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Much thanks to Arkaan for letting us use his wonderful midwestern style power armor. I personally feel this is one the best pieces of power armor ever created for fallout.

Infantry an Power Armor units will be the 2 cheapest and most common squads is Faction Wars. You'll also have access to Advanced Hardsuits and Heavy-weapon squads. These 4 troop types can be allocated to your open troop slots once purchased.

Your vehicles will make up the minority of your force filling up your limited open vehicle slots. These will be expensive and with so few of them on the field could easily be destroyed by a Hardsuit or Heavy-weapons squad with Infantry and Powerarmor keeping the bulk of your force busy.

Remember that while units like Vehicles and Advanced Hardsuits are incredibly powerful, they are also very expensive, so when purchasing units keep in mind you could easily be over run by a force with much greater numbers then yours if you dont have adequate amounts of Infantry and Powerarmor.

Mar 8th, 2011