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N.F.G. MK I Light Tactical-frame 'Kobra'
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This is one bad *** battlesuit.

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Hmm, the boosters/vents on the back remind of the ones on the hardsuits in Blacklight: Retribution. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the back of one of the damn things. EDIT: Heh, the capabilities you described for it and it's armament are also very similar: It can boost around, It's cannon is in it's right arm and doesn't have a missile launcher, it's also alot smaller.

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Yeah, the first thing I did when I saw this suit was to check the one that is in Blacklight. I've been playin that game for a while recently and this one really reminded me of it.

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You've got so many light and mediums, gah! XD I love heavy suits <3
Also, you could base some stuff off of Armored Core, I'm sure nobody'd mind, AC is a great series.

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Genocyber Author

It seems on the future battlefield mobility and awareness would be key, thus we have these badass light an medium frames (with more to come), but when you need something heavier to knock out an advancing multi-ped tank division for example - Armored Core and Macross style tactical frames will certainly have you covered :)

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A slightly altered version of Ukitakumuki's amazing 'Kobra' Battlesuit. Probably the most complex model Ive ever made. Not high poly by any stretch, nor as detailed as the Hannibal I made earlier, it was just.. getting it to 'look right' and correctly proportioned, a real monster of a challenge but I think I nailed it!

This mech will fill the role of the NFG's Light tac-frame. Armed with a combi 20mm cannon and 8mm GPMG in its right arm pod, and a micro-missile launcher in the left arm pod. It also has an inbuilt flight system, but dont expect to see it flying around! Boosting around perhaps? Who knows, but danm dose it look sweet ^^

You can have a look at the original art by Ukitakumuki here:

This concludes the first wave of mechs Ill be modelling, now each aside has 2 mechs, Ill be focusing on uvmapping/texturing and getting them ingame. I do plan to model another 4 mechs (2 advanced mechs an 2 heavy mechs), but before that Ive gotta focus my attention on other areas of this mod so.. these should do for now :)

Modeled in Blender, screenshots taking in 3DS 2012. Modeled by me :D

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