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Wargame 2073 A.D. is set in a dystopian cyberpunk future as WW3 breaks out.
Youll be given command of the FSA's forward Special Forces Section, undertaking
a range of missions from recon and hostage rescue to large scale ground operations.

Features will include

Streamlined squad control system.
Large selection of ground forces for you to
command and enemies for you to destroy.
Pilotable Mecha.
Many custom models/textures made by myself.
New scripted features like homing missiles
and mecha support systems.

Several new cyberpunk worldspaces.

The world of 2073 AD

Around the year 2015 midwestern militia groups revolt against their
local governments and Occupy protests go violent all across the country in
protest of rampant U.S. adventurism overseas, police and senatorial corruption,
double dip recession, the complete destruction of the internet in the name of
anti piracy and being stripped of liberty and civil rights in the name of
security - in the absence of the National Guard, are able to gain far more
ground than they thought possible. Small insurgent groups pop up in towns and
cities across the country, and a sizable force in the millions, the Free States
Army comes into being and pushes west - bringing about the Second American
Civil War.

User Posted Image

The Free States Army, or FSA are less a
geographical entity than "an idea", and that the movement began with
an uprising of secessionist groups that formed a separate government in Montana
before spreading across the country. The Free Armies and the U.S. military
first met in combat at Allentown, Pennsylvania where the FSA won, after which their
ranks swelled and descended on the entire of the east coast. The Federal Governments
planned evacuations went disastrously wrong, but despite that the US Army was
finally able to halt the advance of the Free States forces but only after they
had already captured half the country.

User Posted Image

There was even a sense
among troops that the US forces were ready to start reclaiming territory from
and pushing back the Free States Army, until the calamity of Year 5, when a
squad of fatigued US soldiers gunned down nearly 200 peace protesters during
one of the many 'Occupy' protests. With the US robbed of all momentum and
public support for an advance along with the intervention of the UN, the two
sides settled into an uneasy stalemate.

User Posted Image

thousand UN dispatched British, French, Canadian and German peacekeeps were
sent in to end the fighting which was followed by a round of sanctions and
embargos. By this point the FSA had already captured roughly half of the United
States. With massive pressure from the UN, an uneasy peace treaty was
signed. Shortly after, the FSA formed its
own government, being recognized world wide as an legitimate entity. At the
same time, the former United States reformed into the New Federal Government,
or NFG.

User Posted Image

30 years later. What
at first appeared to be group of asteroids
entering our solar system, soon turned out to be many ancient alien spacecraft
on a collision course. It appeared only a handful of these spacecraft
decelerated before either slamming into our moon, flying past us and back into
space or crashing on earth. Governments from every country on the planet
scrambled to recover the many crash sites in the name of security. There were
no survivors found, only the crashed ships and strange humanoid corpses hundreds
of years old.

User Posted Image

This time was seen
as a technological renaissance on earth as many new technologies were created
after re-engineering the alien tech in as little as 10 years. Antigravity
engines, cyberbrains, beam weapons and bio-enegry cells started to be
introduced into many armies at great speed. At this point most of the worlds
leadership chose to invest in a bigger stick then a more stable economy and
national infrastructure.

User Posted Image

Soon piloted
robotic fighting vehicles and even space battle cruisers started appearing in
every branch of the worlds armed forces at alarming speeds. This started a
global arms race making the coldwar look like a pick nick. Due to this, the
balance of power worldwide shifted dramatically, with countries now having the
capability to enforce their agendas
through means never before thought possible.

User Posted Image

3 years later. In
fear of a possible WW3 due to the global shift in powers, many nations created
massive space stations and colonized Mars, Venus and Earth's moon. At the same
time, In the rush to create the next
super weapon to wipe out the FSA before they could establish an off world
colony and without spending any more federal dollars then needed or being seen
as an 'aggressor' as they were the last decade, the NFG began developing a new
biological weapon, reengineered from organisms of one of the crashed alien ships.
During the weapons testing phase, it appeared to have gained sentience, breeched
the testing labs and escaped somewhere into New Mexico.

User Posted Image

Several weeks
after this, strange reports began filtering into the FSA, of ghastly mutations
and monsterus creatures roaming the wilderness. Several months later, 3 billion
people world wide had been killed by this rapidly evolving, out of control bio
weapon - now known as the Blue. The Blue infected humans with spores, resulting
with flue like symptoms. Eventually the infectee would begin to go mad and
start decomposing while also releasing spores into the environment from spore
sacks growing inside the infectees body. These spores would then lay dormant
for up to 3 weeks, while silently infecting humans. Once the hosts body released all the
spores, it would then find a secluded location to hatch
the Blue, using the remains of the body as a food source.

User Posted Image

It is at this
point were governments world wide started losing stability, and the majority of
the UN peace keepers within America are sent back to their home countries,
giving both the FSA and the NFG the breathing room to settle an old score. This
ushered in a mass exodus of the worlds elite to the newly built solar colonies
for fears of WW3 and the growing Blue menace. The year is now 2073 and there's
blood on the horizon.

May god have mercy on man and machine for their sins.

User Posted Image

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Id say this is THE mod. Please dont give up.
Just one question:

Why Humanoid Ducks?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

To give it a bit of the fallout humor. And to have a ├╝ber faction :-)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Piemanlives Online

shhh i found a slice of pie in my tank XD anyways keep working and DON'T STOP BELIVING OH STEER RIGHT PEOPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEE

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Damnit, double post.. Ah well, while I'm here..

Which faction will that huge iron giant be for? :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wait and see... muahahahahaha!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Argh, now I regret buying New Vegas for the PS3...
If this mod gets released, I'm definitely buying it on PC too.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The concepts for this look pretty good, i'll be tracking this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

oh, I still forgot about the perspective you will control the bases and all that stuff, will it be the bird's eye view with allowance of driving vehicles and such stuff? (such as rise and fall and that other game, a ww2 rts, was it warfront or something like that?)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Genocyber Creator

If we can find the time to port real time settler (we have permission) then well be using a stripped down version of it only for base defenses.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i've been thinking and I wonder how are you going to put the bases in the game, they are still pretty huge to me, oh and when you start the game, won't it be very hard because all of the map will be open and all the factions be there to kill you and such stuff? What chances does the infantry have against tanks? And what about those ,,lovely'' super souped mutants i always love?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Making it realistic like giving missile launchers 1000 damage, Tanks and Mechas has HP from 5000 to 30000 etc.

Missile launchers over powered? Well, as a real life soldier, a direct hit and explosion from a missile kills you anyway.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

soooo, the infantry will be more better as a swarm unit? yk, like the zerg in starcraft, quick and cheap to make, but weeeeak

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Genocyber Creator

Well its dynamically leveled, so you wont be savagely outtgunned when your just starting out (obviously).

We aim to make the tactical gameplay a balanced, focal point of FFW.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

thanks but i still wanna know about what i asked earlier ,,What chances does the infantry have against tanks'' and the ,,And what about those ,,lovely'' super mutants i always love?''

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