Warband Role Play is a community based mod for the game Mount & Blade Warband. It creates an immersive online medieval society in which anyone can participate.

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This is brilliant game with superb top of the class techniques and developing skills within the mod.

Everything is awesome and in the best condition one could ask for from a RP server and is unquestionably the best RP server I have ever played on. I think it would be impossible to find a server that has no trolls trolling around on it, that being said on WRP we rarely have to deal with trollers, as when people come on the server, they are drawn into the emmersive side of the server, the detail, the friendly atmosphere of other members, the cool medieval feel and realism to it all, and more importantly, the fun.

I'm sure others will agree with me that WRP is a great achievement in Mount and Blade Warband and even in Role Play itself. The hard wrok and effort the WRP team have put into the server really deserves appreciation, these guys have worked for so long and have given up so much of their Real life and money, to get the server to where it is today. From me and hopefully the rest of the community, a massive thank you to you guys for making such a awesome Rp server possible.



This mod is VERY fun because it follows the aspect of real life and you can roleplay different jobs such as, farmer, mercenary, bandit (Needs to be applied) and if determined a knight or Lord :D

Very entertaining, got over 300 hours in this and still not bored

Awesome mod, I always had a great time whilst playing.

A very fun and diverse role-play environment, eclectic in style and easy to get into. It only took me five minutes and I was ready to play and was almost instantly into the fray so to speak. Over the past year and a half or so of playing I have never gotten truly bored and always find myself coming back to it since there is always something interesting to do. Given the mature nature of the role-play it can also be a fairly emotional environment story-wise, given all the materials necessary, story and lore to provide attachment.

The community is great, helpful, and always entertaining; given this, you will also find a wide range of role-playing from each person. There are a variety of jobs and such to choose from and plenty of elements for use to increase immersion. The setting is excellent, and has plenty of player-based history to it for those who like to look for that sort of thing. The best part about it I would say is the turn of the focus from combat, which in turn makes combat much more focused and important; this means that the focus is placed on the characters and their interactions and conflicts rather than simple steel on steel.

Thanks to the way the system works, there is also a high amount of customization. The entire item list of Native Warband is made available to the player to attempt to gain through his role-play, and many items were added with pleasant, intuitive scripts to allow an easy use and grasp of the items without too much fiddling with difficult-to-use tools. There is also a -very- helpful wiki provided for any information that a player may find wanting and the forums are always ready for a response to a player's inquiry should he somehow find him or herself lost.

Overall, it is a more than satisfactory experience and well-worth the rating I have granted it, especially given the sheer hours it has graced me with. Unforgettable in my case. I recommend this to anyone willing to dive into the art and improvisation of role-play.


By far the best place to roleplay in a medieval setting/environment on the internet.


Not much to say, there are no other mod with this much content, and the community is amazing.


A one-of-a-kind mod. You don't find a community as pleaseant and good to be with. The mod provides a setting and roleplay I have never seen before which make it THE mod for me.

This mod is awesome. I play it every day. The community is great and the staff is helpful. Thank you so much for making this mod!


When you start you cant stop :) the community is nice admins are helpfull you wont regret it. give it a shot :D

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