This mod is about a war between 5 races from real planets.This mod has a team deathmatch for now but more modes will come later.I relly need help for this mod so staff are welcome.There is much so I don't have anything to but this.The game is not done or being so don't expect anything unless you help.Here is the first race to be detialed.

Planet:Gliese 581 c
Type:3(hydrogen, solar, and wind.)
description:They are a dinosaur like race that have a green tree monitor lizard head.


Pistol:Plasma pistol
Shotgun:Plasma shotgun
Rifle:Plasma rifle
Big bad weapons:plasma launcher
superweapon:hot plasma beam.
melee weapon:Plasma sword

pros:humans and bugons

cons:cysital people

Mod Deleted

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