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War of the Servers is about communities facing off in the battlefield. Warring. Attacking. Defending. Capturing. Shooting. It's about a server-full of people warring another server-full of people. The battles may be short, sharp and powerful with 8 players taking on another 8. Or they'll be immense, powering across a landscape to feud with the other 32 players. Some say it's impossible with the Source engine, but we beg to differ. Class systems, dynamic weapons, dynamic maps that have changing routes are part of WotS. Each map is different, new and (hopefully) exciting.

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Cool map, can't wait for the mod.

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fully destructible maps? That would be awesome

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Not fully destructable as we dont want holes in our maps leading into no where and I know for sure [redacted] wont answer how.

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But what if you throw a nade, that would not make it laggy ?

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Ancient-Fry-up Author

Just to clarify a few questions, we are going to try our hardest to optimize destruction as best as possible to our limitations, hopefully soon we'll gain access to an engine license boosting our limitations as to what we can do to optimize it, and yes indeed we have tested with a grenade and we noticed on lower end systems it did cause quite a bit of lag.

Another thing, not all the maps will be destructible, most maps will have this feature but will be most commonly be found in buildings/walls/pillars stuff like that, no environmental factors are destructible (as of right now, and besides trees, you can blast a tree out of existance).

On top of this, a few weeks after the initial mods release we will be releasing a addon with either 5-6 new maps which are all based around this destruction method.

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Small thing we'd like to optimize in the source engine.

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