WarCraft III: World of WarCraft (Wc3:WoW) is the most accurate WoW replica mod for WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne, featuring many elements as WoW does. It is a Single Player Campaign and the WarCraft III engine does not allow Campaigns to be played online or even on LAN. Wc3:WoW is currently being developed by a group of developers who hope to become pro some day called Condemned Entertainment. Previously, the team was given the simple 'Wc3:WoW Team' title, but after realizing it wasn't a professional team title to stick with, the team name was changed. Right now, the leader of Wc3:WoW is Craka_J, who had led the project through tedious development for over 4 years.

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Anywhere [OLD] UDK Programmers at Condemned Entertainment

udk programmers condemned entertainment anywhere programmers we've recently began to reiterate a pc video game project which is using the unreal engine 3. the team is currently pretty small, but the team is guaranteed to grow with programmers and artists after we meet our first development milestone. as a start-up game project, we are in need of programmers with experience working in the udk. because we are mainly focused on pumping out art assets for the game, we're not entirely too worried about finding programmers. however, we do need a programmer to create a third person camera that we can use in the game so that our artists can gain a better idea and perspective view of how the game will really look when played around the assets they are creating. we'll of course need programmers to do more than just a third person camera, but we'll reveal those details later if you're interested. project title: title is confidential game engine: unreal engine 3 game setting: medieval-fantasy art style: cartoon using modern shaders what we're looking for: 1. skilled individual(s) whom is a programmer with experience and an understanding for working in the udk to create a game. communication: the team currently communicates with each other via skype instant messenger. we should have a private developer forum up and running soon, as well.

Anywhere [OLD] [GAME PROJECT] 3D Character Artist at Condemned Entertainment

[game project] 3d character artist condemned entertainment anywhere artists our unannounced game project is being worked on by a team of artists, programmers, and designers. however, we're currently lacking talented/experienced 3d character artists. the game's characters will have a style very similar to team fortress 2. (we're not trying to copy or steal the style, but it's a great guideline for what we're going for) if you think you've got what it takes, contact the game's lead designer, frankie hutzler. requirements: * experienced with creating models in 3ds max 2009 (or newer), mudbox, and/or zbrush. * experienced with creating and applying normal, specular, and diffuse mapping. * contactable via msn messenger, skype, yahoo instant messenger, steam, or gmail messenger. * contactable via email. pluses: * microphone. * ability to texture own models. * able to create other 3d assets other than characters. * adequate animating skills/experience.

Anywhere [OLD] [GAME PROJECT] Unreal 3 Scripter at Condemned Entertainment

[game project] unreal 3 scripter condemned entertainment anywhere programmers clashing kings is a 3d cartoon action game being developed for the pc. the game is being built using the unreal engine 3's udk. we currently have only one skilled programmer and are searching for additional programmers for our game. below are the requirements for the position: * experienced with kismet * very knowledgeable with unrealscript * clean & organized coding * able to register and interact with the team on the forums * can be contacted via msn messenger, skype, or ventrilo if you are remotely interested in working with us and would like to know more, please contact me (lead designer) at the email address listed below:

Anywhere [OLD] [GAME PROJECT] Character Animator at Condemned Entertainment

[game project] character animator condemned entertainment anywhere artists condemned entertainment is currently in need of talented animators who specialize in animating character models. the animators will be working on a currently unannounced pc game project using unreal engine 3. the game will have a style similar to team fortress 2 or battlefield heroes. we are looking for good character animators. if you can create smooth/seamless animations, then you're who we want on our development team. if not, it's fine to apply anyway but don't expect a positive response.

Anywhere [OLD] [GAME PROJECT] Texture Artist at Condemned Entertainment

[game project] texture artist condemned entertainment anywhere artists [three positions still available!] condemned entertainment is searching extensively for talented texture artists to wrap our models for condemned entertainment's first game project from scratch using the esenthel engine. texture artists that we're looking for must be able to have a style or be able to alter their current style to fit the one we're going for in our game. example games that have been made already with a style similar to what we're going for is team fortress 2 and battlefield: heroes. texture artists will be given tasks to create textures for characters, environments, structures, ground tiles, and so forth. how many artists do we have at the moment? four 3d model artists and two texture artists. not much, but it's a start and we're trying to grow. requirements: *adobe photoshop cs3 or better/equivalent. *must speak english and understand it well. *msn, xfire, steam, or yahoo account. (preferably msn for msn messenger) *paypal account. *strong passion for games and developing them. pluses: *past experience with developing games *past experience with developing mods *a working microphone: to vocally discuss things on ventrilo.

Anywhere [OLD] [GAME PROJECT] 3D Model Artist at Condemned Entertainment

[game project] 3d model artist condemned entertainment anywhere artists [four still positions available] condemned entertainment is searching extensively for talented 3d model artists to help develop and complete their first game project. 3d model artists play a major role in the making of the game and we feel that we don't have enough of them! what would be expected from you if we were to accept you onto our development team would be to model characters, architecture (buildings), or environment. whatever fits you best, however, we mainly are looking for building and character modelers. if you can do them both nicely within a 1,000 up to 3,500 poly limit, you're what we're looking for... probably. you are not required to texture your own models; we have guys to do that. however, if you're a good texture artist and model artist, that's a major plus. requirements: *3ds max studio 8 or better/equivalent. *must be able to setup seamless uv maps on models. *must speak english and understand it well. *able to cooperate with a team and willing to make modifications to models if asked to do so. *paypal account. *msn, xfire, steam, or yahoo account. (preferably msn for msn messenger) *strong passion for games and developing them. pluses: *past experience with developing games *past experience with developing mods *a working microphone: to vocally discuss things on ventrilo. *able to texture, animate, and/or map models.

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