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6 comments by IreneHawnetyne on Feb 17th, 2015

It's been a while since I last posted news, but now that I have some it seems only appropriate to say so. Indeed, both the Black Numenoreans' and the good factions' buildings are finished, bar animations and putting in game. You can see a demo of them below:


I have also recently rewritten and remastered the previous "Westernesse" theme, which can be found here.

However, at this point, I have a problem. What do you guys think the good and faithful Numenorean faction should be called? At the moment my choices are either Dunedain or Elendili, so I'd love to hear what your preferences and/or own suggestions are for a name.

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SterlingArcher12 Jul 11 2015, 3:49pm says:

Sorry, haven't been here for a bit (Vacationing in a place with **** WiFi) but damn this mod is looking better by the second! I have extremely high hopes for this mod, but I feel like I have to ask a few questions, if that's okay.(BTW I haven't read any lore, at all, so please if you think my questions are stupid and will lead to a lengthy answer, you don't have to answer them.) First of when does Westernesse occur? (What age) and what really is occuring?(I've gathered that there is a civil war between two Numenorean factions, but that's about it.) Well, those are my questions, please don't be mad if you already told everyone somewhere, just send me a link, and If my questions are stupid, feel free to ignore them.

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IreneHawnetyne Creator
IreneHawnetyne Jul 11 2015, 4:39pm replied:

Not stupid questions at all, I appreciate them! Westernesse is set in the Second Age, in the last years of the dwindling Age of Númenor, and depicts the culmination of ideological frictions between the Elendili, who worship the Valar, and the Adûnaim, or Black Númenóreans, who are in the process of rebelling against the 'Gift' of Mortality. With the arrival of Sauron in Númenor, this friction escalates, and ensnares Ar-Pharazôn, the King whose sympathies lie with the Adûnaim, and blood is spilt on both sides, ending up in the Elendili fleeing to Middle-earth and Ar-Pharazôn's beginning of the Great Armament, a fleet intended to conquer Valinor. There is more detail in the lore, and Westernesse explores the human situation and dilemmas involved, and the distrust from man to man, and the fear and violence that springs from civil war.

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LargeExodia Jul 22 2015, 5:40am replied:

Personally I gotta side with the Black Númenóreans in the war

If the Elendili love their 'gift' of mortality so much I say they should get it delivered to them through the sharp end of a spear

But I always tend to root for the villains so Meh xD

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IreneHawnetyne Creator
IreneHawnetyne Jul 24 2015, 4:10am replied:

I like you ;)

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SterlingArcher12 Jul 12 2015, 1:36pm replied:

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know! Good luck on this amazing mod!

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bubaj Jul 11 2015, 11:43am says:

Just curious, when will a beta/alpha form of your mod be released?

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IreneHawnetyne Creator
IreneHawnetyne Jul 11 2015, 4:27pm replied:

Well... not yet. I have no idea, but unfortunately, not anytime soon I fear. The first release will have everything functional in it, I don't want to half-*** it, but with that in mind it will probably take a little time.

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Thrandy Jul 12 2015, 5:40am replied:

Read this in Entish-Style:
"A mod tAkes a looooong time to make.."

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ThaneWulfgharn Jul 10 2015, 7:08am says:

I think you should work a little on the factions.

For example, Dûrchîn - has both Orc and Goblin warriors at Level 1, Uruks with Pikes and Crossbows at level 2, and Goblin Scavengers & Berserkers at Level 3.

How I see it:
-You musn't have 2 troops of similiar function in lv1 (even if goblins change from sword to bow)
-Goblins should be weaker than Orcs and Orcs weaker than Uruks. So Goblin Warriors would be trainable at Level 1.
-Orcs and Half Orcs could be level 2. My choice for Orcs would be Pikemen and Bowmen. Half Orcs, could be melee(sword/axe)
-Uruks musn't be Pike/Crossbow mixed, because they were Saruman's Uruks. Mordor Uruks are like Shagrat, so they would be Heavy Swordsmen. Much like

I'm a little surprised that for the Adunaim factions you use invented creatures like Ahyaröa or the Wretched, or the two types of Wight&Greater; Wight. Or that the Numenorean Swordsmen/Lancers are almost like those of the Elendili. It could be made the most interesting of all factions. I'd suggest to make the Pit more lore-friendly - replacing the invented with lore friendly creatures - Werewolves and Vampires.

Anyway this is how I see it. If you are interested in re-concepting the factions tell me. I do have some ideas. In the period you are setting the mod, many great things could be done especially with your modding skills.

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Guest Jul 10 2015, 10:12am replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Thrandy Jul 10 2015, 9:52am replied:

Well Elendili And Andunaim aren't of much difference.Except in Armor and Weaponry,maybe.The Faithful were hiding,while the BLACK ones(damn this sounds racist)had everything from food to best armor and weapons.But later when Elendili came to Middle-Earth they had Armor as Black Numenoreans,only it wasn't EVIL looking

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ThaneWulfgharn Jul 10 2015, 10:53am replied:

@Guest - the whole Elven faction needs a remake. Come on - Lorien and Greenwood troops? Where are the Noldor? Or the Galadhrim? Annûndili needs a complete re-conception. For me, the heroes should go as: Elrond, Cirdan, Oropher, Gil-Galad, Gwaihir and Galadriel.

Why? Simple:
Elrond was at the Battle of the Last Alliance, together with Gil-Galad.
Gil-Galad, Cirdan and Galadriel held the Three Rings of Elves.
Oropher was King of the Silvan Elves during most of the Second Age and died at the Battle of Dargolad(at the end of the 2nd age).
Gwaihir - because Elves need an ally powerful enough to fight Dragons, Wyrms etc.

King-Thranduil, of course they were different in Armor and Weaponry, but also in combat. Black Numenoreans were worshippers of darkness, thus helped by all sorts of Sauron's beasts and aberrations.

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Ekiron Jul 10 2015, 11:04am replied:

Bro, how you see it is your perception. The author of the mod has a right to make what he or she thinks best. As for you, first you stick to cannon. I, for one would love to see these Ahyaröa. Then you push your own preferences.

I quote "Mordor Uruks are like Shagrat, so they would be Heavy Swordsmen". So pikes and crossbows were not invented in the Second Age? You can't just barge in and demand YOUR vision from someone. Its rude!

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The_Whaler Jul 10 2015, 12:21pm replied:

Also, werewolves and vampires have been
done before in other BFME mods... and they're also very mainstream mythological. Even though I like these monsters, I would rather see something that's invented but unique than yet another take on monsters we've seen a milion times on different mediums..

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IreneHawnetyne Creator
IreneHawnetyne Jul 10 2015, 12:09pm replied:

I appreciate all the inputs you've made here, and I'll try to answer them.
ThaneWulfgharn, the idea behind putting both Goblins and Orcs into the first level is to give players a choice between an extremely large swarm of weaker units and a smaller group of stronger, yet not quite elite units. Hence you can during the early phases of battle use Orcs as a main body of your army, and the Goblins as a general blockade or a method of swarming the enemy camps and preventing easy movement.
Then, as you say, you've got the even stronger units, the Uruks, however the Uruks are not solely the creation of Saruman, and in fact the general usage of the term Uruk-Hai refers to larger orcs, not specifically to those assaulting Helm's Deep. Thus there is no need to confine them and say they cannot be equipped with both melee and ranged weapons.
Furthermore, I have said early on in this mod, and continue to hold it as part of the fundamentals of Westernesse, that my main focus is not to be constrained by the lore, but rather create a mod with the primary intent of enjoyment and interest in play. This isn't a decision borne out of lack of knowledge of the lore, but just that there are too many mods out there who find themselves bending over backwards and sacrificing their creativity for the sake of keeping to the lore absolutely. Thus, if you do have any qualms about the fact that Westernesse isn't entirely accurate, then I'm afraid perhaps it isn't the mod for you. Hence the Wretches and Ahyaröa are staying, sorry about that.
On the other hand, the fact that in their early unit classes the Númenórean factions bear strong similarities is deliberate, owing to the fact that, although they are on different sides in the war, in their most basic form they are actually not dissimilar, and that it is more a war of different ideologies rather than different peoples.
The Elven Heroes were chosen based on their involvement in the Siege of Barad-Dur, which is the only point at which they appear in the Westernesse campaign, hence Galadriel and Cirdan are not terribly relevant. Oropher I considered for a long time, but then ended up deciding against it because he died before the actual siege. There would always be a limit of three Heroes per faction, partly because Westernesse deals on rather a smaller scale than the previous BFMEs, with overall smaller horde sizes and such, but also because there is a LOT of work to do in making a mod of this size, and another Hero per faction is another thing to add to the list of things not yet done. Perhaps when the rest is done, however, I will consider adding more heroes.
To answer the guest above, too, I would not consider Sauron as a one-man army, but as a strong component of it, as all heroes are. He is not terribly changed from what we see in the previous games, except for the addition of 'Black Tongue', and is supported by the two chief Nazgul, Khamul and Úlistar, the Witch-king (remind me to change that name, someone made a great suggestion a while ago I just remembered about).
I hope some of this reply answers your queries, but for where you have further questions, feel free to ask :)

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Thrandy Jul 11 2015, 7:35am replied:

I can't read that much

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