Current project: Desert War Project mod - Multiplayer mod for Men of War Assault Squad. Mod about war in North Africa 1940-1943.

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As I'm not a very skilled modder, this project will be something like playground for me. My plan is simple - create a mod which will bring some new stuff to game, new features, balance and gameplay tweaks and many other things. As the name of the mod says it's Warfare Arms and Realism project. So as you can see, there will be different things I will change.

Here you can find some ideas for this project, mostly plans and things to do:

  • skirmish historical balance rework
  • multiplayer prices rework
  • adding new units to suit gameplay, without huge changes to it
  • removing unhistorical units from multiplayer and skirmish
  • realistic units stats - speed, ammo, ranges, armour etc.
  • new textures for some units
  • new variants of textures for skirmish mode
  • new multiplayer maps
  • new penetration ranges system
  • texture rework and graphic enhance
  • some minor map fixes etc.
  • skins rework for soldiers

This is just a general list of things I plan. It's difficult to get info if this is something big or not - it looks like something big, but all in all I will work step by step. My plan and idea is not to make something like GSM or CoW mods. I'm not skilled enough to create a huge mod with a lot of new stuff. Instead of that I will just add some units I think they should be added and nothing more. This mod will be different then other bigger projects, because I want to create something which will improve game, but not change it too much.
Who works on this? Just me. I have a lot of time for playing this game, but it is harder and harder to find players to play against. Because of that I have made a decision to get some skills in modding. This is not a first time W.A.R. Project shows up. Long time ago I have made some plans for Men of War under the same name. I had then a lot of problems with ideas I made so I gave up.
Right now my skills are better, I have more time and more strength to work on it, also my ideas are not so huge as they were then :)Of course it doesn't mean that I will always work alone. I really would like to create a real team to make this mod better and realise it faster, so I would really appreciate help, but also I know that with such young projects it's difficult.

This mod is a part of Polish Men of War series community I have launched in December 2011 - and because of that, one of aims I have is to make a full rework of Polish localization for this game as the original one is just terrible, but I can't realise it as a separate file, so I will add it as a part of mod.

Current WIP order:

  1. Skirmish rework + basic units stats rework
  2. New textures for some units
  3. Map fixes
  4. Adding new units to game
  5. Small graphic enhance
  6. Multiplayer rework
  7. New penetration system
  8. Final graphic enhance
  9. Skins for soldiers
  10. New multiplayer maps
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