Hello AoE fans! The War of The Triple Alliance is a free fan modification for Age of Empires III. The team is well on its way to finishing the fourth and final installment of the mod, “Wars of Liberty.” In WoL, all of the old civilizations will be updated, along with 24 new civilizations. The team has worked hard to ensure that each civilization has its own unique gameplay that will turn Age of Empires III into a great new RTS experience. There are also 5 new cultures, each of which brings its own unit set, unique age up, and more. Choose a Religion and gain access to new units, technologies, and the ability to gather and spend our unique faith resource. Spy on your enemies and destroy them without building a single military unit with the redone Espionage system. Break lategame stalemates with the powerful Great War Age. And enjoy it all with more than 50 new Random Maps, new Natives for Latin America and Africa, new music, and much, much more.

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Installing Wars of Liberty on Mac, Linux, and other non windows operating systems

Installing Wars of Liberty on Mac, Linux, and other non windows operating systems

Installers Tutorial 3 comments

Anyone who does not have windows, use this guide with wineskin to install wars of liberty. Work done was accomplished by UnstoppableStreletsy. Pm me with...

How to install Wars of Liberty

How to install Wars of Liberty

Installers Tutorial 6 comments

Having Trouble installing The new 1.01 wol patch or want to keep playing the vanilla game. Here is a tutorial to help you (This is for Steam version of...

Manual installation for Mac

Manual installation for Mac

Installers Tutorial 10 comments

The current installation method for mac users and the pros and cons currently.

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