This mod breaks away from traditional WH40K & immerses you towards an alternative universe with total madness! What do you expect when you combine WW2, the soon to be released block buster movie "Pacific Rim" (Uber Titans & giant monsters), wave upon waves & endless waves of battle hardened troops? Do not attempt to adjust this universe. You will experience awe & the mighty! You will know to fear that which stands before you. You will witness Warhammer 40K: Rise of the 7th Riech!

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Warhammer 40K: SS Rise of the 7th Riech!
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reds are coming!!

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Deuce_Savage Author

Holy Mother of Russia - I vont to clob sombody for a bottle of Vodka!

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"There is an alternate universe with alternate consequences!" Historic quote by Cmdr. D. Savage - Jungle Ghost Fighters Chapter

The Imperium of Man with all its countless enemies are engaged in a relentless fight to survive and dominate the known universe. There were many countless battles without names. This is a story of one of them...A Warhammer 40K Classic!

With the destruction of the Chaos Super Base on the gigantic planet of Therlyssia, remedy of one problem led to creating another! In destroying the Super Warp Storm near a massive black hole that shielded the planet from the Imperium of Man until its discovery, the cataclysmic explosion triggered yet another unimaginable explosion from the black hole! This screamed of shock waves that rippled through out the entire universe itself! The very fabric of time was effected in that quadrant & unstable for nearly 1000 years! As the dust & clouds faded, a new tear in the fabric of time & space revealed itself without an audience from man nor beast. Near Therlyssia, there were no cosmic static nor firery energies of vile pulsating temperment. It was all but quite...A new pathway to an alternate universe was born!

Suddenly without warning, wave upon waves of ships emerged from the massive hole in organized fashion! These dark, unknown new beings spread like cancer through out the quadrant! Again in a few short years more ships appeared but this time appeared much more different in shape & colors. New adversaries had emerged & revealed themselves to the known universe! Powerful Nazis known as "The Master Race" with the emergence of the Rise of the 7th Riech! - followed by their enemies the "Communistens"! The entire universe finds itself again, engulfed in total madness!

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