General list of what this mod does:

  1. Increased max amount of outposts the hard/expert Axis AI will create
  2. The 88mm is buildable by an allied engineer and spawns with an Allied crew
  3. Increased Max zoom out
  4. Slightly increased Axis rocket barrage cost
  5. Lengthened some death sequences (vehicles especially)
  6. Doubled amount of disabled vehicles
  7. Engineers and snipers now have grenade ability
  8. 57mm now repairable
  9. Increased Manpower Point generation
  10. Increased Munition Point generation
  11. Increased Fuel Point generation
  12. Resource points give higher Population cap
  13. Adjusted some unit costs (Mostly decreased Allied costs)
  14. Adjusted Allied weapon accuracy - most weapon accuracies set very high
  15. Yellow Zone damage changed from 95% to 90% - all players
  16. Allies get Tank Heal Ability from start
  17. Allies get Howitzer Shoot Ability from start
  18. Allies get Tiger tank build choice
  19. Some Ally building/unit costs reduced
  20. Some squad sizes increased (Engineer (5), Sniper (2) and more)
  21. Decreased sniper reinforcement time
  22. 88mm now repairable

DOWNLOAD LINK and Version Info:

v2.301.1 (current)

  1. Reconstruction of mod for v2.301 of CoH
  2. Increased MaxZoomOut from 80 to 100
  3. 88mm now repairable


  1. When Allies built the 88mm, it was spawning two 88mm's right on top of one another! This was truly Whacked!, but a little too far out of the intent of this mod (too unrealistic also) - Fixed
  2. Increased max amount of outposts the hard/expert Axis AI will create
  3. The Allied 88mm now spawns with an Allied crew (we're not paying the Axis to shoot our guns are we?)


  1. Removed 88mm from Allied Bunker build menu
  2. Given Allied Engineer the ability to build the 88mm
  3. Increased (doubled) Max zoom out
  4. Slightly increased Axis rocket barrage cost


  1. Trying to add 88mm to Engineer Build Menu, For now 88 Has been added to Allied Bunker as a unit that spawns next to the bunker
  2. Lengthened some death sequences (vehicles especially)
  3. Doubled amount of disabled vehicles


Allied Changes only

  1. Engineers and snipers now have grenade ability
  2. 57mm now repairable
  3. Increased manpower
  4. Decreased sniper reinforcement time
  5. Adjusted some unit costs
  6. Mapped Tiger loadout to own Allies .lua
  7. Moved Tiger out of HQ and in with other tanks


  1. In multiplayer, only 1 Allied HQ would get Tiger Build option - Fixed, all players now have option


  1. Added Howitzer Shoot ability from start - Attempted to give all abilities from start, but the UI does not have enough space to draw more than 8 ability icons
  2. Fixed veterancy for Allied Tiger - When veterancy is gained, Tiger now gets stripes instead of stars
  3. Returned command points to default 17
  4. Increased Howitzer Shoot costs
  5. Increased Munition Point generation


  1. Adjusted Allied weapon accuracy - most weapon accuracies set to 100%
  2. Yellow Zone damage changed from 95% to 90% - all players
  3. Allies get Tank heal from start - may give all abilities in next release in lieu of changing tech tree
  4. Allies get Tiger tank build choice in HQ from start
  5. Resource points give more Pop. cap/Munitions/Fuel/Manpower
  6. Some Ally building/unit costs reduced
  7. Some squad sizes increased (Engineer, Sniper and Para)
  8. Higher population cap
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Wacked mod v2.301.1

Wacked mod v2.301.1

May 15, 2008 Full Version 1 comment

v2.301.1 (current) 1. Reconstruction of mod for v2.301 of CoH 2. Increased MaxZoomOut from 80 to 100 3. 88mm now repairable

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D3@DM4N Feb 14 2008 says:

i love how retarded British people are just you get that tingly warm fuzzy feeling when the say how much america sucks but then again there country has no land, a powerless army, and a foreign currency.

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Timblesink May 16 2008 replied:


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Idaeus May 16 2008 replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
ZeroG_181 May 17 2008 replied:

Ok, so you're criticising Britain for being small? Britain had ruled the world longer than America had been inhabited by whites. I like how you blindly attack England when your country is criticised. Besides, it's bloody stupid that Brits and Americans argue over which country is better or worse, because Americans ARE pretty much Brits, or atleast descended from them. And 3x3 miles of land is a gross underestimation. Go read wikipedia, that's what it's there for.

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RatZarn Jan 4 2009 replied:

Well, for all I know Britains currency IS foreign :P

I can clearly remmember reading that the Romans intruduced it back in the ancient, so it might be a little farfetched to realy count, I´m just trying to straight out the facts a little.

And ZeroG, your comment ultimately failed in succeeding (wich i hope you tried) to stem the quarrel about britain and america. D3ADM4N was clearly just trying to make a point with that 3x3 miles thing, america (or USA) is clearly bigger than britain, and if he wasn´t... Well, 50% americans can´t place sweden on the map either but i dont flame about that :P

Take in consideration that this comment in NO way is meant to fuel a fire somewhere, and I might have gotten a few things wrong, so dont try to look for "faults" in my comment.

Thx, peace out

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D3@DM4N Feb 14 2008 says:

okay Sonder Commando, how come England only has like 3 by 3 miles of country? i do not think america is the ultimate superpower any more but your one to talk. England sucks, and America rocked for about 100 years we had a good run now england and america both are wimpy to China or coarse america could hold out longer than sissy British people.

-1 votes     reply to comment
TheRealJulien Sep 9 2007 says:

Well, in fact, the German forces were powerful. The Panther and Tiger were the most powerful tanks during the whole war. The Königstiger would have been, if I wouldn't have been too heavy for bridges and had stronger motors. Also, the German SS-divisions and the Fallschirmjäger were world's elite at the beginning of the war. They were the best of the best, even better than the 82. and 101. Airbourne at that time. And the weapons of the Germans also were better. Take the example of the MG 42: It could get wet, even get dipped into mud and still would work perfectly, while most of the weapons of the allies weren't that good and would go to waste at same terms. Actually, Germany was supreme in the beginning of the war and even could have defeated Russia and America. The reason Germany lost was Hitler, the "Greatest Strategist of all time". Instead of conquering Britain and eliminating this threat (And it would have been next to impossible for America to attack Europe from the Atlantic with more than a big bunch of soldiers with the worst nausea you can imagine), Hitler told them to attack Russia. When they were close to Moscow, almost in the city, Hitler ordered them to wait and gave them enough time to strike back. Also on the run, he ordered them to hold positions they could never hold instead of getting back home to prepare themselves to defend their country, while the politicians could offer the allies a diplomatic way. The main reason for Germany's loss, as well as the reason for the whole war, was Hitler.

I don't say that Hitler was a good man. Coming from Palestine, my father says that Hitler treated the jews just right, but I don't think that way. I'm want peace in the Middle East. I want that Palestinian people and Israelis can live together in peace, even though they caused us all the trouble, together with the 'allies', with America and the United Kingdom. I think, Hitler was a maniac who plunged Germany into a war and caused it to lose it. So, what I wrote up there is only about the strategy and military power of the Third Reich.

Oh, and to the 'most powerful country in the world': Well, America today 'has' the most powerful army in the world, most of the military technology development goes on in your country and also America has a strong economy... But that's everything. CIA and NSA, Guantanamo, the War on Iraq, George W. Bush, the biggest CO2-output of all countrys in the whole world, more serial killers than any other country, the whole bunch of crap that was done during the Cold War (I mean in Congo, in Nicaragua, in Chile, in Vietnam etc.) and much more. You got that too, and if I were an American, I wouldn't be proud of my country. I would be ashamed. So, patriotism is obviously misplaced, as long as you don't try to change at least one of those things above that you can change. And there are several.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SonderKommando Jul 7 2007 says:

Chukner I have failed to recognize your point, the Germans did not fight better than the allies. neither did the allies fight better than the Germans.... they both clearly won battles and both clearly lost battles. You lable your self as a fool when you say that it is fact that the Germans fought better than the allies... Did your small brain fail to remember the Ostfront? The German elite SS corps lost to inferior Russian draftees.
Did you fail to remember the Battle of the Bulge?

December 16—start of the battle: about 83,000 men; 242 Sherman tanks, 182 tank destroyers, and 394 pieces of corps and divisional artillery.

December 16—start of the battle: about 200,000 men, 5 armoured divisions, 12⅔ infantry divisions, and about 500 medium tanks, supported by 1,900 guns and Nebelwerfers.

Clearly American and British forces were outnumberd 20-1

You need to get your FACTS straight before you ramble on....

"You americans think you fight well"
This is why USA is the most powerfull country today.....


+2 votes     reply to comment
Kiith-Somtaaw Feb 28 2009 replied:

Sure the Germans lost the Battle of the Bulge, but that was a tactical error.

And really, the American losses are placed higher than the German losses in that battle. They lost to Russian Draftees as well. A lot of Russian draftees. Ones that were being forced to fight to the death in the most squalid conditions imaginable.

And who had unimaginably superior tanks, both quantity and quality. (I'm not saying a T-34 can trumph a Tiger one on one, but let's be realistic in saying that Tiger's approximated an extremely small part of the German Panzer forces).

+1 vote     reply to comment
ckukner Apr 29 2007 says:

lol... i can say no more.
Germans were outnumbered by 20:1 in WW2 and still they captured all Europe. Rationally germans were fighting much more better than Allies and American troops. This is a fact..
1 German Tiger was fighting against 36 Shermans in WW2.
americans hahahahahahah you think you really fight well hahahaahaha

+1 vote     reply to comment
ZeroG_181 May 17 2008 replied:

Provide evidence of this. Either that or you're full of ****. I never heard of a battle like that.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BDNeon Feb 18 2007 says:

Lets see, so, this mod makes it easier for the Allies to win? OH, this must be the 1.5 patch. ^^
Come on, give us wehrmacht lovers a little slack, will ya?

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