While the German Army of World War II certainly had its share of soldiers who were only following orders, it also had a good chunk of men who bought into every last one of the beliefs of Hitler's Germany. This chunk got sent straight to Hell and preserved for at least two hundred years, until Hell attempted an invasion and sent the Third Reich back to Earth to lead the charge, since nobody understands human combat tactics quite like humans. And so you, the intrepid adventurer Some Guy with a Magnum, are tasked with fighting them off. Joy!

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Customized WW2 enemies and weapons like this make a Doom WAD enjoyable.

I think the actual holocaust would have been more enjoyable than playing this game. Really, it doesn't age well. That's simply a given. While it was a huge advancement for it's time, for anyone not simply playing for the nostalgia, it just doesn't have enough to offer that would make me play it over something new.

It's Doom but with Nazis. I don't know if I even need to elaborate on this. Do I? I guess I will a little.

-Cool guns
-Flying wizard Hitler

Really good addon, Best nazi mod out there.

great mod

The Weapons aren't strong enough, compared to doom2 standard weaponry.

Nazis. Guns. Doom 2. absolutly nonsensical german translation. LET'S DO THIS.


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