Orleans to find Nathan LaLaurie, a surgeon friend of mine, after receiving an unsettling letter from his butler, Crone. I first went to 1140 Royal Street, his house...

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A good start, although heavy laden with jump scares and a the story had no time to really cultivate. At the moment it seems like it wants to be the likes of Cthulhu without any of the work needed to make it something like that. At best it can seem like a amatuerish homage, with alot of the standard horror we've seen a million times from Amnesia. If mods like these want to survive they have to start being unpredictable, custom content, and focus more on storyline. The level design is alright in that it hints at a larger level when you enter the library but shows little. The house in the beginning is one excuse to backtrack around the place.


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