The WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND mod brings hardship back into the fallout world and rebalances many game systems to make for a more complex game, with more complex interaction between skills and abilities and with better overall balance. It aims to give the player more and harder choices to make in the game, and provide a more atmospheric, harsher fallout world. It makes no change for the sake of change, and and is a complete package in that each change plays off and contributes to another to create an overall more interesting balance to the game, and a different kind of gameplay that requires you to scrounge and sell whatever you can, eat food to survive, and think much more about which perks and skills you take. Read More...

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Modcast S02 E02

7 years ago Feature 21 comments

This last week has been busy with quite the list of mods to go over. So have a listen and see if anything takes your fancy!



So that's it for this week modders, but don't fear we will be back next week with more mods and goss for you all to enjoy! Don't forget to send your modding/gaming questions to and we will answer the questions on the show!

Welcome To The Wasteland

Welcome To The Wasteland

7 years ago Full Version 4 comments

The WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND mod brings hardship back into the fallout world and rebalances many game systems to make for a more complex game, with more...

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TiggerRN Dec 31 2008 says:

This mod is awesome - sure weaps need a lil tweak but overall absolutly brill well done dude!

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ebol4 Dec 23 2008 says:

The downgraded weapons shouldn't happen. I mean, the Chinese Assault Rifle for instance. If I shot you in the head at point blank, you would die, right? Not in Fallout, not even dogs die from getting a bullet through the head. If anything, you should RAISE the effectiveness of the weapons, that would make cover more useful (unlike in the old games however), and it would make the player take damage more easily, but the enemies also die a bit faster. I mean seriously, shooting a dog in the head at point-blank doesnt kill it? What BS is that?
And a Raider standing on a Frag Grenade only cripples his legs?
If you do anything to the weapons, up the damage.

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Ziorich Dec 17 2008 says:

You know what you should do? Increase the number of ants in Grayditch...
Because you don't see about 15 to 20 wividly scattered around a town situated above a Ant-nest now do you? No, you see them everywhere, literally, Grayditch should be swarmed by Ants!

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Colonel_Juice Dec 11 2008 says:

This is definitely a good start before the G.E.C.K. comes out and major fallout 3 modding becomes practical. I love realism mods, especially for this game since it is supposed to carry on the fallout name. You still have to set the game to at least hard to feel the full effects, but you can finally feel some of the original Fallout games now. You're no longer king of the wasteland thanks to this mod!

The ridiculous amount of treasure and ammo you could have even halfway into the game is finally eliminated. Powerful healing chemicals and ammunition should be scarce two hundred years after a nuclear war, given that cities and industry have been replaced by small settlements manufacturing what they can and mostly using it for themselves.

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jaumzors Dec 9 2008 says:

Just useless stuff. If you want to play hardcore stuff put it in expert and have fun otherwise it's completely useless and senseless.

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tartarus128 Dec 8 2008 says:

Interestingly enough there are no other improvements in this mod other than making it harder for people to explore the wasteland. If, the mod maker is so interested in making this mod more realistic he would have adjusted the travesty that is powered armor. Powered Armor should be able to have a 85% or above radiation resistance with no penalties to your stats save for the movement penalty. In fact, there should be an increase in perception when using power armor because of the advanced ocular devices built into the helmet. Furthermore, power armor should allow you to carry more equipment, weapons, food, ect. Finally there should be energy resistance associated with the Tesla variant of the power armor. Anyways I can go on indefinitely about how some of the weapons and armor would not degrade like they do in real life (Assault rifle does not jam and break magically after 400 or so rounds especially the Chinese one which is based on a AK-74U design, it screams innacuracy). So, unless you incorporated those things that I have just mentioned, your mod may actually make the game more frustrating, annoying(downgraded weapons bs) , boring and downright unplayable for non-hardcore Fallout fans.

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gohanhd Nov 30 2008 says:

I would love this mod, (if I had the PC fallout 3 ><) I thought it was kinda to easy. Played it on hard and beat it in 4 days or so...(but then again I rushed it was a rental)

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SilentLamb Nov 28 2008 says:

I absolutely agree with this mod, anyone complaining about Fallout 3 being too hard already really needs to take a look at how their playing the game. I'm currently playing on Hard and have 25,000 caps, over 300 Stimpaks, and the best weapons and armor in the game. I don't even bother using the best weapons because a hunting rifle can do most of the work, even against Enclave soldiers.

This mod is a step in the right direction, and a huge inspiration to me. Thank you Lightzy.

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Dr.Afanickton Nov 25 2008 says:

i think you ladies are playing this on easy, because this game is hard on hard, deathclaws rape, mirelurks rape. raiders rape you in a few shots, mutants RAPE. don't see a point in making it harder....

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CrabPeople Nov 27 2008 replied:

Same goes in my mind. Is just an useless mod.

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