Ok everyone, this is a squad based RTS (Real Time Strategy). I take credit for none of the Models, I thank Hive Workshop.
As for this being squad based, it is based alot on table top, but it is not perfectly to it. And for good reason as well. I will only have a two races unless someone can help make models and weapon particles (I can probably find some on Hive Workshop). If someone can help with models and what not, then I would like more Guardsmen, Marines, and All of the Other Races.

What This Includes:
- Squad Based Combat
- Two Races: Imperial Guard, and Space Marines
- Music from Imcompete Tech, and soon to have Own custom music.

Note: This is Pretty much Beta Testing (I went through Minor Alpha Testing on it)

I am looking for model makers who can make me more 40k based models.
And I am also looking for some people who can help make Unit icons, and possibly music.
I can have multiple people fill these roles, so just PM me.

Enjoy this Beta!

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