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11 comments by Leanden on Mar 16th, 2010

Promotional Material

Due to unfortunate, unforeseen circumstances. Our mod team as dwindled somewhat in the recent months and development has slowed significantly.

To this end, Phoenix Mod Productions would like to make a call to anyone who has any skills related to the production of mods, inclusive of but not exclusive to 3D Modelling, 2D Modelling, Texturing and Coding. We also welcome those willing to learn, and who need a place to start.

All those interested should please reply to this news post, or contact me directly through the messaging system.

Project Manager

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gabemorin Jan 3 2011 says:

i know like i guy said before me this is right beside halo!! halo and warhammer 40k are awesme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wolfprophet Jan 19 2011 replied:

40K > Halo.
Star Wars > Halo.
40K = Star Wars (Because both have deep, rich stories and enormous amounts of story fluff.)

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midterm360 Jan 29 2011 replied:

I cant count the number of time i've seen WH40k empire vs. starwars threads and people arguing who would win in a fight lol

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wolfprophet Feb 6 2011 replied:

Back for the travel methods thing. As far as I can tell. They're about the same speed. Even fast ships would need to keep pace with slower ones for keeping a fleet together, so it all relegates down 'same speed.'

So, There's another advantage lost for Star Wars.

Though, if they did simply reactivate the droid armies, they'd boost their fighting strength significantly. As such technologies are not present in 40K, things such as commando droids could have the potential to cause some problems for even marines if used with careful discretion. Droid armies would also help soften up planets for invasion by better armed,trained and equipped forces or even for terror-based attacks against Imperium civilians. They however would still be perfectly vulnerable to the majority of Imperium small arms and certainly most heavy weapon would have substantial effect on them. I'd sure love to see some Assault Marines landing into a massive block of B1 droids though. Oh god, the metallic carnage and screaming droids would be hilarious.

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wolfprophet Feb 6 2011 replied:

The lack of lightsaber wielders by the time of the Empire's stand creates a problem for them as well. A Powersword in 40K isn't by far a lightsaber, but it does more physical damage with similar cutting power. I'm fairly certain that if heavy blasters such as on the Snow Speeders can punch through an AT-AT's armour, then so could the Lascannons that are hefted around by Devastator marines and lowly Imperial Guard heavy weapons teams. The shielding systems in both universes aren't too different either, but the Imperium has more ships. Though, the problem the 40K universe runs into is that they use Warp travel. While Star Wars has essentially, FTL tech. So at long-distance travel, Star Wars has the speed advantage. Defensively too though, many of 40K's worlds are extremely well fortified, especially planets where Marine chapters reside and the all vaunted Cadia, thus making planetfall nearly suicide on those worlds unless you have MILLIONS of men. I'm also fairly certain with Cadia having 70% of it's population in the military, they'd have to either hit it with a Death Star, or glass it with orbital bombardment, provided they can get through the Cadian Navy. I'm fairly certain though that some of the crazier marine chapters could manage to counter the Death Star though by finding a way past the shields and just board it directly, turning it into a bloody space hulk affair, then find themselves backed up by Imperial Guard Stormtrooper companies who follow into the breach. Overall, the whole thing would be the most awesome fight you could imagine, but the Imperium would win eventually through sheer brutality, daring, numbers and Genocide.

*Quick note. I could be wrong on the Warp v. Light Speed travel thing. I'll be back to correct myself if I am. :P

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wolfprophet Feb 6 2011 replied:

I'd put my vote on the Imperium of Man. Reasons? They've been destroying planets for 20 millennia, rather than just...about what? Less than a decade total? Not to mention, I'm pretty sure that the Imperium has a bigger military. Trillions of soldiers vs Star War's various worlds and armies having billions (Unless you're talking about reactivating the Battle Droids, then you outnumber the Imperium. Like it matters since they'll just commence Exterminatus of the factory worlds and genocide all the alien species) A basic Lasgun and a Storm Trooper blaster rifle are pretty much the same thing and I'd guess damn near the same power level as well, except that the Storm Troopers seem able to set it for "stun" while Lasguns only have "Kill".

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FlySpyGuy Jan 28 2011 replied:

True dat.

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Bubbleteatroopa Dec 18 2010 says:

Never been a huge Warhammer fan, but I rely like how this mod looks. I think some of the ships look rely original, and I like how this mod is in a different theme (AKA Star Wars theme) than most mods for FoC. Il watch this one for sure.

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wolfprophet Dec 18 2010 says:

11 races seems a little...excessive for the small size of even the largest galactic conquest map. :/ I think just using the Imperium of Man, Chaos cultists/renegades/Traitor marines and of course the classic and unforgettable the Orks would be good enough. Certain planets could produce certain Space Marines. (Example: Deliverance would give Raven Guard marines, Ultramar would give Ultramarines, Fenris would give Space Wolves, etc. Something could be a little different about each one.)

Otherwise, I could imagine a strategic map getting VERY crowded.

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Pingu2212 Jan 29 2011 replied:

he can do that and have the 11 races as an skirmis good idea but dont remove any of the 11 races love them all :P

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wolfprophet Feb 6 2011 replied:

Brilliant. Or make it so that on a Galactic Conquest game, the number of races is limited and you choose which to use. Or they're randomly chosen.

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admiral9 Dec 13 2010 says:

can you say what factions are going to be featured cause 11factions with sub factions is very daring and by the way great mod

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V.Metalic Dec 17 2010 replied:

Yes. Can you tell us the factions in 1st release?

And I want to ask, do you want some help with ground vehicles?

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Leanden Creator
Leanden Jan 2 2011 replied:

They are correct, and yes we do want help with vehicles, please message Null Entity.

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alguLoD Dec 17 2010 replied:

Well, it would appear they are focusing on the Chaos and Imperial factions at the moment, judging from the screenshots. Logic dictates that once they're done with the Chaos and Imperium factions and all the gameplay changes and all that other groundwork, then and only then will they start work on the other races and slowly slowly work on the mod until all eleven races are done.

Just a theory, of course. Does seem like the most logical and the simplest way to do it, though.

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Nagrach Creator
Nagrach Dec 18 2010 replied:

Yes you are total right first a total function on Chaos and Imps ;)

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