Welcome To...

Story Postal Dude Is back in a new adventure ok here's the way the story goes:
12:42 your alarm clock goes off "BEEP BEEP" Postal Dude
"what the fuck...DAMN i'm late for work!"
postal Dude Gets Up And Get's Dressed As He Opens His Front Door the sun shines in his face
Postal Dude
"whaaaaa...the fucking sun is one bright motherfucker"
On the way to work you get lost and end up in a city called Martment
Postal Dude
"Why the Fu...
"Hello stanger welcome to Martment City... may i intersted you in...
Postal Dude
"Whaoooooo hold up buddy who are you and where i'm... I HAVE TO GO TO WORK!"
"I'm Eric Marshal i'm a collage student at Past Times collage"
Postal Dude
"Ok Marshal but how do i get home?"
"Well where do you live"
Postal Dude
"Paradise Town"
"Never Heard of it"
"Well If you don't know the way home i suppose you stay here till You Figure out the way home"
Postal Dude
"Ok then"
"Good Now Here's A map i'll mark where you can stay for a while"

Gameplay Welcome To ... is a mod where the idea is that you have to stay in this city for a while and work for people like doing errands And Other Things

Character In Welcome To... play as The Postal Dude is a tall thin man with a goatee, sunglasses, a blue alien t-shirt and a big black leather coat. The Postal Dude also wears a Happy Smiley pin on his right lapel and a cross pin on his left one

Weapons(so far)
Shovel: The shovel is used as a melee weapon which can hit peoples heads off with the primary fire and the secondary stabs them with the shovel.

Shotgun: This gun can kill a bystander with a single shot in close range combat and can make peoples heads explode by shooting them in the head. But it`s useless at range.

Pistol: The gun is quite similar to the Desert Eagle and can kill a normal bystander with 2 shots but it`s weaker than in real life.

Gas Can: Pours flammable gas out and you can ignite it into a blaze by throwing in a match with the secondary fire. Gas will flow down so you can flood a large area from above and then ignite.

Molotov Cocktail: When thrown with the primary fire it shatters and makes a flame catching anyone in the area near the molotov on fire. The secondary fire leaves it on the ground for several seconds then it explodes.

Machine Gun: A gun that looks like a M16A1. It`s a good weapon at close and medium ranges but useless at long range.

Grenades: Just your normal grenades you pull the pin and throw then it explodes. The secondary fire turns it into a proximety mine which can be kicked around 3 times before it explodes.

Hunting Rifle: A very useful weapon a single shot to the head is an instant kill and has a scope which is activated by pressing the secondary fire to zoom in and out.

(Note: If i can find a modeler there might be diffrent weapons)

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This mod is canceled.

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