URWLENB FO3 is a weather and lighting color overhaul mod for Fallout 3 and makes the Fallout world beautiful and lighting and colors realistic. It removes the green tint and changes all the colors and lighting, also included is a file that changes interior lighting thouroughly. It adds all new high quality cloudlayers, every single weather has unique clouds and colorscheme. ENB config is included that adds SSAO, Shadows, Bloom, Lumasharpening, Dynamic Depth of Field, sunsprite , lensflare and more. It comes with a FOMM installer in which you can choose some optional files to enhance the look of your game when using ENB. The mod has a scripted menu and a weather quick force menu especially for ENB configurators to make configuring ENB easy and for making nice screenshots ofcourse. You can also construct your own weather climate with this mod cause you can enable/disable every individual weather in the mod. Be sure to read the readme included in the download for additional information.

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New version, mod is nearing completion now. Added support for all DLC's. Added 4 special moods, can be enabled/disabled in the weather cycle from the menu, can also be forced from the hotkey menu, see readme for instructions and changelog.

Weather for ENB - URWLENB FO3 v2.0

YES!!! Finally. Thank you for all the work you put into this. You don't get enough comments of appreciation but the work you've done here is phenomenal my gaming experience wouldn't be the same without this. I look forward to your final release.

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Amazing work ! thank you

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I have a problem with this mod. I've installed it using FOMM and following the instructions in the readme file and unpacked all the ENB files to the F3 directory. Everything went smooth, the game starts and doesn't crash, i have the weather option avalaible in Pipboy, but the sky is black. I can see the clouds, but it looks like there's no sky texture at all. It's the only mod I use, so this can't be conflict with any other.

I have to admit, I'm newbie when it comes to F3 mods, so it might be some error I'm doing during installation od configuration. Any help will be appreciated :)

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Marcurios Author

i think something went wrong with installing the ENB, make sure that the ENB files arent in a directory but loose files in your Fallout install dir.

Also make sure that your regular gamesettings have the textures option set at Large.

It feels like you do not have the configuration files of the ENB at the right place, but i'm guessing here cause i never seen black skies.

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There is one kind of weather that looks realy bad in my setting with enb.
I am using a setting i love called midthrastic.
(link:w w w .nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/18107/?)
But i use the enb version of: Enbdev.com the f3+nv one.
And i threw the graphical info files from midthrastic over on the other ones.
When tuned right i think it looks amazing.

I would like to see pictures of all the settings and their names because i don't know which one to turn of now if that's possible.

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Marcurios Author

you should post a screenshot of that particulair weather.
then i can tell you which one you should disable.
i'm definitely not going to post screenshots of each weather, just send me a pm with a screenshotlink.

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Hey just wondering If I could get your settings for enb 249? please. Great mods by the way. The customizations are amazing.

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