This mod is a Warhammer 40k Conversion for Fallout New Vegas

DarkWolf V-Modder
Wraith V- 3d Artist/Tester

Mod Features


The NCR has been totally converted to the Imperium, including imperial guard forces, Adeptus Arbites, deathkorps of krieg, space marines and sisters of battle. The boomers have become elysian drop troopers and gun runners the skitarii


The Legions and bandits have become the Forces of Chaos, including bloodpact, chaos space marines, khorne beserkers and cultists. The deathclaws have also been retextured, so they look more like daemons and the jackal gang are now DarkEldar


The Viper Gang and Great Khans have become the Eldar and Renegade eldar respectively


The Black Mountain supermutants have been converted to ORKS


The brotherhood of steel have become the Soul Drinkers


Many of the wild beasts that roam the wasteland such as mole rats, bloatflies and ants have been converted into Tyranids, hermaguants or termagaunts


Future Addition to the Mod


This mod Features a number of customisation options such as choosing the space marine chapter/chaos space marine legion that is used during the mod. However the new space marine customisation addition to the mod allows users to mix and match shoulder pads, gloves, backpacks, arms, legs, etc. Each piece of the space marine armour can be customised amongst the number of presets already in the mod, which will grow as new chapters/legions are introduced into the mod.

additionally there will be several additional customisation options added to the mod from feedback and other ideas such as replacing cadians with deathkorps of krieg, or changing the brotherhood to tau instead of soul drinkers, and so on. The mod aims to add a great deal of customisation to the mod so that it can best cater to individual user preference

please keep in mind that the mod is not yet finished and there are still a great variety of weapons, armor and faction tweeks which can be made and any feedback, bug reports, new ideas or other tweek ideas would be greatly appreciated


STEP 1. Ensure you are running the latest version of the game
STEP 2. Download Mod Files
STEP 3. Extract them to your fallout directoryoverwrite files if necessary
STEP 4. Select any additional addons and move them to the root data directory-including space marine chapter addons, etc..
STEP 5. Download Fallout Mod
STEP 6. Activate the files you want through fallout mod manager-Note, order is important. put mod files under core game files with esm files at the top
STEP 7. Launch the game
STEP 8. Have Fun! and dont forget to subscribe/endorse for more fallout warhammer videos!

==Known Errors==

-can be caused by a corrupt .esm or .esp files, try reinstalling.-the game itself is also known to crash
-crash fixes will come in updates

--------giant red ! in the place of models--------
-this means that either you have a corrupt .esm or .esp file-or that you have not put the 'meshes' folder in the right directory

--------funky textures--------
-means textures are missing, probably not in the right directory

--------only textures working--------
-means that you have the textures in the right directory, however the .esp or .esm files are not activated

Please message me on one of the modding websites or by email

Nexus Mods


thanks to sparky84 for chaos space marine armor, eldar armor and lasgun

thanks to toxa01 for sister of battle armor

Sister of battle armor
thanks to DaiShiHUN for all the tau weapons, armor, drones and necrons

thanks to cerberos008 for space marine armor

Space marine armor

thanks to Ragnar82 for Warhammer 40K Items of Myerz

thanks to rsugar for
40k Warhammer New boltgun rsugar

thanks to Andersh for orks, scout armor, Imperial Guard armor and weapons,choppas and ork weapons
space marine scout armor

thanks to amstrad for

thanks to inkhosi for
Grey Knight Halberd

thanks to EdCase
WH40K Weapon 3pack

thanks to ken1945 for ghost armor

if i missed your name out of the credits, i am extremely sorry, send me a pm and i'll add it up there


  • Latest Version of Fallout New Vegas
  • Incompatible with other Total Conversions(obviously)


DO NOT, copy this mod
DO NOT, copy this mod and claim it as your own
DO NOT, copy the models, meshes, textures or sounds and claim them as your own work
DO NOT, use any Wraith V 3d modells, they are NOT to be used in ANY other mod
DO NOT, copy or use any of the assets of this mod credited to other authors
DO NOT, Copy or use any of My (DarkWolf V's) Work

Mesh and Textures are credited to their owners

if anyone wants to discuss this with me in great detail, please feel free to contact me

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After i have fully completed the surprise gift addon i have for all of you i will be working on completing another full version release, here are compiled planned patch notes so far.

please feel free to provide feedback, comments and any bugs etc that have not been brought to my attention so i can include them in the next full version.

Planned Changes

-President Kimball will become a badass inquisitor
-different ammunition types for bolters, auto guns, lasguns and more
-new perks, a whole revamp of the current perk system which will be progressive
- weapon mods involving scopes, increased rate of fire, condition, etc.
-fixing the orks behaviour and weapons
-crash fixes
-JQ compatibility
-various weapons changes, details revealed later
-various armour changes, details revealed later
-the integration of more warhammer creatures, more tyranids and perhaps necrons
-changes to voice acting
-eldar revamp
-inclusion of the tau empire into the mod
-more npc's and creatures will spawn
-new space marine, chaos marine, imperial guard and sister of battle customisation
-fixes to weapon iron sights
-weapon and armour icons will be updated
-updating the repair lists of warhammer items
-updated the workbench, reloading bench recipes for warhammer 40k items
-various equipment depending on options at the beginning of the game
-players may choose deathkorps of krieg or cadians to be the primary guard force, can be changed at any time by the player
-players may choose either souldrinkers or darkangels to replace the brother hood of steel, can be changed at any time by the player

do note that this is not the full list of changes and some of these are subject to change but this is the preliminary compiled list for the next full version. any feedback, suggestions or other ideas would be great. any volunteer testers would be great and go along way towards this mod.

on another note i will now be able to make dlc compatibility since i have purchased them all on steam recently. although have not played them yet and will have to decide what changes will be made

please stay tuned to the facebook page where i post regular updates or on one of these community websites. dont be afraid to pm me if you need anything

DarkWolf V

Fallout New Vegas 40k: The Future

Fallout New Vegas 40k: The Future

News 10 comments

hey, its been a little while since i updated so i'll tell you a little bit about the future of the mod

Beta Testing and moddb release

Beta Testing and moddb release

News 0 comments

i have recently released beta information for new vegas warhammer 40k

Version 1.0 Progress

Version 1.0 Progress

News 4 comments

version 1.0 is almost ready for release-Regarding Chapter Change

Voice acting

Voice acting

News 7 comments

would you like to help and do voice acting? only standard quotes are needed, anything you think would go well, no scripts will be given out

RSS feed Downloads
NV40k Space Marine Customiser

NV40k Space Marine Customiser

Full Version 4 comments

Version 1.0, Space Marine Customiser this mod requires NV40k Full version and allows users to customise their space marines in a variety of ways

Fallout Warhammer40k Crash Fix

Fallout Warhammer40k Crash Fix

Patch 0 comments

fixes some of the crashing problems players were having

New Vegas 40k Patch

New Vegas 40k Patch

Patch 2 comments

a small patch which fixes a crash when entering the administrative building as well as fixing the bloodravens space marine addon

NewVegas 40k Embassy Crash fix

NewVegas 40k Embassy Crash fix

Patch 3 comments

this should fix the crashing that occurs when entering the embassy

New Vegas 40k Fullversion

New Vegas 40k Fullversion

Full Version 18 comments

i have finally got it up onto moddb thank you for your patience

New Vegas 40k Alpha patch 2

New Vegas 40k Alpha patch 2

Patch 1 comment

fixes the blood pact armor and the souldrinkers so they are no longer giant red !

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This is the best mod I have ever played for Fallout: NV, and seeing the upcoming content, I cannot wait for whats next!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

why is the viper gang eldar? I had always thought those followers of the apocalypse would be them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Work is still being done on the mod right?

There has been no news or new downloads since August so just want to know if everything is still moving forward for a new version or updates for the mod soon?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Help i don't have armors weapons perks and quests

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I had the new fallouts for the console, before I gave up console gaming, and due to all the new 40K games coming out and me starting several RP campaigns I started to look for 40K mods for PC games to pass my free time. All I have to say is thank you. This is an amazing, multifaceted, and in in depth mod. Great idea and great work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

help i don't have armors and weapons

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i have non steam fallout

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I approve this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

warhammer rules!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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makes the FNV much more interesting and fun... kicking ass and taking names.

May 22 2011 by sbseed

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i've tried so hard to instal this but it's just doesn't work, i have followed the instructions but i still get all the original caracters

Dec 6 2011 by Einherjar741

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